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Google Maps - Vogel Family German Heritage Map 1

Map shows locations in Germany from the lives of the Johannes Nicolaus Vogel family, the Peter Wilhelm Vogel family a...

People: Anna Catharina Vogel (Lechem), Johannes Nicolaus Vogel, Sybilla Katharina Vogel (Otto) and 18 others.

German Website of the Tourism and Beautification Association Wahlscheid / Aggertal e.V.

German website with information on the village of Wahlscheid and the surrounding area including a "Bergbau" page with...

People: Anna Catharina Vogel (Lechem), Franz Wilhelm Vogel, Louise Kettler and 7 others.

German - Lohmar ( incl. Wahlscheid) – Wikipedia

German Wikipedia site on the township that includes Wahlscheid and Weeg and earlier included Siefen and Kuchenbach, l...

People: Francisca Christina Vogel, Franz Wilhelm Vogel, Anna Catharina Vogel (Lechem) and 8 others.

Website of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Wahlscheid

Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Wahlscheid: Startseite Website for the home church of our oldest known ancestors, Johan...

People: Peter Wilhelm Vogel, Louise Kettler, Anna Catharina Vogel (Lechem) and 13 others.

Reminiscences of the Community in 1950

A first person account of the life of Hattie C. Vogel (Schwark) growing up in the German immigrant community in and a...

People: Sybilla Katharina Vogel (Otto), Louise Kettler, Hattie C. Vogel and 10 others.

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