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The Spanish Civil War / La Guerra Civil Española: 1936-1939

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  • Morris Dashevsky (1904 - d.)
  • Rose Dashevsky (1911 - 1968)
  • Hans Karl Landauer (1921 - 2014)
    Kindheit Landauer stammte aus einer sozialdemokratisch gesinnten Familie. Sein Großvater war bis zum Verbot der Sozialdemokratischen Arbeiterpartei Österreichs 1934 Bürgermeister von Oberwaltersdorf...
  • Photo by Judith Berlowitz
    Hansford Amlie (1898 - 1949)
  • Alexander Orlov (1895 - 1973)
    In his narrative about Orlov, ALEXANDER ORLOV: THE FBI'S KGB GENERAL (p. 24), FBI agent Edward Gazur tells the story of Orlov's searching for an appropriate KGB "dead-drop" site, a secure spot to excha...

This project aims to gather profiles for participants in the Spanish Civil War. Primary source: See this source for further details and narrative. Projects subsumed include that of the International Brigades. Please contribute additional sources, profiles and projects.

Date: 17 July 1936 – 1 April 1939 (2 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 1 day)

Location: Spain

Result: Nationalist victory

End of the Second Spanish Republic

Establishment of the Spanish State under the rule of Francisco Franco



Ejército Popular

Popular Front (Frente Popular)
Generalitat de Catalunya
Euzko Gudarostea
International Brigades
Supported by:

Soviet Union

France (1936)
Foreign volunteers


FET y de las JONS

FE de las JONS
Renovacion española

Army of Africa

Kingdom of Italy

Nazi Germany

Supported by:


Vatican City (Diplomatic)
Foreign volunteers

Commanders and leaders

Loyalist leaders

Second Spanish Republic Manuel Azaña

Second Spanish Republic Julián Besteiro

Second Spanish Republic Francisco Largo Caballero

Second Spanish Republic Juan Negrín

Second Spanish Republic Indalecio Prieto

Second Spanish Republic Vicente Rojo Lluch

Second Spanish Republic José Miaja

Second Spanish Republic Juan Modesto

Second Spanish Republic Juan Hernández Saravia

Second Spanish Republic Carlos Romero Giménez

Second Spanish Republic Buenaventura Durruti

Second Spanish Republic Lluís Companys

Second Spanish Republic

Basque Country (autonomous community) José Antonio Aguirre

Nationalist leaders

Spain José Sanjurjo

Spain Emilio Mola

Spain Francisco Franco

Spain Gonzalo Queipo de Llano

Spain Juan Yagüe

Spain Miguel Cabanellas

Spain Fidel Dávila Arrondo

Spain Manuel Goded Llopis

Spain Manuel Hedilla

Spain Manuel Fal Conde


Loyalists 1936 strength:

800,000+ combatants 31 ships 12 submarines 13,000 Sailors

1938 strength:

450,000 infantry 350 aircraft 200 tanks 59,380 international volunteers 3,015 Soviet technicians 772 Soviet pilots

Nationalists 1936 strength:

58,000 Army 68,500 Gendarmes 16 operational ships 7,000 Sailors

1938 strength:

600,000 infantry 600 aircraft 290 tanks 78,500 Italian troops 19,000 German troops 8,000 Portuguese troops

Casualties and losses

Loyalists 175,000 killed in action 100–130,000 civilians killed inside the Francoist zone

Nationalists 110,000 killed in action 50,000 civilians killed inside the Republican zone

149,213–2,000,000 total killed