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Childless couple.pdf

story by Hilda Terry Fellman

People: Chava Rachel Fellman


Sarah Gittel Berger went by Ship from Hamburg, Germany to Grimsby, North America. She started on 30th Oct. 1891. She ...

People: Sarah Gittel Fellman

The Goodly Heritage - Chapter 10.pdf



An entire chapter was dedicated to the Fellman family in a 1958 book titled "The Goodly Heritage" by Avraham Yaari wh...

People: Dov David Berko Felman, Sara Itta Felman (Domb), Nachman Fellman and 1 other.




The original "recipe book" for Jaffa oranges as published by Aharon Leib Fellman after 9 years of pioneering the citr...

People: Aharon Leib Felman, Fellman, Fellman and 12 others.

Maayan ganim.pdf

c. 1891

Jaffa, Palestine

Orchard planting guide, by Aharon Leib Fellman

People: Aharon Leib Fellman

Fellman family history.pdf


Fascinating story of Rabbi Dov David Ber Fellman and his family's aliyah from Poland to Pre-Israel Palestine in 1883 ...

People: Fellman, Fellman, Fellman and 23 others.

Telaviv charter documents.pdf

January 1910


This image of Israeli charter documents was obtained from the website of a prominent stamp collector (philatelist) in...

People: Nachman Fellman

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