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van Wyk Genealogy of South Africa

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  • Jannetje van Wijk (bef.1675 - d.)
    Cape Town Baptisms 1675* Den 27 dito (Octob') * een Comp' slavinne kint * van een onbekent Christen vader * de moeder was Claasje die over * [dit doop van t'Comp's] wegen * als getuyghe gestaan heeft *...
  • Roelof Roelofsz van Wijck (1600 - d.)
    11.93 Utrecht NH marriages 1618-1623 Wedding registration Wedding registration Roelof van Wijck and Susannetgen Jans, 29-06-1623 deed date: 29-06-1623 deed place: Utrecht Groom: Roelof van W...
  • Arji Willemsz van Wyk (bef.1738 - 1798)
    Ary Willemsz van Wijk *born 1738 * baptized 2 November 1738, Drakenstein * married 11 December 1763 at Swartland Elisabeth Viljoen * Alida Elisabeth b.1777 * died 10 June 1798, Zwartland * Gerrit van...

This project is designed to collect Research Information, Discussions, Queries etc on the van Wyk family of South Africa. All welcome & encouraged to join & help and add to project notes.

Core profiles

Roelof Adriaensz van Wijk, SV/PROG 1 Nederland c. 1632 † Stellenbosch Okt. 1699

x Nederland 21.8.1667 Trijntje Jansz, SM/PROG

b1 Adrian (Arie) farmer of Stellenbosch, born circa 1668, Amsterdam, died circa 1713, Stellenbosch
x Cornelia Helm (bef 17 Sep 1673 - bt 23 May 1720 - 21 Jun 172)

b1c1 Roelof (bef 5 Sep 1694) Roelof van Wyk
b1c2 Aletta (bef 15 Jul 1696)
b1c3 Willem (9 Jan 1698 - bef 1756)
b1c4 Sara (29 Nov 1699)
b1c5 Adrianùs (25 Dec 1701) Adrianus van Wyk
b1c6 Maria (c 1704)
b1c7 Gerret (14 Dec 1707 - c 1708)
b1c8 Catharina (bef 20 Jul 1710)
b1c9 Hester (23 Oct 1712)


Willem van Wijk, SV/PROG 2 (c 1655 Ingen) farmer of Sandwijk, in Drakensteijn, died 1702

x Trijntjen Hillebrants

b1 Arie b 1686
x Anthonetta 'Agnietie' Campher b c 1690

b1c1 Willem (bef 8 May 1712- c March 1774)
b1c2 Gerrit (bef 30 Sep 1714- c1787)
b1c3 Catharina (bef 6 Dec1716-c1747)
b1c4 Christoffel (bef 3 Sept 1719 -Dec 1769)
b1c5 Adriaan (bef 16 Feb 1721 – btwn 1731 & 1775)
b1c6 Roeloff (bef 2 May 1723– btwn 1731 & 1775)
b1c7 Jacoba (bef 4 Feb 1725) twin
b1c8 Anna (bef 4 Feb 1725– btwn 1731 & 1775) twin
b1c9 Lijsbeth (bef 27 April 1727 - bef 1775)
b1c10 Maria (bef 9 October 1729 - bef September 1731)

b2 Jannetie b c 1688
b3 Gerrit b. c 1689
x Elisabeth Vivier (12 Feb 1698 - bef 22 Aug 1730)

b3c1 Gerrit (bef 5 Dec 1723 -c.1796)
b3c2 Abraham (bef 19 Aug 1725)
b3c3 Jacomina (bef 24 Aug 1727)
b3c4 Catharina Elisabeth (c 22 Jul 1730)

xx Maria Provo (bef 28 Jan 1713)

b3c5 Maria Elisabeth (bef 26 Jul 1733)
b3c6 Anna (bef 21 Nov 1734)
b3c7 Elsie (bef 21 Aug 1736)
b3c8 Johannes

xx Catharina 'Trientjie' Harmensz second wife of Willem van Wijk

b4 Maria (c 1696)
b5 Anna (c 1698 )
b6 Willem (c 1703)
x Johanna Catharina Campher (bef 19 Jun 1707 - 1746)

b6c1 Katharina (c 1729)
b6c2 Willem b c 1730
b6c3 Maria (c1732)
b6c4 Johanna Catharina (c1735)
b6c5 Sibilla (1737 -bef.1746)
b6c6 Willem (1739 -c1800)
b6c7 Hendrick (1741)
b6c8 Cornelis (1743)


Overview of Family History / Progenitor Details

Queries & Discussion

The Problem of the Possible 3 Gerrits van Wyk:

1. Gerret van Wyk 1707-c Aug1708
Parents: Arie van Wyk, b1 Cornelia van den Bosch

2. Gerrit Willemsz van Wijk ( d. bef Jan 1738) Parents: Willem van Wijk, SV/PROG 2 & Trijntjen Hillebrants, SM x Elizabeth Vivier xx Marie Prevot

3. Gerrit Ariesz van Wijk, b1c2 c1774 Parents: Arij Willemse van Wijk, a2b1 and Agnitie Antonette Campher x1738 Maria Magdalena van Wijk

The generally accepted view has been1 that Gerrit van Wijk was the son of Arie van Wijk and Cornelia Helms; that he was three times married, to Elisabeth Vivier, to Maria Provo and to Maria Magdalena Eekhof; that he produced nineteen children between 1723 and 1764.

My investigation of the extant church registers, wills, estate accounts and estate inventories has made it plain to me that there were, in fact, two men named Gerrit van Wijk, neither of them the son of Arie van Wijk and Cornelia Helms.


Gerrit, the son of Arij van Wijk and Cornelia Helmes was baptised in Stellenbosch on 14th December 1707, his godparents having been Adam Tas and Elisabeth van Brakel, and, in all probability, buried2 in the same place sometime before 12th August 1708.

His mother, Cornelia Helmes made two wills. The first was made in April 1713,3 a joint will with his father, Arij van Wijk, probably at that time on his death bed, and the second made in May 1720, a joint will with her third husband4, Jacob Coetser, shortly before she herself died. In both wills her children by Arij van Wijk are stated to have been 8 in number and are individually named; in neither will does a child named Gerrit appear.

When Willem van Wijk, called the elder (d'oude) died in 1772 he left no will and no wife or descendants. The account of his estate was drawn up by the officials of the Weeskamer. His brothers and sisters, whole and half, or their children, are carefully named5. It is clear that he was the son of Arij van Wijk and Cornelia Helmes, and once again there is no mention of a brother named Gerrit.


In the Inventory drawn up on 16th August 1730 after the death of Elisabeth Vivier, her husband is named as Gerrit van Wijk, but in the joint will made by him with his second wife6, Maria Provo, he is named as Gerrit Willemsz: van wijk. This will was presented to the Weeskamer on 8th January 1738.

And in the Instrument drawn up by Maria Provo upon her subsequent marriage with Gerrit van Schalkwijk, dated 21st October 17407, her late husband is again named as Gerrit Willemsz: van Wijk.

This would imply that the Gerrit van Wijk who was married firstly to Elisabeth Vivier and subsequently to Maria Provo, had died before January 1738 and was the son of someone called Willem (see my notes on his probable parentage).


Gerrit van Wijk and Maria Magdalena Eekhof were married at Drakenstein8 on 2nd November 1738, when Gerrit the husband of Elisabeth Vivier and Maria Provo had been dead almost a year.

No mention is made in the marriage register of his or her marital status (ie. jongman/bachelor or weduwenaar/widower) as was usual at that time and on that page, before and after this entry, but the reason for this becomes plain when one sees that their eldest child was baptised at the same service8 at which his parents were married (it was normal to baptise children and marry couples at the end of a normal Sunday church service).

In 1775 Gerrit and Maria Magdalena drew up a will in which they make special provision for their sons Arie Willems and Gerrit Matthij9. In this will they are named as Gerrit van Wijk Ariisz: en Maria Magdalena Eijkhoff. This will was filed in November 1776, presumably after the death of Maria Magdalena.

When Gerrit van Wijk died intestate in 1787, the accounts drawn up at that time name him as 'Gerrit van Wijk Arrysz:' and list his eleven children, starting with Ary Willemsz van Wijk and including Gerrit Matthijs van Wijk, mentioned in the will above.

When Willem van Wijk died intestate in 1774, his estate accounts10 describe him as 'Willem van Wijk Arijsz:'. He apparently left no wife or children since his estate is divided amongst his brothers and sisters, whole and half, first among whom is Gerrit van Wijk Arijsz:. The names of his brothers and sisters make it plain that this group of Van Wijks are the children of Arij van Wijk Willemsz: and Antonetta Campher.

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