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Ernestine Kohos Obituary

November 17, 1958

Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mrs. Ernestine' Aber Kohos, 18 Renfrew Avenue, widow of the late Abraham Kohos, died on November 17. She is survived ...

People: Ernestine Kohos, Helene Ernestine Field, Irving Aber and 4 others.

1911 Census of Canada - Kohos, Aber


Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

People: Annie Aber, Eva Elias, John B. Elias and 2 others.

Elias-Aber Kalles-Aber Marriages

August 31, 1910

Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal 1910-08-31 United Congregations John B. Elias son of Bernard Elias and Bertha Rosenzweig native of Roumania...

People: John B. Elias, Eva Elias, Jennie Kalles and 1 other.


January 3, 1920

433 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

People: Ray Eisner, Rubin Eisner, Benjamin Eisner and 4 others.

Marriage registry for Wenzel Elias and Theresia Meyer.jpg

August 11, 1878

Pozsony (Pressburg, Bratislava),

People: Theresia Elias, Wenzel (Venceslaus) Elias, Wenzel Elias and 2 others.

Birth certificate for Richard Josef Elias-01-26-1882.jpg

January 26, 1882

Vienna - Wien, Austria

People: Theresia Elias, Richard Josef Elias, Wenzel Elias and 1 other.


September 12, 1918

Brooklyn, New York

WWI draft registration card

People: Jack Elias


April 11, 1940

Brooklyn, Newv York

People: Morris Elias


April 6, 1940

Brooklyn, New York

People: Jack Elias, Elias, Elias and 2 others.

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