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Echel “Hil/ Yechel/ Eichel/Julius” Ellner (1874-1932) - Find A Grave Memorial

May 24, 1932

Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States

Echel (variant spellings: Eichel, Yechel; nicknames: Hil, Julius) was the son of Max (Marcus) and his wife Hannah Ell...

People: Eichel Ellner, Esther Ellner, Sophie Ana Ellner and 12 others.

Ila Kaufman Obituary - Hesperia, CA | Desert Dispatch

Ila V. Kaufman, 92, a wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend to all who knew and loved her, passed...

People: Ila Victoria Kaufman

Frances Kaufman Krippner (1896-1992) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 1 Jan 1896 and died in 15 Jun 1992 Watkins, Minnesota Frances Kaufman Krippner

People: Frances Krippner

Martin Kaufman (1862-1910) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in Aug 1862 and died in 1910 Watkins, Minnesota Martin Kaufman

People: Martin Kaufman

Ruth Jones Kaufman (1868-1942) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 26 Dec 1868 and died in 28 Feb 1942 Watkins, Minnesota Ruth Jones Kaufman

People: Ruth Kathryn Kaufman


June 25, 1906

Košice, Slovakia

People: Elsa (Suzi) Kaufman

Solomon and Suzy Kaufman US passport application.pdf

March 9, 1922


People: Kaufman and Susie Zisel Kaufman

1906 - Móricz Lőbli and Eszter Czutrin - Marriage Record

April 25, 1906

Berveni, Romania

Marriage Record - Record nr: 26 - Marriage Location: Börvely (Berveni, Romania) - Marriage Date: April 25, 1906 - ...

People: Eszter Lobl, Moshe Aaron Lobl, Alexander Sandor Czutrin and 2 others.


November 26, 2015


People: Violette Heim

Violette Heim, 93 | Belleville News-Democrat

November 26, 2015

Highland, Madison County, Illinois, United States

Obituary - Belleville News

People: Violette Heim

1895-10-13 marriage Jozsef SECKELY married Hani FISCHER (linked)

October 13, 1895

Budapest, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Marriage Record - Jozsef SECKELY (STERN) (born 20/8/1862 Szombathely, son of Lazar STERN and Netti KAUFMAN)...

People: Hani Stern, Jetti Stern, József Stern and 3 others.


December 2, 1919

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States

People: Samuel (Simon) Green (Grün) and Rose Green

Grover Kaufman ( - 1941) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Grover Cleveland Kaufman

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