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Empress Matilda MP (1102 - 1167)

"Matilda", "Mathilda", "Mathilde", "Maud", "Adelheid", "Adelaide", "Alice", "Beauclerc", "Plantagenet", "Anjou", "Matilda of England", "Maude", "HR Empress Matilda of England and Queen of Germany", "Holy Roman Empress", "Queen of Germany", "Empress Matilda", "Lady of the English (disp..."

Empress MATILDA born Adelaide from Medlands 2. MATILDA (Winchester or London 1102-Abbaye de Notre-Dame des Près, near Rouen 10 Sep 1167, bur Abbaye du Bec, Normandy, later moved to Rouen Cathedra...

1/29/2007 11/9/2010

William Atheling, duke of Normandy MP (c.1103 - 1120)

"Ætheling", "Audelin", "Adelinus", "Adelingus", "Atheling", "Etheling", "Aetheling"

William Adelin Duke of Normandy Do not confuse with his half brothers: 1. William de Tracey, son of Henry I & Gieva de Tracy. 2. William, son of Henry I & Sybil Corbet. From WIkipedia: Willia...

5/9/2007 10/27/2010

Robert de Caen, 1st Earl of Gloucester MP (c.1090 - 1147)

"Robert of Caen", "The King's Son", "Robert fitzRobert", "Robert Fitzroy", "Robert Rufus", "The King's Son De Caen", "1st Earl of Gloucester"

ROBERT de Caen illegitimate son of HENRY I King of England & his mistress --- ([1090]-Bristol 31 Oct 1147, bur Priory of St James, Bristol). Also known as Robert FitzRoy. Orderic Vitalis records him ...

4/14/2007 10/27/2010

Matilda FitzRoy, Countess of Perche MP (1086 - 1120)

"Maud) FitzHenry /(Mary/", "Matilda"

MATHILDE illegitimate daughter of King Henry I by Mistress (2) died on the White Ship shipwreck; called Marie in many accounts of that accident From Medlands: (-drowned off Barfleur, Norm...

9/3/2007 10/27/2010

Richard FitzRoy MP (c.1096 - 1120)

Richard of Lincoln (c. 1094 – 25 November 1120), son of Henry I and Ansfride; perished in the wreck of the White Ship. Sources: The book, 'Kings & Queens of Great Britain' The book, 'They Came With...

11/19/2007 10/27/2010

Fulk FitzRoy MP (c.1092 - d.)

Fulk FitzRoy (born c. 1092), son of Henry I and Ansfride; a monk at Abingdon. Foulques, Faulk, Fulk son of Henry I and Ansfride widow of Anskell. From Medlands: . FOULQUES . The Chronicle of ...

11/19/2007 10/27/2010

Juliane FitzRoy MP (c.1090 - 1136)

Juliane de Fontevrault (born c. 1090), daughter of Henry I and Ansfride; married Eustace de Pacy in 1103. She tried to shoot her father with a crossbow after King Henry allowed her two young daughters ...

11/19/2007 10/27/2010

William FitzRoy MP (1105 - 1136)

William s/o Henry I King of England and probably concubine #4 name unknown although there is some thought that his mother may have been Sybil Corbet Concubine #5 WILLIAM (-after [1129/33]). "…Wille...

3/16/2009 10/27/2010

Gundred FitzRoy MP (1114 - 1130)


Gundred of England (1114–46), daughter of Henry I and Sybil Corbet or possibly Herbert fitzHerbert and Sybil Corbet. Her sister Rohese married in 1130 Henry de la Pomeroy, son of Joscelin de la Pomerai.

11/19/2007 10/27/2010

Réginald de Dunstanville, 1st Earl of Cornwall MP (c.1110 - 1175)

"Rainald fitz de Dunstanville/", "Reynold", "Reginald", "Renaud", "Rainald De /Dunstanville/"

RENAUD de Dunstanville From Medlands: illegitimate son of HENRY I King of England & his mistress Sibyl Corbet ([1110/15]-Chertsey, Surrey 1 Jul [1175], bur Reading Abbey). He is named as son of Kin...

5/12/2007 10/27/2010

Matilda FitzRoy MP (c.1095 - 1148)


11/19/2007 10/27/2010

Gilbert FitzRoy MP (1130 - 1142)

5/9/2007 10/27/2010

Alix FitzRoy MP (c.1099 - 1141)

"Alice", "Aline", "Princess Alix of /England/"

Alix/Alice/Aline fitzRoy (d'Angleterre) From Medlands: ALIX [Aline (-before 1141). Guillaume de Jumièges records one illegitimate daughter of King Henry I as wife of "Matthieu fils de Burchard de...

5/9/2007 10/27/2010

Constance [Mathilde] ROSCELIN de Beaumont (-[1176]). The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. He succeeded his father as Vicomte de Beaumont. "Roscelinus vicecom...

5/9/2007 10/27/2010

Maud, Duchess of Britany MP (c.1091 - c.1128)

"Matilda", "Maude", "Mathilde", "Mathilda"

30. Princess Maud FitzRoy of England (Henry I "Beauclerc" of , William I the Conqueror of ) was born about 1091 in England. Maud married Duke Conan III of Brittany son of Alan IV of Cornwall Duke of ...

11/19/2007 10/27/2010

Richilde d'Angleterre Illgt daughter of Henry I name unconfirmed. From Medlands: King Henry I had one illegitimate child by Mistress (14): 23. daughter . Guillaume de Jumièges records one illeg...

11/19/2007 10/27/2010

Henry FitzRoy MP (c.1105 - 1157)

Henry (FitzRoy) FitzHenry born about 1105? South Wales died 1157 Angelllsey, Caarvonshire, North Wales father: Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England born 1068 Selby, Yorkshire, England ...

5/2/2007 10/27/2010

From WILLIAM de Tracy (-after Dec 1135). Guillaume de Jumièges names "Guillaume de Tracy" as illegitimate son of King Henry I "encore jeune et sans établissement"[233]. The Chronique de Normandie, ...

5/9/2007 10/27/2010

Isabel Hedwig fitzRoy MP (c.1120 - 1120)

11/19/2007 10/27/2010

Emma Guyon FitzRoy MP (1120 - 1157)

"Agathe de Normandie"

Emma d/o ..... Possibly daughter of King but no documentary evidence. From Medlands: GUY [III] de Laval, son of GUY [II] Sire de Laval & his second wife Cécile --- (-[1130/42], bur Marmoutier). A...

5/9/2007 10/27/2010

Elizabeth FitzRoy MP (c.1095 - 1166)

"Elizabeth de Talby", "Princess of England", "Isabel", "Princess Elizabeth Joan Fitz Henry of /England/", "Princess of /England/", "12751", "13147"

Elizabeth or Joan is an illegitimate daughter of Henry Beauclerc, but her mother is uncertain. It is probable that a daughter of Henry married Fergus. Whether Elizabeth was really married to Fergus of ...

4/21/2007 10/27/2010