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Seth Weeks (1803 - 1887)

3/16/2014 10/28/2015

Charles Ramsdell (1804 - 1866)

Charles Ramsdell served as a Captain aboard the ship "General Jackson" sometime in the 1840's. Charles is very likely the young seaman recently immortalized by the book "The Heart of the Sea" which chr...

11/17/2014 10/28/2015

Benjamin was the boatsteerer on the "Essex" the whaling ship that was rammed and sunk by a whale in 1820. Philbrick, Nathaniel, "In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the WHaleship Essex", Viking P...

2/2/2014 10/28/2015

Barzillai Ray (1801 - 1821)

Barzilla Ray was a sailor on the "Essex" that was struck by a whale and sank. He was on one of the three whaleboats that had left the "Essex" after it began to sink on Nov. 20, 1820. He died at sea on ...

11/16/2014 10/28/2015

Obed was a boatsteerer on the whaling vessel, the "Essex." He was lost at sea after leaving the sunken vessel that had been struck by a sperm whale. Philbrick, Nathaniel, "In the Heart of the Sea: Th...

11/17/2014 10/28/2015

Capt. George Pollard MP (1791 - 1870)

George Pollard, Jr. (1791–1870) was the captain of the whaleships Essex and Two Brothers , both of which sank. Pollard's life, including his encounter with the sperm whale that sank the Essex, served a...

6/28/2012 6/28/2012

Owen Coffin (1802 - c.1821)

The true story that the book (Moby Dick) was partly based on was about two seperate events involving a Nantucket whale ship named the "Essex" and a white whale named Mocha Dick. The Essex was hunting w...

6/28/2012 6/28/2012

Matthew P. Joy MP (1793 - 1820)

Matthew Joy This family was of Hudson. He was born on 10 February 1793. He married Nancy Slade, daughter of Benjamin Slade and Rhoda Coleman, in 1817. Matthew Joy died on 20 November 1820 at age 27; A....

11/20/2009 6/27/2012

Thomas Nickerson MP (c.1805 - 1883)

Added by Elwin C. Nickerson -"Whaling Ship Essex- Thomas was a member of the ill-fated ship the Essex, at age 15. There were twenty men in the crew aboard the whaleship, George Pollard, Master, when sh...

6/27/2012 6/27/2012

Capt. Owen Chase MP (1797 - 1869)

Owen Chase (1798 - 1869) of Nantucket sought a traditional career as a whaling captain. However, at age 22, while serving as first mate of the Essex, his ship was sunk in a horrific, unprecedented atta...

6/26/2012 6/26/2012