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The Noble Surname von Arscheid and de Orscheid

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  • Teutonic Knight, Arnold I, von Rennenberg (b. - c.1262)
    Reference Sources 1) Europaische Stammtafeln, by Wilhelm Karl, Prinz zu Isenburg, Vol. VII, Tafel 147. 2) 40000 Ancestors of the Counts of Paris, 24-1057. Teutonic-German Knight Sources 1) Di...
  • Conrad von von Rennenberg (b. - c.1249)
    Reference Sources 1) Europaische Stammtafeln, by Wilhelm Karl, Prinz zu Isenburg, Vol. VII, Tafel 147. 2) 40000 Ancestors of the Counts of Paris, 28-190. Reference Source 1) Europaische Stammta...
  • Teutonic Knight, Arnold I. Herr zu Randerath (c.1274 - 1330)
    Reference Sources 6 E. v. Oidtman It sealed because Wirich does not have a seal, except the Schoffen to Setterich yet John, pastor Setterich, and John Kaplan Stolberg first. Wirich seems to have ...
  • André d'Ortscheid (1784 - d.)
    [ ] [ ]

Currently researching the Noble family 'von Arscheid/Orscheid' - von Ütgenbach family.

The Kalscheid are therefore a branch of the Ütgenbacher as well as the Ascheid.

Brethren of the Teutonic Order of Knights

The surname 'Arscheid' or 'Orscheid' has many different variation as a result of transliteration due to linguistic barriers or dialectic prerogatives.

Document No. 1 -> LINK<>

Mechtildis v. Arscheit, widow of Arnolds v. Rennenberg and their sons, Heinrich, Johann und Dietrich informed Erfried v. Wanebag and his schulthei=DF(*) Arnold gen.(*) Vryen, Arnold v. Wanebag, Heinrich gen. Sulzgut and his other debtors, that they have given their rights, pensions and tithe in Poderbach, Wandbach and Urbach to the German House in [Wald-]Breitenbach, to which they are from now interest-bearing.

  • schulthei=DF: there is no englisch word for that, check out the engl.

wikipedia-article (LINK <>)

  • some german names, like Arnold gen. Vryen, have a surname called "vulgo",

it means "genannt" (engl.: called), which refers to a name of farm or house that the person owns.

Document No. 2 -> LINK<>

Mechthild v. Arscheit, widow of Arnolds v. Renneberg, her sons Heinrich, Johann and Dietrich, her daughter Dietmut and her husband Sifrid v. Brohl, her son-in-law, are selling all their goods to the German House in [Wald-]Breitenbach at Poderbach, Wanebach and Urbach also including the fees as in money as well as in "natura" (goods)

Document No. 3 -> LINK<>

Metchild v. Arscheit, widow of Arnolds v. Renneberg, certifies with her children Heinrich, Johann, Dietrich and Diemut, that have sold all their goods at Wanebach, Poderbach and Urbach to the German House at [Wald-]Breitenbach for the value of 150 Mark. At the same time Mechthild certifies that she got 100 Mark out of it and donated the other 50 Mark to the German House for the salvation of hers, her husband and their children.

No. 4 -> LINK<>

Johann, Gobilin and Heinrich v. Arscheit, knight and Mechtildis, their sister, are giving for the salvation of their parents, knight Heinrich v. Arscheit and Helewiwis v. Schiderich, their acceptance to the last gift by will, a interest of six pound wax, sticking on their goods to Heiderbach as donation to the chruch of [Wald-]Breidbach (which belongs to the German House), and in return there shall be lighten a candle everyday at the church-service as well as the anniversary of their dead parents shall be held on St. Remigientag (* 7th October) with a requiem. They are also giving the church to Breidbach their goods of Heidersbach with all the belongings and rights.

No. 5 -> LINK<>

Georg v. Anrscheit, Dean of St. Gereon, Hilger Hardewust, Dean of St. Severin, and Konrad de Leyden, dean of St. Andreas in Cologne, are transcriping the document of the pope Alexander IV. as a demand of Hermann, commendator to Cologne through notary Johann v. Bacherach.

Archive of the Teutonic Knights

( Ascfaeid Arsceit is Abschied Arbeit in Beyern )

Beiträge zur Siedlungsgeschichte der Wied [microform- Referece:Ascfaeid Arsceit in 1244 B.U.


1) Beitrag zur Geschichte der Ardennen, Volume 2


1) []

2) []


1) []


Heraldry Sources


( Website: )

Root Name Origins

As a matter of note, the French branch of the family is 'Orscheid' or often rendered 'Ortscheid'. The root of the the rendering of 'Ort', not to be confused with the Greman word 'Ort' or 'Orte' (Meaning a 'Place' or 'Location'), is derrived from 'Eif' (as in the 'Eifel' and Eifel-gau).
In the Middle East, Historically an 'Arscheid' was an Architect or Temple builder. But it has a Nordic root as well which denotes a Wizard, Sorcerer, Magic man or Spiritual Holy Man.

The surname 'Arscheid' may have a Judean root as well in (Yiddish) Yarscheit or Yarzeit. Considering, the root of 'Christianity', or more correctly the 'Nazaryan' (While, existing long before, Abraham, the made-up religion of Judaism or even before the Torah was written- the Qabalah mathematics existed of which the 'Hebrew' Aleph-Tav ( Alpha-Beta- Alphabet) originated and was derived. ), knew what the Yarzeit (Candle) represented, a Holy Man that reached or attained the 'Flame'- the Living Crown ( Halo, Keter ), the Nazirite passing through the Abyss or Da'at and ascending the Tree of Life.


Read about the Jewish custom here although the you must ascend Qabalah on your own

Recorded Name Variations

Wohnsitz der Herren von Ütgenbach und Arscheit (1216-1450) Residence of the Lords of Ütgenbach and Arscheit (1216-1450)

Rheinfelsstrasse. - Landgraf Wilhelm [III.] Enfeoffed John of Orscheit ( Arscheyt ) with a vineyard above Bornhofen like him + his + brother Brun of Orscheit by Landgrave Henry III. wore a fief, fiefdom as a man.

Abbot Johann II von Werden und Arscheid ( Arscheyt, Arschott-Brabant ), (1344-60) Werden Abbey.

Personen-, Orts- und Sachregister: Aer- ( Aerscheit - Ortscheit )

(1488). 15, 188. V. Aerscheit, Arnold, Stiftsherr zu

( de Croy & d'Arschet and Brabant )

1) Bibliothèque curieuse historique et critique ou, Catalogue ..., Volume 4: Pg. 231

By David Clement


2) Teutscher Reichs-Staat, Oder Ausführliche und umständliche Beschreibung des ...

By Christian Heinrich Krebs, Christoph Lorenz Bilderbeck

( Arschett )


3) Geographisch-Historisch-Statistisches Zeitungs-Lexicon: R - Z. 3

By Wolfgang Jäger


Name Variation Reference Sources

1) NF 48 - Die Bistümer der Kirchenprovinz Trier. Das Bistum Trier 11. Das St. Marien-Stift in Kyllburg.

( Airscheit, Airsceit, Airceit )

Annalen des Historischen Vereins für den Niederrhein ..., Issues 41-60

Annalen des Vereins für Nassauische Altertumskunde und ..., Volumes 37-39- By Verein für Nassauische Altertumskunde und Geschichtsforschung, Wiesbaden

Mitteilungen aus dem Stadtarchiv von Köln

Annalen des Vereins für Nassauische Altertumskunde und Geschichtsforschung

( Arszeyt, Arszyt, Arscheid )

1) Siegener urkundenbuch: Im auftrage des Vereins für urgeschichte und ...

2) Geschichte der Oranien Nassauischen Länder und ihrer Regenten. 3 Bde. (in 4). By Johann von Arnoldi

( Uischryt, Orscheit, Eilscheid, Uischit )

1) NF 48 - Die Bistümer der Kirchenprovinz Trier. Das Bistum Trier 11. Das St. Marien-Stift in Kyllburg.


2) Mitteilungen aus dem Stadtarchiv von Köln, Volumes 7-9

By Historisches Archiv der Stadt Köln, Konstantin Höhlbaum, Joseph Hansen: Page 42; Pg. 126; Pg. 131

( Orscheid, Ayrscheit )


3) Zeitschrift des Bergischen Geschichtsvereins Register 1-30: Page 50

( Aerscheit )


4) Das Erzbistum Trier: Pauly, F. Die Stifte St. Severus in Boppard, St. Goar ...

By Ferdinand Pauly

( Arscheid, Arscheit, Orschit )


5) Archive in Nordrhein-Westfalen

( Arscheid, Arscheyt, Arschott )


6) Archives in North Rhine-Westphalia: 2 abh.wohlerh. S. Georgs von Orscheid (Ayrscheit), Pr. von S. Gereon, und der Siebenpriester. U 1/24681366 September 24

( Arschott, Orschott )


(NOTE: verheiratet seit 13. Okt. 1607 St. Lambertus Düsseldorf mit Maria Orschott, Tochter des Vogtes von Breisig Johann Orschott und der Catharina von Heess.)


( Orscheid, Ayrscheit )


8) Die Urkunden des Gra( ̃flich von Loeschen Archivs von Schloss Wissen: Regesten By Schloss Wissen, Dieter Kastner

(Orscheid, Orscoet, Orschet, Orscheyt)

1) Die Ortsnamen auf -scheid und -auel (ohl): ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der ... By Paul Vogt

2) Urkundenbuch bür die geschichte des Niederrheins oder des erzstifts Cöln ...edited by Theodor Joseph Lacomblet

( Orscheit, (-yt, Ort-), Orscheyt, Ortscheyt, Ortscheit )




Although there has been habitation on the territory of present Oirschot, since prehistoric times, written documents relatively late present. At that time Oirschot, was from a Frankish settlement, has already become a place of regional significance. Thus there is the holy Odulfus which about 805 was pastor of Oirschot. There is documents that mention making the worship of Odulfus to Oirschot as early as 1150 and 1270 . However, these are younger copies of older documents, which may be based on forgeries. Archaeological finds confirm other occupation during the 8th and 9th century in the vicinity of St. Mary's Basilica. Also was sure from the beginning of the 13th century chapter eleven canons . From the parish of Oirschot founded the parish churches of Oostelbeers , Middelbeers , Vessem and Wintelre . Some influence of the Abbey of Echternach and the Abbey of St. Truiden will have been there, but this was only a few farms.

In secular sense Oirschot was not insignificant. It was a freedom and capital of Kempenland . They knew a fair . In 1513 , a justice house built that, apart from that in 's-Hertogenbosch , was the only one in the Bailiwick of 's-Hertogenbosch . Mr van Oirschot had two castles: Castle Old Beijsterveld near Oirschot and Kasteel Ten Bergh near Spoordonk . Possibly this glory from Spoordonkse Watermill arise.

The lords of Oirschot also Vught got owned, but gradually lost that when the Duke of Brabant in 1196 his own power center in that environment founded: the city 's-Hertogenbosch. The Duke finally got influence in Peelland and Kempenland in 1232 . Thus, a so-called half Oirschot glory: half of the rights was in the hands of the Duke of Brabant and the other half of the Lord of Oirschot, consisting of powerful noble families has also long existed.

Originally formed the Vrijthof at St. Mary's Church the center of the place, was later built St. Peter's Church and the center eventually moved to the vicinity of the new church. It is possible that the Duke was involved in the construction of St. Peter's Church, to found. A new power center also ecclesiastically

In 1320 the old noble family sold the glory Oirschot Rogier van Leefdaal a confidant of the Duke was. Through inheritance, the glory came to the family Van Merode and through a judicial sale in 1672 to the family Sweerts the Landas , a Protestant family, the Old Castle Beijsterveld to 1831 retained, though the manorial rights ran out of time. After it became a mission monastery.

Around 1600 was Peter Vladeraccus active in Oirschot. He dedicated himself to the Counter-Reformation and performed the guidelines of the Council of Trent by. In 1633 , however, came under military escort, the first Protestants in Oirschot, and the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 the tide turned completely. There followed a period of economic downturn and when the new road from 's-Hertogenbosch to Liège was created at the end of the 18th century this was a good distance from Oirschot. The place was by Eindhoven , and in the 1821 divisional Best , drowned.

In the 20th century it came tourism , while ultimately industrialization occurred, originally consisting of traditional businesses such as furniture , later metal , such as Heras, and a company for portable cabins, The Seagull. The advent of the Wilhelmina Canal ( 1923 ) stimulated industrial activity. The place also expanded rapidly because employees of Major General de Ruyter of Steveninck barracks came to live. Oirschot Oirschot is also present along the highway that connects Eindhoven Tilburg.



John de Witt, Grand Pensionary of Holland, 1625-1672- By Herbert Harvey Rowen

Name Variations

Arscot, d'Arscot, Arschott, Arscheid, Arscheyd, Arshceit, Arschett, Arschitt, Arscheyt, d'Arschott, d'Arscheid, d'Arshceit, d'Arschett, d'Arschitt, d'Arscheyt, Orschott, Orscheid, Orscheyd, Orscheit, Orschett, Orschitt, Orscheyt, d'Orscheid, d'Orscheyd, d'Orscheit, d'Orschett, d'Orschitt, d'Orscheyt, Harshceidt, Aiyrscheyt, Auirschot, Aerschot, Oirschot and more...

NOTE: If the information or genealogy is wrong please share so any corrections can be made and information updated for this lineage- Thank You