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People: Judge William Whatley Carlisle

Jessie Elizabeth Carlisle

February 20, 1946

Shabani, Southern Rhodesia

People: Jessie Elizabeth Carlisle

baptism certificate

December 13, 1857


People: Mary Agnes O'Donovan

1930 US Census - Clarence Barnhart

April 14, 1930

Rochelle, Ogle County, Illinois, United States

People: Leona Lucille Barnhart, George A Barnhart, Hazel F Peavy and 3 others.

George AlfredCarlisle II Biography.pdf

December 12, 2014

Union, Franklin County, Missouri, United States

This document was created by Amy Elizabeth Bruenderman Inman for the George Alfred Carlisle II Memorial Plaque Dedica...

People: CARLISLE, Louise Bruenderman (Carlisle) and George Alfred Carlisle, II

Jeannette A. La Belle

September 18, 1988

Menominee, Menominee County, Michigan, United States

People: Jeannette Anne Carlisle (LaBelle)

Christopher Carlisle

October 11, 2010

Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, United States

People: Christopher J. Carlisle

Jeannette Carlisle (La Belle)

September 1988

Menominee, Menominee County, Michigan, United States

Obituary in newspaper

People: Jeannette Anne Carlisle (LaBelle)

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