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Texas Civil War units

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  • Christopher Christian Doss (1835 - 1881)
    Veteran - Christopher C Doss, PFC Co F 6th Texas Volunteer Infantry, CSA. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christopher Christian Doss (1835-1881) was a son of Jesse Doss & Vi...
  • Pvt James Madison Townsend, (CSA) (1829 - 1888)
    Veteran - James M Townsend, PVT Co D 18th Regt. Texas Cavalry, Civil War CSA Wounded and released from service. Note: For additional information on the 18th Texas during the Civil War, see final 3 U...
  • John "Black Jack" Cox (1836 - 1917)
    John ("Little Black Jack," "Black Jack") Calhoun COX, Sergeant, Company C, Fifth Texas Regiment, Hood's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia John married Sarah Elizabeth Allen, on 22 june 1864 in Smith ...
  • Colonel Joseph Jarvis Cook (CSA) (1826 - 1869)
    Joseph Jarvis Cook, planter and Confederate officer, was born in Craven County, North Carolina, on December 1, 1826. He was the son of Major and Mary W. Cook. Cook was raised in both North Carolina a...
  • Pvt Obediah Mast Christian, (CSA) (1822 - 1913)
    Civil War Veteran Pvt Obed M Christian D Company, 36th Cavalry Texas, CSA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obediah Mast Christian (1822-1913) was the eldest child of Elijah Willis Ch...

List of Texas Civil War units

Army of the Confederate States of America


  • 1st Infantry Battalion (15th Infantry)
  • 1st Infantry Battalion (Burnet's Sharp Shooters)
  • 1st Infantry (2nd Infantry; Ragged Old First)
  • 1st Infantry, Consolidated
  • 2nd Infantry (Moore's 1st Infantry; Galveston Regiment; Van Dorn Regiment)
  • 3rd Infantry & Cavalry Battalion (Kirby's Battalion)
  • 3rd Infantry (Luckett's 1st Infantry)
  • 4th Infantry Battalion (Oswald's German Battalion), 6 months, 1861-62
  • 4th Infantry (Hood's Regiment; John Bell Regiment)
  • 5th Infantry Battalion (22nd Infantry)
  • 5th Infantry (Archer's Regiment)
  • 6th Infantry Battalion (11th Infantry & Cavalry Battalion)
  • 6th Infantry (Likens's Battalion; Garland's Regiment; 1st Infantry, Consolidated)
  • 7th Infantry (Gregg's Regiment; 1st Infantry, Consolidated)
  • 8th Infantry Battalion (Hobby's Battalion; 8th Infantry)
  • 9th Infantry (Young's; Maxey's 8th Infantry)
  • 9th Infantry (Nichols's 5th Infantry), 6 months, 1861-62
  • 10th Infantry (Nelson's Regiment; 1st Infantry, Consolidated)
  • 11th Infantry (Roberts's Rangers)
  • 12th Infantry (Young's 8th Infantry)
  • 13th Infantry (Bates's Infantry Battalion)
  • 14th Infantry (Clark's Regiment)
  • 15th Infantry (Speight's Brigade; Speight's Regiment)
  • 16th Infantry (Flournoy's 7th Infantry)
  • 17th Infantry (Allen's Regiment)
  • 18th Infantry (Ochiltree's Regiment)
  • 19th Infantry (Waterhouse's Regiment; Walker's Greyhounds)
  • 20th Infantry (Elmore's Regiment)
  • 21st Infantry Battalion (Griffin's Battalion; 21st Infantry)
  • 21st Infantry (Spaight's Battalion; Swamp Angels; Spaight's Regiment)
  • 22nd Infantry (Hubbard's Battalion)


  • 1st Cavalry Battalion, 1861-May 62
  • 1st Cavalry (McCulloch's Regiment; 1st Mounted Riflemen; 8th Cavalry Battalion), 1861-1862
  • 1st Cavalry (Buchel's; Yager's 1st Mounted Rifles)
  • 1st Cavalry (Partisan Rangers), 1862-65
  • 1st Cavalry Arizona Brigade, 1863-Jan 65
  • 2nd Cavalry (2nd Mounted Rifles; Chisum's Regiment; Partisan Rangers)
  • 2nd Cavalry (Partisan Rangers)
  • 2nd Cavalry, Arizona Brigade, 1863
  • 3rd Cavalry Battalion (Yager's Mounted Rifles; 1st Cavalry)
  • 3rd Cavalry (South Kansas-Texas Mounted Volunteers)
  • 3rd Cavalry Battalion, Arizona Brigade
  • 4th Cavalry (4th Mounted Volunteers; 1st Regiment, Sibley's Brigade)
  • 4th Cavalry, Arizona Brigade (Baird's Cavalry Reg't)
  • 5th Cavalry (Martin's 5th Mounted Volunteers; 2nd Regiment, Sibley's Brigade)
  • 5th Cavalry (Partisan Rangers)
  • 6th Cavalry Battalion (Gould's Battalion)
  • 6th Cavalry (Stone's Regiment; 2nd Cavalry)
  • 7th Cavalry Battalion (26th Cavalry)
  • 7th Cavalry (7th Mounted Volunteers; 3rd Regiment, Sibley's Brigade)
  • 8th Cavalry Battalion (Taylor's Mounted Rifles; 1st Cavalry)
  • 8th Cavalry (Terry's Texas Rangers)
  • 9th Cavalry Battalion (Partisan Rangers; 5th Partisan Rangers)
  • 9th Cavalry (Sims's 4th Cavalry)
  • 10th Cavalry Battalion (5th Partisan Rangers)
  • 10th Cavalry (Locke's Regiment)
  • 11th Cavalry & Infantry Battalion (21st Infantry)
  • 11th Cavalry (Young's 3rd Cavalry)
  • 12th Cavalry Battalion (35th Cavalry)
  • 12th Cavalry (Parsons's 4th Mounted Dragoons)
  • 13th Cavalry Battalion
  • 13th Cavalry (Burnett's Mounted Volunteers)
  • 14th Cavalry Battalion (33rd Cavalry)
  • 14th Cavalry (Johnson's Mounted Volunteers; 1st Regiment, Johnson's Brigade)
  • 15th Cavalry (2nd Regiment, Johnson's Brigade; 1st Infantry, Consolidated)
  • 16th Cavalry (Fitzhugh's Regiment; 3rd Regiment, Johnson's Brigade)
  • 17th Cavalry (Moore's Regiment; 1st Infantry, Consolidated)
  • 18th Cavalry (Darnell's Regiment; 1st Infantry, Consolidated)
  • 19th Cavalry (Burford's Regiment)
  • 20th Cavalry (Bass' Regiment)
  • 21st Cavalry (1st Texas Lancers; 1st Regiment, Carter's Brigade)
  • 22nd Cavalry (1st Indian-Texas Cavalry)
  • 23rd Cavalry (Gould's Regiment; 27th Cavalry)
  • 24th Cavalry (Wilkes's 2nd Lancers; 2nd Regiment, Carter's Brigade; 1st Infantry, Consolidated)
  • 25th Cavalry (Gillespie's 3rd Lancers; 3d Regiment, Carter's Brigade; 1st Infantry, Consolidated)
  • 26th Cavalry (Davis's Cavalry; Debray's Mounted Battalion)
  • 27th Cavalry (Whitfield's Legion; 1st Legion)
  • 28th Cavalry (Randal's 1st Lancers)
  • 29th Cavalry (De Morse's Regiment)
  • 30th Cavalry (Gurley's 1st Partisan Rangers)
  • 31st Cavalry (Hawpe's Regiment; Guess's Cavalry Battalion)
  • 32nd Cavalry, Dismounted (15th Cavalry; Crump's Battalion; Mounted Volunteers)
  • 33rd Cavalry (Duff's Partisan Rangers; 14th Cavalry Battalion)
  • 34th Cavalry (Alexander's 2nd Partisan Rangers)
  • 35th Cavalry (Rountree's Cavalry Battalion; Brown's Regiment)
  • 35th Cavalry (Burns's Cavalry Battalion; Likens's Regiment)
  • 36th Cavalry (Woods's 32nd Cavalry)
  • 37th Cavalry (Terrell's Cavalry Battalion; Terrell's 34th Cavalry)

Consolidated Cavalry

  • 17th (Consolidated) Dismounted Cavalry
  • 24th and 25th (Consolidated) Cavalry

Mounted Infantry

Mounted Rifles

  • Mounted Mountain Guards (Capt. R.T. Posey, frontier forces West Texas)


Light Artillery

  • 1st Field Battery (Edgar's Company, Light Artillery)
  • 2nd Field Battery (McMahan's Company)
  • 4th Field Battery (Van Dorn Light Artillery)
  • 5th Field Battery
  • 6th Field Battery
  • 7th Field Battery (Moseley's Company, Light Artillery)
  • 8th Field Battery (Dege's Light Artillery Battalion)
  • 9th Field Battery (Daniel's Company; Lamar Artillery)
  • 10th Field Battery (Hynson's Company; Sewart Artillery)
  • 11th Field Battery (Howell's Company, Light Artillery)
  • 12th Field Battery (Sayers's Company; Nettles's Company; Light Artillery; Valverde Battery)
  • 13th Field Battery (Wilson's/Gonzales's/Hughes's Company, Light Artillery)
  • 14th Field Battery (Dashiell's Company)
  • 15th Field Battery (Nichols's Company)
  • 16th Field Battery (Gibson's Company)
  • 17th Field Battery (Stafford's Company; Texas Guards Artillery)
  • 4th (Shea's) Battalion, Artillery

Heavy Artillery

  • 1st Heavy Artillery (Cook's Regiment)

State Troops


  • 1st State Troops
  • 1st State Troops, Infantry, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 2nd State Troops, Infantry, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 3rd State Troops, Infantry, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 4th Infantry, State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 5th Infantry, State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 1st Battalion, State Troops, Infantry
  • 20th Battalion, State Troops
  • 30th State Troops, (The Medina Guards) from Von Ormy. Mustered as cavalry unit in 1862, then converted to infantry unit
  • 24th Battalion, Infantry, State Troops
  • Arnold's Company, Infantry Riflemen, Militia
  • Atkins's Company, State Troops (The Galveston Coast Guards)
  • Edgar's Company, State Troops (Alamo City Guards)
  • Gould's Company, State Troops (Clarksville Light Infantry)
  • Conscripts, Texas


  • 1st Cavalry, State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 2nd Cavalry, State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 3rd Cavalry, State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 4th Cavalry, State Troops, 6 months, 1863--64
  • 1st Battalion, Cavalry, State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 2nd Battalion, Cavalry, State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
  • 3rd Battalion, Cavalry, State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
  • Doughty's Company, Cavalry, State Troops (Refugio Spies)
  • Terry's Mounted Company (State Troops)


  • Good's Company, State Troops, Artillery (Dallas Light Artillery)


  • 3rd (Kirby's) Battalion, Infantry and Cavalry, 6 months, 1861-62
  • 6th and 15th (Consolidated) Volunteers, Cavalry and Infantry
  • 11th (Spaight's) Battalion (Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry)
  • 13th Volunteers (Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry)
  • Bean's Battalion, Reserve Corps
  • Benton's Company, Volunteers
  • Brazoria County Minutemen
  • Duke's Company, Volunteers (Jefferson Guards)
  • Graham's Company, Mounted Coast Guards, State Troops
  • Granbury's Consolidated Brigade (1st Consolidated Regiment)
  • Greer's Rocket Battery
  • Hampton's Company, State Troops (Victoria Blues)
  • Killough's Company, Home Guards (Wheelock Home Guards)
  • Lavaca County Minutemen
  • McMinn's Company
  • McNeel's Company, Local Defense Troops (McNeel Coast Guards)
  • Merriman's Company, Local Defense Troops (Orange County Coast Guards)
  • Miscellaneous, Texas
  • Nolan's Mounted Company (Local Defense)
  • Pearson's Company, Partisan Rangers (Local Defense)
  • Perry's Company, Local Defense Troops (Fort Bend Scouts)
  • Rainey's Company, Volunteers (Anderson County Invincibles)
  • Simms' Company, Home Guards
  • Teague's Company, Volunteers (Southern Rights Guards)
  • Teel's Company, State Troops, 6 months, 1861
  • Thomas' Company, Partisan Rangers, 4 months, 1862-63
  • Trevenio's Squad, Partisan Mounted Volunteers
  • Waul's Legion (Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery)


  • Arizona Brigade
    • Hardeman's Cavalry (1st Regiment, Arizona Brigade; 31st Cavalry)
    • Baylor's Cavalry (2nd Regiment, Arizona Brigade; Baylor’s Regiment, Arizona Rangers)
    • Madison's Cavalry (3rd Regiment, Arizona Brigade; Phillips' Regiment)
    • Baird's Cavalry (4th Regiment, Arizona Brigade; Showalter's Regiment)
  • Benavides' Cavalry
  • Bone's Company, Cavalry
  • Border's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Border's Cavalry (Anderson's Regiment)
  • Bourland's Cavalry (Bourlands Border Regiment)
  • Chisum's Cavalry (Dismounted), (2d Partisan Rangers; Stone's Regiment)
  • Coopwood's Spy Company, San Elizario Spy Company, (Cavalry)
  • Crump's Cavalry (Lane's Cavalry, 1st Partisan Rangers)
  • Durant's Company, Cavalry (Local Defense)
  • Frontier Battalion, Cavalry
  • Gano's Squadron, Cavalry
  • Gidding's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Good's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Lilley's Company, Cavalry (Pardoned Deserters)
  • Mann's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Mann's Cavalry (Bradford's Regiment)
  • Martin's Cavalry (5th Partisan Rangers
  • McCord's Frontier Cavalry
  • McDowell's Company, Cavalry (Lockhart Volunteers)
  • Morgan's Cavalry
  • Ragsdale's Company, Cavalry (Red River Dragoons)
  • Ragsdale's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Randolph's, W. H. Company, Cavalry
  • Saufley's Scouting Battalion, Cavalry
  • Steele's Command, Cavalry
  • Sutton's Company, Cavalry (Graham Rangers)
  • Terry's Cavalry
  • Trevenio's, L. Company, Cavalry
  • Upton's Company, Cavalry (Local Defense)
  • Waller's Cavalry
  • Wells' Battalion, Cavalry
  • Wells' Cavalry
  • Mounted Mountain Guards West Texas Defence force, frontier Brig.


  • Cameron's, Watts Company, Infantry
  • Carter's Company, Infantry (Austin City Light Infantry)
  • Chambers' Battalion, Reserve Corps, Infantry
  • Cotton's Company, Infantry (Sabine Volunteers)
  • Cunningham's Company, Infantry (The Mustang Grays)
  • Currie's Company, Infantry
  • Griffin's Battalion, Infantry (Griffin's Regiment, Infantry; 21st Regiment or Battalion, Infantry)
  • Houston Battalion, Infantry (Detailed Men)
  • Maxey's Company, Light Infantry and Riflemen (Lamar Rifles, State Service)
  • Rutherford's Company, Infantry (Unattached)
  • Timmons' Infantry
  • Townsend's Company, Infantry (Robertson Five Shooters)
  • Whaley's Company, Infantry
  • Yarbrough's Company, Infantry (Smith County Light Infantry)


  • Dege's Battalion, Light Artillery
  • Douglas's Company, Artillery
  • Hughes's Company, Light Artillery
  • Jones's Company, Light Artillery
  • (Lt.) van Buren's Company, Light Artillery