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Alternate date of death: 2 May 1973 Qualified as medical doctor and served as missionary doctor at the Morgenster Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe for fifty years. He became very well known and was a wel...

12/27/2010 3/3/2014

Jacobus Steyn, b1c8d2 MP (bef.1757 - 1834)

12/24/2008 3/3/2014

Douw Gerbrand Steyn, b1c8d3 MP (bef.1759 - 1827)

"Stijn", "b1c8d3"

Information about his farm comes from Date of death according to Die families van Ou Swellendam deel 1: Steyn is 18 February 1827 Digital record of his baptism: Transcription of the above-mention...

12/8/2008 3/3/2014

Louis Steyn, b1c8d5 MP (c.1761 - d.)

"Steijn", "Louis Steyn b1c8d5"

Louis Baptised: 1761, den 22 Novemb Father: Jacobus Steijn Mother: Susanna Fourie Witnesses: Louis Fourie en Martha fourie Additional notes: NB: Deese [kind] sijn gedoopt aan de Perel behoorende Egter ...

12/27/2008 3/3/2014

Hermanus Egbertus Steyn, b1c8d12 MP (1773 - 1846)

"Hermanus Jacobus"

A Historic Overview of Langstraat, Riversdale - thanks to prof Pieter Gerbrand Steyn who is the current owner of Langstraat (2016). The farm Doornkraal was proclaimed a loan farm in 1746, the same ye...

12/27/2008 3/3/2014

Marthinus Steyn, b1c8d13 MP (1774 - 1834)


Marthinus Steyn, seun van Jacobus Steyn en Susanna Fourie, is gebore op sy vader se plaas, geleë aan die Krombeksrivier, naby die huidige Riversdal. Hy is in Kaapstad met Maria Elizabeth du Preez, 'n...

12/27/2008 3/3/2014

Hans Jurgen Steyn, b1c3d4 MP (1740 - 1803)

"Hans Jurrie", "Johannes Jurgen", "Steijn"

29 Oct 1761 1761, den 29 8br: Hans Jurgen Steijn van Cabo de Goede Hoop, jongman burger aan Swellendam met Christina van Zijl van Cabo voornt., jonge dogter Source: Nederduits Gereformeerde Gemeente (N...

2/2/2008 3/3/2014

Douw Gerbrand Steyn, b1c3d8 MP (1747 - 1790)

"Douwe", "Gerbrandt"

According to SAG 12 p. 213 - 214 he was married thrice. 1. Cornelia Potgieter - three children out of this marriage 2. Margaretha Aletta Botha - one child out of this marriage 3. Catharina Maria ...

2/2/2008 3/3/2014

Daniël Steyn, b1c3d11 MP (bef.1752 - 1824)

"Daniel", "Steijn", "Daniel Hermanus"

2/2/2008 3/3/2014

Petrus Paulus Steyn the 1st MP (c.1755 - 1826)


Petrus Paulus Baptised: 1755, den 25 December Father: Hermanus Steijn Mother: Martha Potgieter Witnesses: Petrus Botha, en Catharina Potgieter Source: Nederduits Gereformeerde Gemeente (NGK), Tulbagh, ...

2/2/2008 3/3/2014

Hermanus d'Oude Steyn MP (bef.1711 - c.1795)

"Hermanus d'Oude", "Hermaune", "Harmanus", "Steijn", "Stein", "Stijn", "Hermanus D' Oude", "De Oude"


2/6/2007 3/3/2014

Jacobus Steyn, b1c8 MP (bef.1723 - 1801)


Profession: Farmer/Boer Grootvadersbosch Also: Heemraad - ? Ritmeester - Cavalry captain Burger van Swellendam - Citizen of Swellendam Source: Die families van Ou Swellendam Deel 1: Steyn O...

2/9/2008 7/27/2013

Johannes Steyn, b1c3d12 MP (c.1753 - d.)

"Johannis", "Stein", "Steijn", "Stijn"

Baptized 25 December 1753 Married Barbara Wilhelmina Vogel 16 March 1777 Had 11 children of which only one son Hermanus Frederik Was 'burger' of Swellendam, heemraad of Swellendam, deacon of the ...

2/6/2007 7/27/2013

Johannes Steyn, b1c3d12e4f1 MP (c.1805 - d.)

Named after his grandfather Johannes STEYN b1c3d12

2/2/2008 7/27/2013

Hermanus Frederik Steyn, b1c3d12e4 MP (1784 - 1836)

"Hermanus Frederick", "Hermanus"

Baptized 26 September 1784 Married Maria Catharina Vogel on 23 October 1803 Hermanus Steyn was a burgher of Stellenbosch, Kliprivier according to Jacques Steyn internet information Steyn owners o...

2/6/2007 7/27/2013

Jacobus Steyn, b1 MP (bef.1683 - 1752)

"Jacob", "Steijn", "Stein", "Stijn"

Jacobus Steyn b1 About version 20140708 Brief summary: Parents: Unknown father X Maria Losëe. Two theories about his father. First: Probably Douwe Gerbrandt Steyn SV. Second and possible: Some othe...

2/6/2007 7/27/2013

Pres. Hermanus Steyn d'Jonge from the Republic of Swellendam MP (1743 - c.1804)

"Hermanus d'Jonge", "Hermanus de Jonge", "d'Jonge"

Hermanus STEYN b1c3d6 was born on the farm Bruintjiesrivier of his father, Hermanus STEYN d'Oude. When he was about nine years old, the family moved to the farm Doornfontein adjacent to the Sondagsrivi...

2/2/2008 7/27/2011

Johann Conrad Steyn, SV/PROG 4 MP (b. - 1817)

"Coenraad", "Steen", "Johan"

New information from Marie Vermeulen : Ek het die volgende inligting verkry oor bogenoemde. Van die kinders wat aangedui is as die kinders van Susanna v d Caap glo ek dit is nie reg. Ek het inskrywin...

3/29/2009 7/14/2011

Johannes Steyn SV/PROG 3 MP (c.1727 - 1791)


STEYN JOHANNES. - Darmstadt. So. 1778-53, corp. 1754, sergt. 1755, ensign 1760, lieutenant 1777, lieutenant-captain 1786, captain since 1787. ~ 1.6.1760 Anna Elisabeth ten Diemen (born at the Cape). 8 ...

2/2/2008 7/14/2011

Douwe Gerbens, later known as Douwe Gerbrandt Steyn, MP (c.1631 - 1700)

"Douwe Gerbens", "Douwe", "Douwen", "Douw", "Gerbens", "Gerbrants", "Gerbrantz", "Gerbrandse", "Gerrebrandtze", "Gerbrant", "Gerbrandze", "Gerbrantsze", "Gerb:", "Stein", "Stijn", "Steijn"

Douwe is the legal ancestor of many of the Steyns in South Africa. His adopted son Jacobus is the definite biological ancestor. The assumption made in authoritative genealogical publications is that Do...

2/6/2007 7/14/2011