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Martin “Skip” Goode « Funeral and Cremation

Southside Chapel

People: Private, Private, Private and 6 others.

IndextoPetitionsforNaturalizationfiledinNewYorkC_Julius Levy Katzenberg.jpg

New York, New York, New York, United States

index to Immigration petition

People: Julius Levi Katzenberg


Guxhagen birth record no. 30

People: Pisgah Katzenberg

birth records 3.pdf

July 15, 1867

Guxhagen, Hessen, Germany

Guxhagen Birth Register

People: Jacob Katzenberg

birth records 2.pdf

November 21, 1865

Guxhagen Birth Register

People: Julius Levi Katzenberg

birth records 4.pdf

Guxhagen Birth Register

People: Siegmund Katzenberg

birth register.pdf

Guxhagen birth register

People: Unnamed Child Katzenberg

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