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Captain John Coquin Hamblin MP (1829 - 1874)

John Hamblin was born 10 Oct. 1829 in Falmouth, MA [Andrews, 1902, pp. 561, 954]. He was educated in the common schools, and at the age of twenty he began a seafaring life of whaling, which he follow...

3/28/2014 4/29/2018

Caleb Osborn Hamblin MP (1835 - 1907)

His education was limited to attendance at the public school in his native town from the age of four to ten years [Andrews, 1902, p. 950]. Then he began work in the glass factory at Sandwich, and worke...

3/27/2014 4/29/2018

Capt. John Kendrick MP (1740 - 1794)


) John Kendrick (born John Kenrick, c. 1740–1794) was an American sea captain, both during the American Revolutionary War and the exploration and maritime fur trading of the Pacific Northwest alongsi...

10/7/2008 11/10/2017

William Williams Billings MP (1802 - 1887)

William Billings was one of the most prominent and successful business men in the area/New London, New London County, CT, USA Attended Yale. 1821 graduated from Yale College/New Haven, New Haven Coun...

2/1/2012 9/28/2017

Noyes Billings MP (1800 - 1865)

1819 graduated from Yale College/New Haven, New Haven County, CT, USA Elected or appointed 1846 lieutenant governor of Connecticut/Connecticut Noyes Billings (March 31, 1800 – April 26, 1865) w...

2/1/2012 9/28/2017

Edward Mott Robinson MP (1800 - 1865)

"Black Hawk Robinson"

Edward Mott Robinson, an affable and unassuming man, married well and through his wife's family became a partner of a thriving whaling business, Isaac Howland Jr. & Co. in New Bedford, Massachusetts, w...

9/9/2009 5/12/2016

Charles Ramsdell MP (1804 - 1866)

Charles Ramsdell served as a Captain aboard the ship "General Jackson" sometime in the 1840's. Charles is very likely the young seaman recently immortalized by the book "The Heart of the Sea" which chr...

11/17/2014 2/3/2016

Capt. John Scott MP (1634 - 1704)


11/18/2008 9/11/2015

Lewis Acker MP (c.1815 - 1885)

Lewis Acker was born probably in New York, in the United States, some time between 1813 and 1817. His father, variously recorded as a mariner and as the possessor of a substantial estate, allowed him t...

1/3/2008 8/29/2015

Captain John Agar Love MP (c.1794 - 1839)

"Jackie or Hakirau"

Captain John Agar Love, master of the trading ship Adventure, and his first mate Richard (Dicky) Barrett arrived off Ngamotu (later New Plymouth) from Sydney, in February, 1828. They quickly formed goo...

3/13/2009 8/21/2015

Eneas Munson MP (1763 - 1852)

From a Time Magazine profile of American Revolutionary War veterans: "As a boy, Dr. Eneas Munson knew Nathan Hale, the heroic spy who was executed and said he regretted that he had only one life to...

3/12/2008 7/7/2015

Nathan Nye MP (1828 - 1893)

He was a mariner for 20 years, but later became interested in town affairs and became the tax collector for Sandwich. In 1885 he was the collector and treasurer for the town of Bourne, where he also se...

4/24/2011 7/1/2015

James L. Nye MP (1820 - 1852)

According to Kull's New England Cemeteries, this reads: "Capt. James L. Nye of Sandwich, who was killed by a whale in the Pacific Ocean Dec. 29, 1852, while in command of the Bark Andrew of New Bedford...

2/10/2012 6/19/2015

Captain Peleg Nye MP (1817 - 1896)

He had no children He did not have to fight in the Civil War, because on 3/3/1862 when the Civil War Conscription Act called for all males between the age of 20-45 Peleg was 45 and turned 46 seven da...

6/24/2011 6/13/2015

Josiah Fish Nye MP (1806 - 1867)

"He appears to have been a young man on the move. His entry in Representative Men states that "In early life he followed the sea, and for a time was engaged in the whaling trade, being mate of various ...

3/10/2011 5/25/2015

Dicky Barrett MP (1806 - 1847)

"Dickie", "Dicky", "Tiki Parete"

Richard (Dickie) Barrett. aka Tiki Parete Richard "Dicky" Barrett (1807–1847) was one of the first European traders to be based in New Zealand. He lent his translation skills to help negotiate the f...

1/3/2014 5/18/2015

Benjamin Russell MP (1804 - 1885)

History Benjamin Russell (1804-1886) rightly deserves the accolade of New Bedford’s definitive whaleman artist as only a few professional American artists ever went whaling and none documented the fi...

8/13/2014 8/13/2014

Capt. Benjamin Rodman Carpenter Wilson, the "King of Whalemen, and Prince of the Sea." Birth: May 25, 1805, South Kingstown, Washington County, Rhode Island Death: Aug. 22, 1869 New Bedford, Mass...

9/1/2013 3/10/2014

William Rotch Rodman MP (1786 - 1855)

10/25/2009 6/28/2013

Benjamin Rotch MP (1764 - 1839)

1/1/2012 6/28/2013

Sen. William Rotch MP (1734 - 1828)

"Friend Rotch"

He had a large whaling and shipping business in Nantucket. For William Rotch Sr.'s autobiography of the years 1775 to 1794, see [ ]. To read letters from William Rotch Sr. to his son Thomas Rotch, go...

4/7/2009 6/28/2013

Reuben Bunker, Sr. MP (1710 - 1790)

Master of the whaling ship Brutus.

12/29/2010 6/28/2013

Obed Bunker MP (1714 - 1743)

Links Master of the whaling ship Greyhound.

10/7/2008 6/28/2013

Samuel Starbuck, Jr. MP (1762 - 1828)

6/28/2013 6/28/2013

Daniel Starbuck MP (1751 - 1819)

Several whaleships initially transferred from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, to Milford, Wales. Samuel Starbuck Jr. wrote in his journal that his brother Daniel “Outfitted six valuable ships from 200 tons u...

6/28/2013 6/28/2013

Samuel Starbuck, Sr. MP (1727 - d.)

8/24/2008 6/28/2013

Abial Folger MP (1736 - 1816)

Abiel Folger’s diary, written between December 1806 and March 1811, has provided the most illuminating record of whaling activities in Milford to date. She often comments on the sailing or arrival of...

6/13/2013 6/28/2013

Timothy Folger, Sr. MP (1732 - 1814)

Charted Gulf Stream after Ben Franklin requested info and help.

6/13/2013 6/28/2013

Capt. Owen Chase MP (1797 - 1869)

Owen Chase (1798 - 1869) of Nantucket sought a traditional career as a whaling captain. However, at age 22, while serving as first mate of the Essex, his ship was sunk in a horrific, unprecedented atta...

6/26/2012 6/28/2013

Thomas Nickerson MP (c.1805 - 1883)

Added by Elwin C. Nickerson -"Whaling Ship Essex- Thomas was a member of the ill-fated ship the Essex, at age 15. There were twenty men in the crew aboard the whaleship, George Pollard, Master, when sh...

6/27/2012 6/28/2013

Matthew P. Joy MP (1793 - 1820)

Matthew Joy This family was of Hudson. He was born on 10 February 1793. He married Nancy Slade, daughter of Benjamin Slade and Rhoda Coleman, in 1817. Matthew Joy died on 20 November 1820 at age 27; A....

11/20/2009 6/28/2013

Owen Coffin MP (1802 - c.1821)

The true story that the book (Moby Dick) was partly based on was about two seperate events involving a Nantucket whale ship named the "Essex" and a white whale named Mocha Dick. The Essex was hunting w...

6/28/2012 6/28/2013

Capt. George Pollard MP (1791 - 1870)

George Pollard, Jr. (1791–1870) was the captain of the whaleships Essex and Two Brothers , both of which sank. Pollard's life, including his encounter with the sperm whale that sank the Essex, served a...

6/28/2012 6/28/2013

Capt. Ichabod Paddock MP (c.1661 - 1748)

Ichabod Paddock, a Long Islander, is recruited by Nantucketers to help increase the efficiency of their shore whaling operations. Captain Ichabod Paddock was born 2 February 1661/62 at Yarmouth, Ba...

6/26/2007 6/28/2013

Captain Preserved Fish MP (1766 - 1846)

BIOGRAPHY SKETCH OF THE LATE PRESERVED FISH This singular man, and distinguished merchant, was born in the village of Portsmouth, in Rhode Island, on the third day of July, in the year 1766, and di...

5/21/2009 6/18/2013

Joseph Russell, III MP (1719 - 1804)

History Joseph Russell, 3d, was a man of medium stature, and of rather slender figure. He wore the old-fashioned costume of the Society of Friends, of which he was a strict member: the long-skirted c...

4/13/2009 6/15/2013

Isaac Howland, Jr. MP (1755 - 1834)

History Isaac Howland, Jr., (1755-1834), eminent whaling merchant and founder of a celebrated house, was a man of slight physique, weighing it is said, not more than ninety or one hundred pounds, but...

6/15/2013 6/15/2013

Captain Isaac Howland, Sr MP (1726 - 1811)

History Captain Isaac Howland Sr ., made his fortune on the West Indies trade, and by having the foresight to invest in whaling when that industry was still in its infancy. The Captain settled in New...

1/1/2009 6/15/2013

Capt. Gideon Howland, Jr. MP (1770 - 1847)

History Much has been written of Capt. Gideon Howland, Jr ., his father's fourth son. It was through his marriage with a relative, Mehitable, daughter of his partner and cousin, Isaac Howland, Jr., t...

9/9/2009 6/14/2013

Sylvia Ann Howland MP (1806 - 1865)

History Sylvia Ann (daughter of Gideon, Jr.) made the famous will, leaving her fortune to Gideon Howland's heirs, after her niece had enjoyed the income from it during her lifetime. She died worth ov...

9/9/2009 6/14/2013

Mayor George Howland, Jr MP (c.1806 - d.)

History George Howland Jr. was born in New Bedford in 1806, the son of George Howland and Elizabeth (Howland) Howland and died there in 1892. After leaving school at the age of fourteen, he entered t...

10/3/2009 6/14/2013

Edward Howland MP (1807 - 1852)

The following is a letter from the George Howland Letterbook 1837-1856. 11 mo 30th 1839 To Edward Howland 2nd Master of Ship Golconda The ship Golconda is now ready to proceed to Sea unde...

8/9/2008 6/13/2013

Edward Wing Howland, Esq. MP (1804 - 1879)

Edward W. Howland became keeper of the Clark's Point Light in early 1835, replacing his father, Capt. Cornelius Howland, who had recently died at 77. source: "Clark's Point Light" History EDWARD ...

6/13/2013 6/13/2013

Captain Cornelius Howland MP (1758 - 1835)

History Capt. Cornelius Howland was born in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and was master of a vessel by the age of 18. He was taken prisoner during the Revolution and survived 15 months of captivity in E...

1/22/2007 6/13/2013

George Howland MP (1781 - 1852)

History George Howland George Howland was born on November 7, 1781 in the Long Plain section of what is now Acushnet, Massachusetts. The Howlands had been among the earliest settlers in Old Dartmouth...

1/22/2007 6/13/2013