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People: Elias Brandeis

Aharon Blau.pdf

Trnavský kraj, Slovakia

Marriage document for Aharon Blau and Rivkah (Regi) Hoffman See original document here:

People: Aharon (Adolf) Blau, Rivka (Regina) Blau, R' Moshe Yehuda Hoffman, A.B.D. Vrbove and 3 others.

Vrbové Records of the Birth of David & Nathan Hoffman

Slovakia Church Books, 1592-1910 > Jewish > Piešťany > Vrbové > Births (Narodenia), 1844-1884 (Inv. č. 2757) image 7 ...

People: Rabbiner Nathan Hoffmann, Rabbi David Tzvi Hoffman, Sali/Sarah Hoffman and 1 other.

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