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Serah . MP (deceased)

"Serach", "xSerah"

Genesis 46:17 Numbers 26:46 1 Chronicles 7:30-31 Serah bat Asher was, in the Tanach, a daughter of Asher, the son of Jacob. She is counted among the seventy members of the patriarch's family wh...

2/26/2007 3/24/2013

Elijah / Ilyas bin Yasin, Prophet MP (deceased)

"Elijah the prophet", "Very Unlikely"

Eiljah the Prophet - Wikipedia * Why is Elijah Invited during the Seder? * אליהו הנביא – קישו&#x...

2/16/2009 3/24/2013

Judah ben Ilai MP (c.60 - d.)

"Yehuda bar Ma'arava", "Judah bar Ilai", "Rabbi Judah", "Judah the Palestinian", "יהודה בר מערבא"

Judah bar Ilai Judah bar Ilai, also known as Judah ben Ilai, Rabbi Judah or Judah the Palestinian ‎ יהודה בר מערב�...

3/20/2013 3/20/2013

Yose HaGelil MP (c.50 - d.)

"Yose HaGelili"

Jose the Galilean , Jewith Encyclopedia Jose the Galilean יוסי הגלילי , (Yose HaGelili) was a Jewish sage who lived in the 1st ...

3/20/2013 3/20/2013

Rabbi Dov Ber Manischewitz MP (1857 - 1914)

"Dov Behr Manischewitz (Abramson)"

Manischewitz and the Development of Machine-Made Matzah 
in the United States Days of Wine and Matzos The Manischewitz tale begins with Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz born in Lithuania. His sur...

9/26/2008 3/15/2013

Simon ben Zoma MP (deceased)

Simon ben Zoma: His Life, His way in Halacha and with Aggadah and in Mystery (Read/Listen to book in Hebrew) Simon ben Zoma or simply Ben Zoma בן זומא was ...

3/12/2013 3/12/2013

Rabbi Tarfon MP (c.70 - c.150)

Rabbi Tarfon or Tarphon, רבי טרפון‎ , (from the Greek Tryphon), a Kohen, a member of the third generation of the Mishnah sages, who lived ...

3/11/2013 3/11/2013

Joshua ben Hananiah יהושע בן חנניה (d.131CE) was a leading tanna of the first half-century following the destruction ...

6/6/2012 3/11/2013

Eliezer ben Hyrcanus (the surname coming from the father's Hellenized name) אליעזר בן הורקנוס&#x...

12/28/2010 3/11/2013

Rabbi Akiva MP (40 - 137)

"Rabbi Akiva"

Akiva ben Joseph (ca.40–ca.137 CE), widely known as Rabbi Akiva (Hebrew: רבי עקיבא‎), was a tanna of the latter part of the 1st cen...

3/10/2013 3/10/2013

Elazar Ben Azariah MP (deceased)

Eleazar ben Azariah אלעזר בן עזריה ‎ , was a 1st-century CE Palestinian tanna (Mishnaic sage). He was of the s...

11/9/2012 3/10/2013

Rabban Gamliel I Hazaken MP (c.50 - 68)

"Gamliel the Elder"

Gamaliel the Elder , or Rabbi Gamaliel I (גמליאל הזקן; Greek: Γαμαλιήλ �...

6/27/2007 3/10/2013

Laban the Aramean MP (-1954 - -1795)

Genesis 24:29-60 - Takes part in arranging the marriage of his sister Rebecca to Isaac . Genesis 27:42-46 - Rebecca tells her son, Jacob, to flee to Laban, because his brother Esau, wants to kill him.

2/26/2007 4/16/2011

Joshua / יהושע בן נון MP (c.-1500 - c.-1390)

"Hoshea ben Nun", "Yehoshua bin Nun"

Joshua (Hebrew: יְהוֹשֻׁעַ‎‎ Y'hoshuʿa; Greek: Ἰησοῦς, Arabic: ...

12/19/2007 4/11/2011

Hillel Hazaken - 'The Elder' grandfather of Gamaliel I MP (c.-110 - c.10)

"Hillel the Elder", "Hillel the Great", "Hillel Hazaken Hanasi", "Hillel"

Hillel the Elder הלל הזקן (author of "The Golden Rule") Hillel (הלל) (born Babylon traditionally c.110BCE-10CE in Jerusalem) was a ...

6/27/2007 4/11/2011

Zipporah . MP (deceased)

"Zipporah", "Safora", "Safoora", "Zepoporah", "Shafura", "Shafrawa", "ציפורה", "صفورة"

Exodus 2:16-22 - Marriage. Exodus 4:18-26 - Zipporah at the inn. Exodus 18:1-6. Numbers 12:1-16. Wikipedia: Zipporah & ציפורה .

2/26/2007 4/11/2011

Moses . MP (deceased)

"Musa", "Mūsā Mûsâ ibn Amram"

Exodus 2:1-10 Birth. Exodus 2:21-22 Marriage to Zipporah and birth of sons. Exodus 6:14-27 Extensive genealogy and family history listed. Jewish sources list at least three names for Moses ...

2/26/2007 4/11/2011

Aaron MP (c.-1397 - c.-1274)

"Aaron", "Hārūn", "אהרן", "هارون"

Exodus 6:16-23. * 1 Chronicles 23:13. * Aaron In the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an, Aaron (Hebrew: אַהֲרֹן‎ Ahărōn, Arabic: ه&...

2/26/2007 4/11/2011

Miriam ., the prophetess MP (c.-1396 - c.-1280)

"Miriam", "Efrat", "מרים", "אפרת", "مريم"

Exodus 2:4-7 is mentioned (unnamed), as guarding/watching her infant brother Moses, when he is hidden in the basket of reeds, on the Nile.* Numbers 26:59. Wikipedia: Miriam & מרי&#...

2/26/2007 4/11/2011

Nahshon ben Aminadav MP (-1450 - -1239)

"Nachshon", "Naasson", "Nasson", "Nahshon ben Amminadab", "Nashon Ben Amminadab"

1391 Nahshon נַחְשׁוֹ ן‎ or Nachshon ben Aminadav (נחשון בן עמ]...

2/26/2007 4/11/2011

Daughter of Pharaoh: Midrash and Aggadah Batya, The Egyptian Princess Chpt. 34, page 168 - 170 "Moses' Women" Bithiah, Bitya (בִּתְיָה, lit...

10/18/2009 4/11/2011

Jethro . . MP (deceased)

"Yitro", "Reuel", "Hobab", "Putiel", "Deuel", "Raguel"

According to Islamic sources, Nabi Shu'aib , was the great grandson of Abraham's son Midian. This means that he lived at a MUCH earlier time, so he could NOT be the same person as Jethro.] Exodus 18:...

2/26/2007 4/11/2011

Jochebed . MP (c.-1650 - -1617)

"Jochebed", "Yokhebed", "Yokabar", "יוכבד", "يوكابد"

Exodus 6:20 . Numbers 26:59 . Wikipedia: Jochebed & יוכבד . Wiki-Yeshiva: Jochebed (in Hebrew). Called Yokabar in Islam.

2/26/2007 4/11/2011

Amram MP (c.-1650 - c.-1590)

"Amran", "Anrão", "Imran", "עמרם", "عمران"

Wikipedia: Amram, Moses' father . Jewish Encyclopedia - Amram . Amram . Amran is Arabicized to Imran. In the Qur'an, the name Imran is used for two different people. The first one is Amram the ...

2/26/2007 4/11/2011