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Wm Gavigan 8th Grade Certificate.jpg


Catskill, NY, United States

People: William N Gavigan

Family Tree 2.jpg

Family Bible belonging to Patrick & Sarah Gavigan

People: Sarah Gavigan, Patrick Gavigan, Michael Gavigan and 8 others.

1860 Ulster Co.jpg


Kingston, NY, United States

Includes a Sarah Lyons - age 16.

People: Sarah Gavigan

1880 Census.jpg


Catskill, NY, United States

People: Thomas Gavigan, Bridget Gavigan, Mary Gavigan and 1 other.

1860 Census Columbia Livingston.jpg


Livingston, NY, United States

lists a Sarah Lyons - age 17.

People: Sarah Gavigan

1860 Census Kingston.jpg


Kingston, NY, United States

Includes a Patrick Gavigan - age 45.

People: Patrick Gavigan

1860 Census Columbia Co.jpg


Germantown, NY, United States

Includes Michael Gavigan (26) with Alice (22), James (2) and Richard (1)

People: Michael Gavigan

1920 Census.jpg


Claverack, NY, United States

Patrick J Gavigan and family along with in-laws Palen.

People: Patrick J Gavigan, Private, Lionell Patrick Gavigan and 2 others.

1910 Census.jpg


Catskill, NY, United States

Includes Wm. Gavigan and Mary Callan ALSO Michael Gavigan (explains Elizabeth Bergen!!)

People: William N Gavigan, Mary Gavigan, Patrick "Patsy" Gavigan and 3 others.

1930 Census.jpg


Catskill, NY, United States

Family of George and Katherine Keenan, but also includes a son James and daughter-in-law Catherine. Joseph is on page 2.

People: George Gavigan, Katherine Gavigan and George Gavigan

1900 Census 2.jpg

June 1, 1900

Catskill, NY, United States

People: George Gavigan and Katherine Gavigan

1900 Census.jpg

June 4, 1900

Catskill, NY, United States

People: Michael Gavigan, Mary Gavigan, William N Gavigan and 3 others.

1870 Census.JPG

June 15, 1870

Catskill, NY, United States

*possibly a brother of Patrick - Thomas Gavigan

People: Patrick Gavigan, Sarah Gavigan, Michael Gavigan and 2 others.

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