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St. James' Chapel Burial Ground, Euston, Camden, London

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Image above right - James Christie (1730–1803), founder of auction house Christie's.

Image above - St. James' Gardens prior to closure
Attribution © Copyright The Carlisle Kid and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence. Geograph

St. James' Gardens

Burial Ground of St. James' Chapel

This project has been inspired by the BBC documentary Britain's Biggest Dig

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Attribution cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Stephen McKay -

The cross appears to be a memorial to a Christie family; one inscription is for Midshipman Edward Christie, aged 19, who died in 1803 at Port Jamaica "of fever contracted on board a slave ship."

St. James' Gardens was situated alongside Euston Station, between Cardington Street and Hampstead Road. They were the graveyard of St James’s Piccadilly, a church designed by Sir Christopher Wren, had run out of space as the population of London expanded. A plot of land was purchased next to the Hampstead Road, then on edge of London. It received its first coffins in 1788. A chapel designed by Thomas Hardwick was built for the new burial ground; St James’s Chapel survives only in drawings and descriptions.

// Burial St. James Piccadilly start here - (Membership necessary).

According to HS2 in Campden The first burial recorded took place in 1790 and the burial ground was closed in 1853. It was was consecrated in 1791.

Around 61,000 burials took place at St James's Gardens between 1788 and 1853. In 1887 most of the monuments and tombstones were repositioned around the edges of the ground before it was reopened as St James's Gardens on 17th August 1887.

The land previously occupied by St. James Gardens is required for the expansion of Euston Station to accommodate the new High Speed railway to Birmingham. The gardens closed at the end of June 2017 to enable preparatory work to be undertaken prior to HS2 construction. The burial ground is one of 60 archaeological sites along the route between London and Birmingham which is being explored before the construction of the high-speed rail line.

Brookwood Cemetery is where re-burial will take place.

The Burial Ground

British History Online Quote -

// "Whitefield leased enough land in 1755 to provide his chapel with a burial ground. Disappointed in his desire to have the ground consecrated by the Bishop of London he is said to have obtained several cartloads of soil from the churchyard of St. Christopher-le-Stocks, which was being converted into a garden for the Bank of England, and spread them over the surface. From the account of the ground in St. Pancras Open Spaces and Disused Burial Grounds (1902) we learn that the burial ground was closed in 1853, it having been in use from 1756 with an interval of eight years (1823–1831). In the 18th-century considerable trouble occurred through the practice of body-snatching. A serious situation arose when the Rev. J. W. Richardson endeavoured to dispose of part of the ground for building purposes about the year 1856. Owners of graves applied for an injunction against any disturbance of the ground and after many unseemly conflicts between the excavation contractors and the inhabitants of the neighbourhood the Master of the Rolls made a perpetual injunction. The plan of the site in the Middlesex Land Register (see p. 69) shows parts of the ground separated from the rest, evidently with the idea of development, and efforts were still being made to clear the graveyard until in the eighties of the last century the place became again the scene of constant rioting and disorder. Eventually authority was obtained to end the scandal, and the late Sir Julian Goldsmid, Member of Parliament for the division, offered to lay the ground out at his own expense. As a result in February, 1895, it was opened as a public garden by Sir John Hutton, Chairman of the London County Council, to whose care the upkeep of the ground was entrusted. Cansick (fn. 72) gives the inscriptions on four graves, namely, Roger Griffith (178–), Amy Cope (1789), William Price (1835) and George Goddard (1835)".



Tottenham Court Road Turnpike with a view of St. James's Chapel (1798), in Survey of London: Volume 21, the Parish of St Pancras Part 3: Tottenham Court Road and Neighbourhood, ed. J R Howard Roberts and Walter H Godfrey (London, 1949), accessed 4 July 2021 British History Online.

Identified Burials

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Included are some names which sound interesting and perhaps worthy of further research


Burnet Abercromby or Abercrombie Burial Date 9 Apr 1792

Ann Applebee Buried 17 Dec 1802 Find-a-Grave entry

// ANN , Wife of F. G. Applebee, late of Bedford Square, Who died in Child-bed the 11th of Dec, 1802, Aged 32 Years. Good friend for Jesus' Sake forbear To dig the Dust enclosed here: Blest be the Man that spares these stones - And curst be he that moves my Bones. This stone has been placed by Order of her disconfolate Husband. Also FRANCIS GEORGE APPLEBEE, who died Dec. 11th, 1837, Aged 63 Years.

Francis George Applebee buried 17 Dec 1837 (died 11th Dec) Find-a-Grave entry.

//* George Applebee buried 29 Sept 1793

  • Lucy Applebee Buried 2 Aug 1791; Baptism 2 Aug 1791, born 24 Jul 1791 St. James Piccadilly - parents William and Ann.

● Catherine Armstrong 22 Nov 1802 Find-a-Grave

// to the Memory of Mrs. CATHERINE ARMSTRONG, Widow, Who finished a course of piety and resignation to the Divine Will, on the 22nd of November, 1802. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, even so, saith the Spirit, for they rest from their labours. Also the Revd. JOHN ARMSTRONG, B.D., Son of the above, Who died August 17th, 1835, Aged 76 years. He was resident Minister of this chapel From the time of its consecration, January 10th, 1793.

● Rev John Armstrong 17 Aug 1835 - find-a-grave entry

// Minister of the St James chapel from the time of its consecration, 10 January 1793. In a memorial tablet within the Church (now lost) it was stated that for more than 50 years he was one of the clergy of the Parish of St. James Westminster, during 42 years of which period he was resident minister of this chapel.

● Charles William Paget Aspland Burial - 29 April 1792. - Baptised 27 Jan 1791; born 26 Nov 1790 - St. James Piccadilly. Parents William Paget and Hannah

  • *Possible sister - Elizabeth Bannister Aspland baptised by William and Hannah - 20 Feb 1793, born 19 Jan 1793

General Sir Charles Asgill, 2nd Baronet, GCH General Sir Charles Asgill] 2nd Bart Born abt 1765 Buried 1 Aug 1823 soldier in the British Army

● David Aust born 30 Jun 1794. Buried 1870 Find-a-Grave entry; Son of William and Sarah Aust; Mary Aust nee Pallin - wife of David Find-a-Grave buried Bristol



Sir George Baker Buried 24 June 1809; (1 January 1722 – 15 June 1809) was physician to King George III.

Elizabeth Barbot nee Davis; Born c. 1737, buried 11 Jan 1826 Find-a-Grave and Paul Barbot Esq. buried 9 Feb 1811

Paul Stephen Barbot buried 9 Feb 1811


● Maria Catherine Charlotte Basuen-Mace Buried 6 May 1792

● The Honorable Apsley Bathurst, born abt 1770 Buried 30 Jan 1816

Lieutenant General Lancelot Baugh Burial 18 Apr 1792 - 1st Regiment of Foot Guards
● Thomas Bennett - 22 Feb 1791 find-a-Grave


● Mary Matilda Bethem Find-a-Grave

Sir Gilbert Blane born 1749 Buried 30 Jun 1834 - Scottish physician who instituted health reform in the Royal Navy

● John Baptist Louis Breville buried 7 Jan 1794

● Sarah Butler - 20 Sept.1836 aged 56-57 Find-a-Grave

// to the Memory of SARAH, Wife of George Butler, Esqr,, Who Died after a long and painful Illness on the 20th Sep., 1836, in the 57 year of Her age. Blest shade, this tomb thy widowed husband rears, In tribute to thy worth and goodness due, Which through the vista of full thirty years, Return in grateful retrospect to view. Thine were the active virtues that adorn, The child, the wife, the mother, and the friend, These in their seasons from life's early morn, Graced thy career to its lamented end. But while our feelings own one common grief, In losing thee, our faith the hope supplies, That He who gave thy anguished frame relief, Transferred thy sainted spirit to the skies.



Sir Colin Campbell Born abt 1776, buried 19 Jun 1847 British Army officer and colonial governor.

James Christie (1730-1803) Auctioneer Find a Grave James Christie

● The Hon. John Hyndford Cochrane (3 July 1750 – 21 November 1801) was a wealthy merchant and author from a notable Scottish aristocratic family; buried 26 Oct 1801

● The Right Honorable Lady Ann Cole - buried 20 Aug 1789;

Sir James Nassau Colleton 6th Bart Born abt 1752 Buried 28 Jan 1815

George Southwell Complin (1783–1817), ceramics and glass painter, and his family

Sir John Cope (1688–1760) British soldier, and Whig Member of Parliament, representing three separate constituencies between 1722 and 1741. He is chiefly remembered for his defeat at Prestonpans, the first significant battle of the Jacobite rising of 1745. Buried 5 Aug 1760 Burial Ancestry - subscription needed

The Right Honorable Lady Sophia Cranstorun, Sophia Brown; wife of Michael Lade; buried 1 Nov 1799

Sir Richard Croft, Bart born c. 1761 buried 18 Feb 1818

Lieutenant Colonel John Harris Cruger - 8 Jun 1807; In his will are mentioned Soan Sorswood? Wife Ann, and others that I cannot decipher CJB

Ann Cruger nee Delancey - born c. 1744, buried 23 May 1822. - wife of the above John Harris Cruger. Residence St. Lukes, Chelsea.

// 10 Jan1868 - date of death 16 May 1822; Late of Great Smith Street in the Parish of St. Luke, Chelsea. Widow - left un-administered by Eliza Upton, widow one of the executors and residual legatee in will; Ann Caroline Upton (wife of Heneage William Dering Esq.) of 16 Upper Bruswick Place, Brighton, Sussex

The connection between Ann Cruger and the Uptons has not been established. Heneage, son of Cholmeley Charles William Dering Esq., and Anne's father Clotworthy Upton - Captain R.N. POSSIBLY married Elizabeth Boughton, a Lady of the Bedchamber to the Princess Amelia, on 25 August 1769.

	 ● Sir Alexander Cummings - Burial Date	4 Nov 1791

● Lieutenant General Cunningham buried 16 Sep 1788

Catherine Curnick, (1826-1858) married to John Greenwood, builder (1828-1914) St. James' Chapel Burial Ground



Davidge family - a number of entries related to John Westrow Davidge

  • John Westrow Davidge Burial 3 Feb 1792 - child of above John Westrow Davidge
  • Elizabeth Davidge Burial 12 Apr 1795 - Daughter of above John Westrow Davidge - [assumed] aged 2
  • John Davidge Burial 14 May 1795, less than 6m old - child of above John Westrow Davidge

Sir John Brewer Davis - buried 17 Nov 1817 - Cricketer

Cornelius Dixon (c.1755–1825), decorative artist, and his wife Charlotte Dixon nee Parish (c.1761-1843)



● Gustavus Adolphus Errang? Burial Date - 20 Jan 1792



Anne FitzRoy Warren Right Honorable Ann Baroness Southampton buried 20 Jul 1807

● The Right Honourable Charles Fitzroy 1st Baron Southampton buried 30 March 1797

● The Honorable Eliza Fitz Roy born abt 1780Buried 1 Aug 1850

The Hon. Hugh Fitzroy buried 29 April 1797 - son of George FitzRoy 4th Duke of Grafton styled Earl of Euston and Lady Charlotte Maria Waldegrave

● The Right Hon. George Ferdinand Fitzroy - Lord Southampton; buried 2 Jul 1810

Lord Richard Fitzroy buried 24 May 1798, son of George FitzRoy 4th Duke of Grafton styled Earl of Euston and Lady Charlotte Maria Waldegrave

● The Honorable William Fitzwilliam buried 14 March 1797

Captain Matthew Flinders (1774-1814) English navigator and cartographer see Heritage Daily

● Sir Charles William Flint aged 56 of Bolton Street, DSt. George Hanover Square - buried 27 Jan 1834 The Peerage Private Secretary to the 1st Duke of Wellington between 1808 and 1815.



Lord George Gordon (1751-1793) - a political and religious activist who led the anti-Catholic Gordon Riots of 1780, where a huge mob marched on the Houses of Parliament.




● George Frederick Hammersley Buried 6 Dec 1783

● The Right Honorable Lady Ann Hamilton buried 28 6 1791

Laurence Parsons Harman Earl of Rosse buried 4 May 1807

● Lieutenant Colonel John Harris buried 8 June 1807 - possibly Lt Colonel John Harris Cruger

Frederick James Havell (1801–1839) artist, steel engraver in line and mezzotint, and early experimenter in photography
// James Havell came from a family of artists. Originally a steel engraver in line and mezzotint, Havell, his brother William and fellow engraver James Tibbits Willmore experimented with early photography techniques, presenting their Cliché Verre process at the Royal Society in London in 1839. Sadly, later that year he was admitted to and then died at Bethlem Hospital with ‘the occurrence of insanity’. His condition may well have been caused by erethism, also known as mad hatter syndrome, because of prolonged exposure to mercury vapours from photographic experiments.

Jane Elizabeth Havell nee Nelmes (c.1814–1845) wife of artist Frederick James Havell

// Elizabeth Havell, wife of Frederick, died six years later and was buried in the same grave with a picture frame placed face-down on her chest. No picture survived within the glass and wood frame, but this personal object is a poignant reminder of her family connections. It’s possible that further analysis of the picture frame will be able to tell us more about what the frame contained.

See Havell family - Wiki

Sir John McNamara Hayes buried 26 7 1809. Physician born in Limerick c.1750, son of John Hayes and Margaret MacNamara - army surgeon; Created baronet on 6 Feb 1797; died 19 July 1809


Sir William Hillman buried 16 Feb1793 -
// right - British History Online Plate 74

Near this place rests the body of SIR WILLIAM HILLMAN KNT./of His Majesty's Board/of Green Cloth/ Late of New Cavendish Street/Portland Place/His Heart was benevolent/His Charities liberal/And his Virtues without ostentation/He died the 7th. of February 1793/Aged 53 Years/This Monument is erected/Pursuant to the Will of/His only sister Elizth. Walter/Relict of Captn. James Walter/of Andover, Hants/Son of John Walter Esqre. M.P./Late of Busbridge House/In the County of Surrey

The inscription is on a classical altar supporting an enriched urn with the standing figure of a mourner beside it, sculptured in the round. The group stands on a moulded and curved corbel, segmental in plan with gadroon ornament surrounding its cornice. On the corbel is a shield with three bends within a border and with palm branches on each side. The arms granted to the family of Hilman, alias Uphill, of Atterhill, Devon, in 1620, were argent, three bends azure, a border engrailed gules (Plate 74). This tablet is fixed beneath No. 14.

Board of Green Cloth- Wiki

See better image of Memorial

Elizabeth Mary Ann Holland (c.1801–1828), wife of the artist James Holland RWS (1799–1870), and their family

John Hoppner (1758–1810), portrait painter

● Louis Francois Huguenin Burial Date 17 Feb 1792
// linked to Louis Francois Huguenin

● George Henry Huguenin Burial Date: 18 Sep 1795

Ozias Humphry (1742–1810), painter of portrait miniatures



● Sir David Inness of Coxton 5th Bar't Buried 8 10 1803;







Lucy Lawrence nee Read (c.1732–1797), mother of Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA FRS, a leading English portrait painter and the fourth president of the Royal Academy Wiki

● The Right Honourable Joseph Leeson Earl of Milltown buried 5 Dec 1801

● Sir John Lubbock born abt 1754 Burried 1 Mar 1816

Sir John William Lubbock 2nd Baronet born abt 1774 Buried 29 Oct 1840 - Banker

Sir Francis Lumm 1st Baronet of Lummville buried 8 Mar 1797



● William Masquerier Buried 4 April 1793 ( Ancestry tree exists) - born 1737
// of Louis Nicholas born 17 10 in France and his wife Magdalen Bouchet - married 25 December in West Street Chapel, Soho (French Protestant), Westminster, Middlesex. She died in Brighton in 1800

● Frederick Cavendish Masters Burial 7 Apr 1793 - son of Major Richard Masters (1746-1800) and Isabella Francis Egerton - Born 1746

Mary Bourke Leeson, Countess of Mayo Burial 10 June 1794

// Hon'le Lady Viscountess MayoBurial entry Ancestry - Subscription needed.

● The Right Honorable Lady Leatitia McDonnell Buried 6 Aug 1797

// Register entry Ancestry - Subscription needed

George Morland (1763–1804), painter, and his wife -

// and his wife Ann Morland were interred together in the same grave in St James’s Chapel graveyard, Hampstead Road NW1, “exactly in the middle of the small square plot, as you enter the gates, on the left”, according to an article in the Athaeneum (18 October 1884). George on 3rd November 1804, Ann on the 8th

Dr Donald Monro FRS FRSE FRCP (1727–1802) buried 16 June 1802

// Scottish physician and medical author. Wiki

George Henry Morland buried - 7 Aug 1788 grand father of George above

● The Right Honourable Harvey Redmond Morres Viscount & Baron Mount Morris of the Kingdom of Ireland buried 22 Aug 1797 Find a Grave

Sir William Musgrave, 6th Bar't buried 16 Jan 1800



Anna Margaretta Frances Needham buried 19 May 1789 - aka Frances
Margaretta Anne Needham (b. 1789, d. 1789)





● The Honorable. Alfred Paget - born abt 1815 Buried 3 May 1815 aged 3 days of Old Burlington

● MARY PEARCE (1792), and ESTHER DAVIDSON (1839), her niece.

● Margaret Ponsonby Burial 22 May 1792






● Anna or Hannah Cecilia Rhodes buried 13 June 1796 - daughter of Christopher Rhodes, of Chatham.

// right - British History Online Plate 74

Bill Richmond (1763 - 1829) Boxer

// Richmond was born on the 8th August 1763 in Staten Island, which at the time was an outpost of the British Colonies. His parents were both enslaved persons, and Bill’s prodigious talents would never have been discovered had a British soldier named Hugh Percy not convinced the brute keeping a young Bill captive to release him into his care. Bill’s natural intelligence, wit and tenacity had struck a chord with Percy who brought the 14-year-old Richmond to England with him and set him up as an apprentice cabinet maker in Yorkshire.

Major General Charles Ross of Morangie buried 9 March 1797

John Charles Felix Rossi (1762–1839), sculptor, and his family


// John Charles Felix Rossi, aka Charles Rossi, was recently identified by his beautiful breastplate. One of Rossi’s works can be seen not far from the burial ground, on Euston Road. Rossi modelled the ‘St Pancras caryatids’, (Image left) inspired by female figurines which support the roof of the Erechtheion of the Acropolis of Athens, in 1822. We know from historical records that although he enjoyed considerable success as a sculptor, Rossi suffered from ill-health and financial difficulties in later life. Now that it has been possible to identify his remains, our osteologists may be able to see how these changes in circumstance impacted his skeleton.

Mary Rossi (nee Williams) died 1804 - First wife. Rossi was buried in the same grave.

Margaret Rossi buried 3 Aug 1832, aged 32

Peggy Orton Rossi nee Coleman (1782-1853) 2nd wife

Emily Orton Rossi aged 2 buried 11 March 1823


Major General William Roy Buried 1790 Scottish military engineer, surveyor, and antiquarian.



Jacob Schnebbelie (1760–1792), an antiquarian draughtsman, and his family

● Major General The Honorable Arthur Sentleger born c. 1762, buried 12 Jul 1823

John Smart (1741–1811), painter of portrait miniatures

Thomas Spence (1750 - 1814) Spence was one of the leading revolutionaries of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Also Wiki

// Spence was born in Newcastle in 1750. Spence became a schoolmaster and he gradually developed radical political views and in the 1770s began to argue that all land should be nationalised. Spence was strongly influenced by the writings of Tom Paine.

Jane Dowager Countess of Dundonald Jane Cochrane buried 31 March 1808

● The Right Honorable Lady Caroline Susan Spencer-Churchill buried 20 Dec 1792

● Right Honorable Alam Stewart Burial 4 May 1808 Ancestry - Subscription needed

Hon. Frederick Stuart Buried 21 May 1802

Lord Herbert Windsor Stuart - born abt 1771, Buried 29 Jan 1825

● Devereux Swinbourne Burial 10 May 1792 - probably Child of Deveroux Swinbourne and Mary Slaney
// Parish Registers. 1780 - Dec. 24. Devereux Swinbourne, b., of St. Martin par., Birmingham, & Mary Slaney, sp., of S.H., lic. Per T. SPENCER, Curate. Wit: Thomas Wedge, Benjamin Slaney, Mary Bailey.

Sir Robert Synge, 1st Bt. Son of Venerable Edward Synge and Sophia Helen Maria Hutchinson. Married Margaret Wolfe, daughter of Theobald Wolfe, on 7 May 1784 Died in 1804 Buried 20 May 1804



● Frances Penelope Thackthwaite buried 1Jun 1793
// rings at engraved to the inside of the shank 'Frances Penelope Thackthwaite Obt 21st May1793 Also in the same batch (Probably no connection) - 'In memory of Geo.Hen.Earl of Litchfield. 1772' and ' John Townson.Esqr. OB.3.Mar.1797.AE 71' George Henry Lee, 3rd Earl of Lichfield (1718-1772) was a Member of Parliament for the county of Oxford in 1741-42, inheriting the title from his father in 1743. In 1760 he became the High Steward of the University of Oxford and in the same year Lord of the Bedchamber to King George III, in which position he may have been witness to a brief episode in 1765 of the King's mania (probably caused by porphyria). Having joined the Privy Council in 1762, Lord Lichfield assumed the role of Chancellor of the University of Oxford in the same year.

● Sir Thomas Trigg, Bart born abt 1742 buried 19 Jan 1814



● The Honorable Catherine Elizabeth Upton Daur of Lord & Lord Templetown of the Kingdom of Ireland; Buried 19 Jul 1799 Burial Ancestry - Subscription needed





Right Honorable Henry Blake Baron Wallscourt born c. 1795, buried 19 Oct 1816

John Walrad Count de Welderen buried 19 Jun 1807 burial Subscription needed.- possibly minister plenipotentiary from States of Holland aged 83, died 11th 1807 in Saville Row

● Robert Ward (c.1804 –1829), late student of the Royal Academy School
// Ward who died in 1829. His gravestone inscription reads: [Sacred to] the memory … Late student of the Royal Academy School. His skill as an artist… of the attainment of the highest excellence had not… hand of death snatched… from the pursuit of his studies the hopes… This stone is raised as a slight tribute by those who admired his talents as an artist, and who respected him for his worth as a man

Name Robert Ward/ Age 25/ Birth Date 1804/ Burial Date 3 Dec 1829/ Burial Place St James, Piccadilly (St James, Westminster), London, Westminster, England/ Abode Lower Seymour, St. Pancras/ Register entry Ancestry - subscription needed.

● ANN WARING (1794), wife of Francis Waring, of Ford, Salop.

● Mary Waring (1795)

● Timothy Woodhead (Chancel Keeper) Burial 5 May 1808 Ancestry - Subscription needed




Unusual/interesting entries

● A Black Man Unknown - buried 21 Oct 1790

● John Baptiste Francis Joseph Rossignol buried 1791

References and Sources


Piccadilly Burials

Pre Burial Ground

● Sir Thomas Brand buried 10 Nov 1761 Piccadilly Burial Ancestry - Subscription needed

Sir William Breton buried 12 Feb 1773 Piccadilly Burial Ancestry - Subscription needed

Sir William Breton (MP), Keeper of the Privy Purse (1763–1773) for George II