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DN Hildebrand Margaret d 18 Oct 1922 7.5yrs age death EL record-image_33SQ-G5DB-2ZZ.jpg

October 18, 1922

Quigney, East London, South Africa, Eastern Cape, 5201, South Africa

Margaret 71/2 mths died due to whooping cough on the 18 October 1922,in East London. SA CP. Civil Death Record 1895 -...

People: Magaretha Maria Elizabeth Hildebrand

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People: Magaretha Maria Elizabeth Hildebrand

Birth Certif-Joyce (Johanna Catharine Hildebrand).pdf

September 4, 1925

Oxford Street, East London, South Africa, Eastern Cape, 5201, South Africa

People: Johanna Cathrina (Joyce) Hildebrand

Bap. Aug 1924 -Hildebrandt Stephen Peter brn 29 Feb 1924 IMG_20160810_091457.jpg

February 29, 1924

Kingwilliamstown, Cape Province, South Africa

Parents Stephen Peter Guest Hildebrand and Maria Aletta Nel. Witnesses present at Doop Anna Hillebrandt and Jan Nel....

People: Stephen Peter Hildebrand


September 20, 1890

Seligenstadt, Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany

People: Georg Albert Petry and Katharina Petry


September 3, 1881

Seligenstadt, Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany

People: Maria Josephine Sauer and Georg Jakob Sauer

MO0hhg.jpeg Traduction registre d'Isny

Isny, Bade Würtemberg, Allemagne

Traduit & communiqué par Christian Séruzier

People: Martin ZUBER, 2 and Jeanne (Johanna) Joséphine Marie ZUBER

KKORK6.jpegTraduction P3 Petits enfants HILDEBRAND

Isny, Bade Würtemberg, Allemagne

Traduction par Christian Séruzier

People: Marie Régine ARGOULD

MO0hhg.jpeg Registre P2 Frères de Ma Régina & fille P2

Isny, Bade W*urtemberg, Allemagne

Traduction du registre par Christian Séruzier: Fratrie HILDEBRAND

People: Marie Régine ARGOULD

AoQBm9.jpeg Famille HILDEBRAND :Maria Régina+ Frères & soeurs P 1

December 1, 1815


Traduction du registre des familles allemand - Communiqué par Christion SERUZIER

People: Henri Joseph ARGOULD and Marie Régine ARGOULD

KthbBs.jpeg Registre des Familles d'Isny (Allemagne) P 1

Isny, Bade Würtemberg, Allemagne

Liste deS membres de la famille HILDEBRAND .

People: Anna Rosina HiILDEBRAND, Yohann HiILDEBRAND, Maria HILDEBRAND and 1 other.

CSoet0.jpeg Registre des familles P2

Isny, Bade Würtemberg, Allemagne

Communiqué par Christian Séruzier

People: Anna GRIMM, Abraham GRIMM, Maria HILDEBRAND and 1 other.

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People: Peter Hildebrand

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