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June 1978

Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana, United States

Jonathan and Katie Miller Eash Family Genealogy Compiled June, 1978, by Wilbur Hostetler, 725 W. Carlton Ave., Elkha...

People: Jonathan J. Eash, Jonathan Eash, Sr., Susanna Eash and 29 others.

Yoder Newsletter: Non-Amish Yoders Part 1

Part one of a list of Yoders not currently linked to the four main lines of Amish Yoders. From: http://www.yoderne...

Yoder Newsletter: First Generation Families (Amish Yoders)

Researchers have discovered four family heads that are the progenitors of the Yoder Amish in America; outlined below,...

People: Christian Jost Yoder, I, Elizabeth Byler, Barbara G. Schürch and 5 others.

Yoder Newsletter: Amish Yoders through John Yoder (b. c. 1732)

List of descendants of John Yoder, child of "YR1".

People: Hans Michael Yoder


Christian Joder Family Tree

Family tree of descendants of immigrant Christian Joder.

People: Stephen Yoder, Christian Jost Yoder, I, Yost Jacob Yoder and 23 others.

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