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McDowell County, West Virginia, United States

People: Sarah Lester, Rosa E Gonzalez, Theodore "T.C." C Lester and 1 other.

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Wyoming County, West Virginia, United States

People: Sarah Lester, Rosa E Gonzalez, Theodore "T.C." C Lester and 1 other.

Matrimonio: María Clotilde Urbina Diéguez y Demetrio Martínez Concuá

October 25, 1954

San José Pinula, Guatemala, Guatemala

Testigos: Gonzalo Palma y Gregorio Calderón Guatemala Civil Registration, 1877-2008 Guatemala San José Pinula Matri...

People: José María Concuá, Antonia Miranda, Ester Gonzalez and 11 others.


April 12, 1930

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Censo 1930 Ponce, PR

People: Rebeca Capestany Tapia, Joaquin Capestany Tapia, Gloria Capestany Tapia and 7 others.


May 27, 1726

Buenos Aires, Argentina

People: Catalina Gonzalez

Matrimonio Religioso: Nemecio Dieguez Batres con Brigida Dolores Urbina Gonzalez

May 25, 1918

San José Pinula, Guatemala, Guatemala

Matrimonio religioso de Nemecio Diéguez Batres con Brigida Urbina Gonzalez, fueron testigos Gabriel Girón y Tomás Gir...

People: Concepcion Batres Contreras, Eduardo Diéguez Hernandez, Nemecio Diéguez Batres and 3 others.


April 9, 2011

Michigan, United States

People: Debra Jo Gonzalez

1910 United States Federal Census


Starr County, Texas, United States

People: Francesca Gonzales, Jose Gonzáles, Maria González and 6 others.

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January 7, 1939

Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

US Department of Labor, Immigration and Naturalization Service "Declaration of Intention"

People: Chuy Gonzalez

Rosemary Gonzalez Obituary: View Rosemary Gonzalez's Obituary by Daily Democrat

Rosemary Gonzalez April 4, 1944 - Sept. 28, 2013 Rosemary Gonzalez passed away Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013, at age 69...

People: Rosemary Gonzalez


December 16, 2012

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Grandma Agustina Funeral

People: vera, vera, Jonathan Lopez and 10 others.

Grandpa Diego 1997


Puerto Rico

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People: Diego Gonzalez

Historia de la Casa de Llarena (continuación) :: Revista de historia


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People: Juan Bautista Ascaín é Iriberri, Maria González, Isabel de Ascanio and 3 others.

Grampa's Rudys Birth.JPG

December 1, 1918

Davenport, Scott, IA, USA

People: Rudolfo Rodriguez and Silvina Rodriguez

In Memory of

June 25, 1978

Oh suavísmo Heart of Jesus is always present in the Blessed Sacrament, everconsumed with burning love for souls in Pu...

People: Silvina Rodriguez

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