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  • Regina Laszkafeld (bef.1878 - d.)
    Reference code HU BFL - VII.2.c - 1899 - V.0294 Database Civil lawsuits Title of archival unit VII.2.c - A jogszolgáltatás területi szervei. Pesti (1875-től) Budapesti Királyi Törvényszék (1946-tól...
  • Alice Freiberger (bef.1927 - d.)
    HU BFL - VII.180 - 1947 - 0339 Reference code HU BFL - VII.180 - 1947 - 0339 Database Notarial deeds Title of archival unit VII.180 - A jogszolgáltatás területi szervei. Barcs Ernő közjegyző irat...
  • Jakob Imré Vajda (Wurmfeld) (1912 - d.)
    Arrested for illegal immigration to Palestine on November 14, 1939 aboard the Roñdinfron Ship. Notes: The individuals landed 2:15 pm on 14.11.1939 near Tel-Aviv from small boats
  • Samuel Wurmfeld (1878 - d.)
    Samuel Wurmfeld aka: Alexander Samuel Wurmfeld d: Aft. February 08, 1954 in Australia? Immigration: December 1912 Adelaide, Australia Residence: 1934 Balmoral House, Amelia st., Valley, Brisbane Austr...
  • Josef Wurmfeld (Parents Assumed) (bef.1833 - d.)
    Sons Adolf and Josef born in Nemesszalok. The obituary of Rozália Schöntag (Frankl) is a pretty exhaustive list of surviving family, including her brothers David, Ignac and Adolf and the wives of Dav...

This project documents the families with the Wurmfeld surname. (Under construction)

Czech Republic

Pre-Trianon Hungary and Austria

Earliest References

Wurmfeld, Moises (aka Vurnafeld) Nomina Judaeoroum in Comitatu Castriferri, Mihalyfa (Mihalyfa, Vas megye) Patresfamilias 1; Summa 1; Uxores 1; Proles: Viriles 2, Muliebris 1; Summa Capitua 5. [Conscriptio Judaeorum, 1813, Nomina Judaeoroum in Comitatu Castriferri, Mihalyfa (Mihalyfa, Vas megye)]. A family of 5 in 1813 (one wife, 2 sons, and 1 daughter). This Moises may be the same as Moyses Wurmfeld, son of David Wurmfeld from Staré Hobzí.

Ábrahám Wurmfeld (born before 1807 and deceased prior to 1846, is the ancestor of most Wurmfelds in pre-Trianon, Hungary.

József Wurmfeld (c. 1818-September 24, 1898) is probably related to Ábrahám (son or nephew). He is the ancestor of the Wurmfelds in Graz, Austria, and most in Szombathely, Hungary (and nearby Szent Márton).

Sigmund Wurmfeld born before 1826 had children in Szentgotthárd, Hungary; Güssing, Austria; and Hodoš, Slovenia.


Rabbi David Wurmfeld (b. Staré Hobzí (Althart) d. 1835 Tučapy) seems to be the earliest Jew to adopt the Wurmfeld surname. All Wurmfelds found in the Czech Republic and Sankt Pölten, Austria, appear to be his decendants.

Stare Hobzi and Tucapy

David Wurmfeld (David Herrschel) (born bef.1762 Stare Hobzi? - 1835 Tučapy) - assumed that his father is Herrschel Zvi who took the name Friedmann

Caroline Podzahradsky (Wurmfeld) (c.1826 Tučapy? - March 18, 1898 Plzen, buried Tučapy) - assumed to be granddaughter of David Wurmfeld, rabbi of Tučapy

David H. Wurmfeld (February 15, 1836 Tučapy - January 8, 1912 Soběslav; buried Tučapy) - assumed to be great grandson of David Wurmfeld, rabbi of Tučapy]

Joachim Wurmfeld Tučapy before 1828, Husband of Josefa Wurmfeld (Klein), assumed to be grandson of David Wurmfeld, rabbi of Tucapy.

Salomon Wurmfeld Soběslav, Tábor District, South Bohemian Region, Czech Republic (bef.1822 Tučapy - d.), children born in Sobeslav and Tucapy; assumed to be grandson of David Wurmfeld, rabbi of Tucapy.

??? Son of NN (parents assumed) Wurmfeld, husband of Rosa Theresia Wurmfeld (Winternitz) father of Rosa Weiss (Wurmfeld) and David Wurmfeld


Adalbert Wurmfeld (1888 Hirm, Austria - 1942 Holocaust) resident of Vienna before WWII


Adolf Wurmfeld (1871-1875 "Schöler", Hungary)


Gyula Wurmfeld, Husband of Helén Wurmfeld (Rosenberg) Father of László, Endre, and Béla Wurmfeld. Endre and László died young and are buried in Baja and the other three perished in the Holocaust]

Sopron, Pusztacsalád

H Wurmfeld b. before 1821, perhaps a son of [[Ábrahám Wurmfeld Abraham Wurmfeld]

József Wurmfeld (c. 1841 - 1920; buried Jewish Cemetery (F.II.17), Sopron, Győr-Moson-Sopron County, Hungary)) son of H Wurmfeld - children born in Pusztacsalád


Ida Gomperts (Wurmfeld)

Katalin Schönfeld (Wurmfeld) (bef. 1844 - December 12, 1883, Hungary), wife of Miksa Schönfeld Children born in Budapest.

Samuel Wurmfeld Vasegerszeg, Vas, Hungary Birth: estimated between 1772 and 1832

Husband of Netti Wurmfeld (Fischer) Father of József Wurmfeld Fany Löwy Fanni Löwi (Wurmfeld) born before 1852.


Janka Wurmfeld and Regina Wurmfeld



Mária Géber (Wurmfeld) (1811 Körmend? - November 30, 1867 Körmend) Wife of Izsák Géber, Mother of Benjámin Géber; Regina Reichenberg (Géber); Móricz Géber; Rosalie Wojtitz (Géber); Dávid Géber and Rézi Katharina Géber. Birth records for most children in Körmend.

Sándor Wurmfeld Sándor Wurmfeld, father of Katalin Ungár (Wurmfeld) (c. 1845 - September 20, 1915 (66-74) Nagycsákány, Csákánydoroszló, Körmendi, Vas, Hungary)


Earliest Wurmfelds are



Nathan Wurmfeld (Vurmfeld) (before 1808) 1828 Census: VURMFELD?/VARMFELD?, Nathan. Sassin, Nyitra entry 357, microfilm 623074 No family found yet.

Found no other Wurmfelds in Šaštín-Stráže or Senica.



[Ábrahám Wurmfeld Ábrahám Wurmfeld (Vurmfeld) (1778-)


Moyses Wurmfeld (bef.1792 - bef.1850) aka Moses Worbnfeld, Vurmfeld, Varmfeld, Vurnafeld" Nagysimonyi, Hungary Father of Sigmund (Salomon) Wurmfeld

Conscriptio Judaeorum Integralis populationis Status Judaeorum, in Inclyo Comitatu Castrifer Liberis item ac Regiis Civitatibus Comitatui hic ingremiatis, degentium

Moÿses Vurmafeld living in Mihalyfa (Castrifer = Vas) in 1813 married with 2 sons and 1 daughter; 5 people in household.

His family is not in the Conscriptio for Vas (Castrifer) for 1818. There are also no Wurmfelds in any other part of the region (see index) of western Hungary that the census covers.

Moyses Varmfeld, married and living with his wife and daughter in nearby Simonyi (family 180) as "Arendator vel Conventionat" in 1822

Rozália Silber (Wurmfeld) (bef.1886 - d.) Budapest IX, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary. Wife of Rudolf Simon Silber and mother of Lipót Silber

Felsőmarác Samuel Löbel Wurmfeld (before 1821 - after 1888), husband of Helena / Leonora Wurmfeld (Rosenthal); father of Jakab Wurmfeld; Regina Wurmfeld; Johanna Wurmfeld; Isaac Ignácz Wurmfeld; Nathan Ignácz Wurmfeld; and József Wurmfeld; children born in Felsőmarác, Vas, Hungary


Samuel Wurmfeld (before 1819) and Netti Wurmfeld (Fischer) parents of [József Wurmfeld? József Wurmfeld] born 1837 Nagy Magosi?, Hungary

Probably the same person as Family 25. Vormfeld, Samu, living in Szentivanfa, circa 1846, married with two sons and one daughter.

Malomsok Sándor Wurmfeld Malomsok, Pápai, Veszprém, Hungary (bef.1824 - d.) Son of NN Wurmfeld Husband of Leni Wurmfeld Father of Rosalia Ungár (Wurmfeld)

??? Sarolta Fürnberg (Wurmfeld) wife of Móricz Fürnberg (circa 1850 - October 21, 1932)