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Nell Gorman, 17yrs..JPG

Nell at 17 yrs.

People: Nell Tilgner

Paddy to Nell Feb1918.JPG

February 19, 1918


One page only of a letter to Nell. Paddy says he has been wounded, and names mates he has met while in France. And th...

People: Nell Tilgner and Paddy Gorman

Cissy Morgan Leicester 1917.JPG


Leicester, Leicester, England, United Kingdom

This is Cissy Morgan as Paddy met her when on recovery leave in England during WW1. Other pics from same visit here a...

People: Paddy Gorman and Cissie Morgan

Richard Gorman Obituary - Seattle, WA | The Seattle Times

April 12, 2013

Seattle, King County, Washington, United States

Richard (Dick Francis Gorman Dick, age 96, retired medical association executive passed away peacefully April 5, 20...

People: Richard Gorman

MacGorman history.pdf

Some historical background. Interesting that our Gormans were still living in the ancestral homeland of the MacGormans.

People: James Gorman

James Gorman 1894.pdf

One of several articles re James Gorman and selections. Unclear whether they all relate to our James, or to one of th...

People: James Gorman


August 17, 1805


Possible birth record for James. Needs further research. See also Frank, son of James Gorman on same page.

People: James Gorman

Liverpool Court Housing.pdf

Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom

A graphic account of the rise of court housing in Liverpool, and the conditions under which most of the Irish, includ...

People: Ellen Gorman and James Gorman

layout of Ford Cemetery, section f.pdf


Litherland, Merseyside, Lancashire, England

This is the layout for section F, which is near the middle of a large cemetery. James is buried in the middle one of ...

People: James Gorman


June 13, 1921

Omagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

People: Michael Gorman



Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom

A description of Richmond Fair in 1892, 18 years after James' death at number 45.

People: James Gorman

Sweeting Street.pdf


Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom

The Gormans lived here at 1841 census and could have been here any period from 1839 until the 1851 census when they w...

People: James Gorman


November 1889

Childers, Baw Baw Shire, Victoria, Australia

Not sure what sort of association the MIA is, but Jas Gorman is known for his readings and recitals.

People: James Gorman

Gorman Jas.pdf

July 1889

Thorpdale, Victoria, Australia

Is our James, also called Jas. Likely to be president of the footy club? Why not? I don't think there is another like...

People: James Gorman

Gorman Bert.pdf

Caulfield, Glen Eira City, Victoria, Australia

Not sure if this is our Bert, but Lorna was living nearby at this time, and Bert might well have been in the area.

People: Herbert John Gorman

1921 - Marriage of Kathleen C. Gorman and Elliot F. Tozer

November 12, 1921

Hamilton, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States

Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 for Kathleen C Gorman Hamilton Births, Marriages and Death Source C...

People: Lucy C Tozer, George William Tozer, Frances Patch Gorman and 3 others.

1921 - Elliot F Tozer marriage record (index)

November 12, 1921

Hamilton, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States

Elliot F Tozer in the Massachusetts, Marriage Index, 1901-1955 and 1966-1970 Name Elliot F Tozer Marriage Year 1921 ...

People: Kathleen C. Tozer and Eliot Franklin Tozer, Sr.

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