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  • South African male Progenitors / Stamvaders

    This is the umbrella project to which every South African male Progenitor /Stamvader should be added first - ie all first fathers of a line with descendants in SA." A note on the Meaning of the words 'Progenitor,' Stam Vader,' and 'Settler,' as they are used on Geni * A PROGENITOR [PROG] is the start of a bloodline in SA. A Y-PROG is a special PROG who is the first Y chromosome progenit...

  • Nguni Peoples 1700s - 1800s

    1700 Dlamini chiefdoms move south from Delagoa Bay and settle on land north of the Phongolo River; thereby forming the core of the future Swazi nation. 1767 The Cape frontier is pushed further eastward, beyond the Gamtoos River into the land of the AmaXhosa. Armed confrontations between the AmaXhosa and the Dutch colonists ensue. 1775 The death of Phalo increases the political tensions and ...

  • Zulu Royalty of Southern Africa

    Zulu Kings Mageba kaGumede c1667-c1745 Zulu Chief c 1727 – c1745 Ndaba kaMageba Zulu Chief c 1745-1763 Jama kaNdaba c1757-1781 Zulu Chief 1763 -1781 Mkabayi kaJama c1760 – c1840 Daughter Regent Senzagakhona kaJama c1762-1816 Zulu Chief 1781-1816 Shaka kaSenzangakhona c1787-1828 Zulu King 1816 -1828