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  • Babo (Pabo) I von Babenberg, Burggraf von Regensburg (c.940 - bef.1002)
    The best information on this family is to be found on (refer Roderick Hinkel) "Babo I, Burggraf von Regensburg1 b. circa 940, d. 6 March 1001/2, Babo I, Burggraf von Regensburg was per Michael Mitter...
  • Willibirg von Ebersberg, Burggräfin von Regensburg (c.890 - d.)
    The necrology of Ebersberg records the death "XVI Kal Dec" of "Eberhardus com filius Ratoldi et Willipirc soror eius Source: [ ] English translation (summary) from URL above: Willibirgs von Ebers...
  • Ita von Lahngau (c.930 - 986)
    Gunnar von Arnold notes: Sohn des Burggrafen Babo I. von Regensburg aus seiner 3. Ehe mit der Mathilde (Prinz Isenburg) (Son of Babo and Mathilde in his third marriage) [ ] 3. Liudolf F. und einm...
  • Mathilde von Schweinachgau (c.945 - d.)
    A K A Mathilde von Formbach? "Babo I, Burggraf von Regensburg1 b. circa 940, d. 6 March 1001/2, Babo I, Burggraf von Regensburg was per Michael Mitterauer a descendant of the Wilhelminer Papo II, kil...
  • Ruprecht, Burggraf von Regensburg (c.998 - 1035)
    No source has been identified which states specifically that Ruprecht was the son of Babo [I]. However, this is suggested by the continuity of possession of the town of Regensburg and Ruprecht naming h...


Fiction? Fantasy? This project is about following up a truly interesting story way back in the Middle Ages.

I am sorry for the mix of languages, I will just start and put some og the gathered info here.. later, with a little bit of help, we just might get it organized.


Written by Nikolaj Vladimirovitj Arnold (1895-1963) on the origin Arnold family in Russia (estonia and russia). The text is probably "a loan" from the Memoirs of Jurij von Arnold to whom, according to his father the Russian and estonian branches are connected.

”Stamfader till släkten Arnold var en av de yngsta sönerna till Arnold Karintijskij * - greve Arko, vilken levde på 900-talet tillsammans med sin enda hustra Judifija. Arko och Judifija hade 32 söner och 8 döttrar."

From the memoirs of Jurij von Arnold we have pretty much the same story, but where one of Babo's youngest sons is named as the starting point. Not Arnulfs youngest (or one of the youngest) son. This text seems to be more accurate:

"The ancestor (according to Juri's father) was a younger son of Count Babo of Arco. Arko is supposedly an decsendant Of Arnul (of carinthia) and was living during the 10th century. Arkos wife was Judith with whom he had 32 sons and 8 daughters"

"Stamfader för släkten Arnold var (enligt Jurijs far) en av greve Babon Arkos yngsta söner. Arko skulle vara avkomling av Arnulf eller Arnold av Kärnten, som levde på 900-talet. Arkos maka var Judith. Arko och Judith hade 32 söner och 8 döttrar"

So this was the starting point some years ago when we started researching; Was it ever a Babo Arko? Could tehre be any truth in the statement "32 sons and 8 daughters"? What is Arco? Who was Arnulf?

First things first. Arnulf: (tyska: Arnulf von Kärnten, slovenska: Arnulf Koroški) (född: 850, död: 8 december 899) var en av de sista karolingiska härskarna i östfrankiska riket.

Arnulf var son utom äktenskapet till den bayerska kungen Karloman och dennes konkubin Liutswind. Arnulf tillbringade sin barndom vid sin fars hov i Moosburg i Kärnten (i Österrike. Arnulf övertar den avsatte kejsaren Karl den tjockes titel som kung över de östra frankerna.

Babo: Babo I, Burggraf von Regensburg1 b. circa 940, d. 6 March 1001/2, Babo I, Burggraf von Regensburg was per Michael Mitterauer a descendant of the Wilhelminer Papo II, killed in 884. He was per Faußner, the son of the Babenberger Graf Poppo von Kühbach He married Mathilde von Formbach.

Poorly translated text from german to English (som swedish comments; The counts von Riedenburg came from the Babonen family, they lived in 11 and 12. Century. Where did they come from? ... It became therefore at the beginning 9th Century church landed property was drawn in, the again on particularly qualified fighter was passed on around from it the means for the equipment of a rider soldier to gain to be able. In the year 955 could be struck then the Hungary by the German realm Reich on the Lechfeld destroying. It is probably that a first historically surely provable representative of the Babonengeschlechts, count Babo I., in this battle as a young man participated. The babonischen counts developed from there starting from to one of the most important Bavarian aristocracy families, which dressed important posts also on realm level.

The counts von Riedenburg from the Babonen. This was an important old-Bavarian aristocracy family in the Danube area around Regensburg and is since outgoing 10. Century historically demonstrably. The first secured member of their master row is Babo I. (or Pabo I.), he was count in western Danube gau and lived from 940 to 1001. Where the original master seat of the family was, is today no longer comprehensible. Babo had a whole set of descendants, who for their part took noble seats, among them: Abensberg, Rohr, Ratzenhofen, Randeck, Prunn, Altmannstein and also Riedenburg. ... When Babo I. died in the year 1001 hes son Rupert inherited. Further sons Babos I., Babo II. from the child-rich count Babo von Abenberg...


Fler barn som nämns: Graf Uodalscalc, seinen Bruder Adalpero, seine Schwester Liutkart und Hilta und seinen Neffen Babo.

More about Babo in separate documents in this project and some pictures...