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Excerpt: Descendents of Lob KAHN

August 13, 2001

Excerpt of genealogy compiled by Rene Armand Dreifuss in 2001, showing his lineage from Löb Kahn down to his daughter.

People: Max Dreifuss


April 12, 1940

Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States

People: Theodore Steiner, Rosea Ettlinger, Sophia Steiner and 1 other.

Yad Vashem Archives

People: Emma Wolf, Rosalie Laube, Private and 72 others.

People: Michael Bitler, Merinda Loeb, Isaac Ager and 39 others.

People: Merinda Loeb, Albert R. Foster, Ferdinand Loeb and 74 others.

People: Abraham M. Simon, Simon Dreifuss, Jacob Loeb and 1 other.

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