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December 31, 1907

Kroonstad, South Africa

People: Anna Sophia Fourie

Andries Petrus Fourie, b14c8d3e4.jpg

People: Gesina Fourie, Susanna Adriana Cornelia Labuschagne, David Fourie and 3 others.

Daniel Jacobus Botes Kinders.jpg

Document private - Possible living children and grandchildren

People: Botes, Botes, Botes and 16 others.

VERMEULEN (born VILJOEN), M.G. Death Notice

June 13, 1895

Wodehouse, Cape, South Africa

People: Elizabeth Susarah Vermeulen, Jan Hendrik Vermeulen, Jacoba Petronella Vermeulen and 5 others.


June 13, 1898

Oudtshoorn, South Cape DC, Western Cape, South Africa

People: Maria Margaretha Fourie

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