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History Curriculum Homeschool | Heritage History presents South American Fights and Fighters by Cyrus T. Brady

Heritage History publishes classic history books and illustrations for history curriculum in homeschool settings. Pr...

Thomas Nickerson Manuscript


Galapagos, Ecuador

Source: Account of the Ship Essex Sinking, 1819-1821. Holograph ms. in the Thomas Nickerson Collection, 1819-1876, Fo...

People: Thomas Nickerson » 1821: Owen Coffin, main course

Feast Day of St. Agatha 1714: Various rebel slaves in the Cape Colony

► Nantucket Sleighride -for Owen Coffin- - Mountain song lyrics ♪

'Nantucket Sleighride -for Owen Coffin-' lyrics from album 'Nantucket Sleighride' of Mountain

Mass Moments: Whaleship Essex Sinks

Visitors of Mass Moments--a daily almanac of Massachusetts history--can learn more about the Moments presented on the...

People: Capt. Owen Chase

MaritimeQuest - Daily Event for November 20, 2005 Whale Ship Essex

Website with searchable ship database about warships, passenger liners, merchant ships, photo galleries, technical de...

People: Capt. Owen Chase

WGBH American Experience . Into the Deep: America, Whaling & the World . The History of Whaling in America | PBS

The history of the American whaling industry from its 17th-century origins in drift and shore whaling off the coast o...

People: 'Great Mary' Starbuck (Coffin) and Capt. Owen Chase

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