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Speakers of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly

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The Speaker of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly is the presiding Officer of the House of Assembly. Kevin Murphy is the current Speaker of the 62nd General Assembly of Nova Scotia.

The Speaker presides over the proceedings of the Assembly, maintains order, regulates debate in accordance with the rules and practices of the House, and ensures that all viewpoints have the opportunity of a hearing.

The Speaker does not take part in the debates of the Assembly and only takes part in a vote to cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie. He is the guardian of the privileges of the Assembly and protects the rights of its Members.

The Speaker is the only representative of the House of Assembly. The Speaker has jurisdiction and day to day control over all matters concerning Province House, including operations, maintenance and restoration, and administration of the adjacent office complexes at One Government Place, the George Building, and the Provincial Building. The Speaker is the Chair of the Legislature Internal Economy Board, the body responsible for regulating services to Members.

In the House, Speaker decides questions of order and rules on questions of privilege after allowing appropriate debate. Decisions of the Speaker are not debatable or subject to appeal except by a substantive motion after proper notice has been given.

Speakers of the House of Assembly

Independent Speakers

  • Robert Sanderson (1758–1759)
  • William Nesbitt (1759–1784)
  • Thomas Cochran (1784–1785)
  • Sampson Salter Blowers (1785–1789)
  • Richard John Uniacke (1789–1793)
  • Thomas Henry Barclay (1793–1799)
  • Richard John Uniacke (2nd time) (1799–1805)
  • William Cottnam Tonge (1805–1806)

Conservative Speakers

  • Morris Wilkins (1806–1818)
  • Simon Bradstreet Robie (1818–1824)

Reformer Speakers

  • Samuel George William Archibald (1824–1840)
  • Joseph Howe (1840–1843)
  • William Young (1843–1855)

Liberal Speaker

  • Stewart Campbell (1855–1863)

Conservative Speakers

  • John Chipman Wade (1863–1867)
  • John Joseph Marshall (1867–1870)

Reformer/Anti-Confederate Speaker

  • Jared C. Troop (1870–1874)

Liberal Speakers

  • John Barnhill Dickie (1874–1875)
  • Mather Byles DesBrisay (1875–1876)
  • Isaac N. Mack (1877–1878)

Liberal-Conservative Speaker

  • Ebenezer Tilton Moseley (1878–1882)

Liberal Speakers

  • Angus McGillivray (1882–1886)
  • Michael Joseph Power (1886–1894)
  • Frederick Andrew Laurence (1894–1901)
  • Thomas Robertson (1902–1903)
  • Frederick Andrew Laurence (1903–1904)
  • Edward Matthew Farrell (1905–1911)
  • James F. Ellis (1912–1917)
  • Robert Irwin (1917–1925)

Liberal-Conservative Speakers

  • Albert Parsons (1926–1928)
  • Daniel George McKenzie (1929–1933)

Liberal Speakers

  • Lindsay C. Gardner (1934–1938)
  • Moses Elijah McGarry (1939–1940)
  • Gordon E. Romkey (1940–1953)
  • John Smith MacIvor (1954–1956)

Progressive Conservative Speakers

  • W. S. Kennedy Jones (1957–1960)
  • Harvey Veniot (1961–1968)
  • G. H. (Paddy) Fitzgerald (1969–1970)

Liberal Speakers

  • George M. Mitchell (1970–1973)
  • James L. Connolly (1973–1974)
  • Vincent MacLean (1974–1976)
  • George Doucet (1977–1978)

Progressive Conservative Speakers

  • Ronald Russell (1st time) 1978–1980)
  • Arthur R. Donahoe (1981–1991)
  • Ronald Russell (2nd time) (1991–1993)

Liberal Speakers

  • Paul MacEwan (1993–1996)
  • Wayne Gaudet (1996–1997)
  • Gerry Fogarty (1997–1998)

Progressive Conservative Speakers

  • Ronald Russell (3rd time) (1998–1999)
  • Murray Scott (1999–2006)
  • Cecil Clarke (2006–2007)
  • Alfie MacLeod (2007–2009)

New Democratic Speakers

  • Charlie Parker (2009–2011)
  • Gordie Gosse (2011–2013)

Liberal Speaker

  • Kevin Murphy (2013-present)