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Sopron (German: Ödenburg) was an administrative county (comitatus) of the Kingdom of Hungary in present-day eastern Austria and northwestern Hungary. The capital of the county was Sopron.

Sopron county shared borders with the Austrian land Lower Austria and the Hungarian counties Moson, Győr, Veszprém and Vas. The lake Neusiedler See lies partly in the county. Its area was 3,241 km² around 1910.

  • History
    • The Sopron comitatus arose as one of the first comitatus of the Kingdom of Hungary.
    • In 1918 (confirmed by the Treaty of Trianon 1920), the western part of the county became part of the Austrian state of Burgenland, while the eastern part became a part of Hungary. In 1921, it was decided by referendum that the city of Sopron would join Hungary instead of Austria.
    • After World War II, Sopron county merged with Győr-Moson-Pozsony to form Győr-Sopron county. This county was renamed to Győr-Moson-Sopron county in the early 1990s. A small part of Sopron county went to Vas county.
  • Demographics (1900) population : 279,796
    • linguistic communities: Hungarian: 136,616 (48.8%) ,German: 109,369 (39.1%) ,Croatian: 31,317 (11.2%) ,Slovak: 505 (0.2%) ,Romanian: 22 (0.0%) ,Serbian: 12 (0.0%) ,Ruthenian: 4 (0.0%) ,Other or unknown: 1,951 (0.7%)
    • religious communities: Roman Catholic: 235,390 (84.1%) ,Lutheran: 33,924 (12.1%) ,Jewish: 9,736 (3,5) ,Calvinist: 641 (0.2%) ,Greek Catholic: 53 (0.0%) ,Greek Orthodox: 26 (0.0%) ,Unitarian: 15 (0.0%) ,Other or unknown: 11 (0.0%)
  • Districts (járás) ( subdivisions of Sopron county early 20th century, )
  • Urban counties (törvényhatósági jogú város)
    • Sopron
  • Urban districts (rendezett tanácsú város)
    • Kismarton, (AT Eisenstadt)
    • Ruszt, (AT Rust)

Eisenstadt, Mattersburg, Rust and Oberpullendorf are now in Austria.