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April 15, 1910

Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States

The Brody family was living at 1504 (?) W. 13th Street in Chicago.

People: Frieda Stern, David Brody, Brody and 2 others.

SSDI - Halperin, Harry.pdf

January 1, 1992

New York, Queens, New York, United States

SS#: 113-07-6586

People: Harry Halperin

SSDI - Halperin, Annette.pdf

September 10, 2011

New York, Queens, New York, United States

People: Annette Halperin

Hillman Wasserman recovered 02-08-09.FTW

People: Hillman, Elton Winston Hillman, Gabin and 2200 others.

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