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Geislingen District Court Document

December 12, 1949

Geislingen an der Steige, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Proof of identity, marriage dates, emmigration dates, and Birth dates done in Geislingen Germany. proof that the fami...

People: Paul Jaanson, Linda Mõts / Jaanson, Jaan Jaanson and 6 others.

Vana-Piigaste Manor


The Manor in Which all the Mets' children where born

People: August Gustave Mõts

Estonian Manors Portal - your guide to the world of manors

The Kanepi parish, Where August was born belonged to the historical Vorumaa County and consisted of 20 manors - 1 ch...

People: August Gustave Mõts

August Mets tree from National Archives pg. 2 of 2

October 27, 2010

Buffalo, NY, USA

This second page offers more researching tips. and also discusses the differences in the Julian Calendar vs. the pres...

People: Gustav Mõts, Minna Mõts, Johanna Mõts and 11 others.

August Mets Tree- From National Archives pg 1 of 2

October 27, 2010

Buffalo, NY, USA

I inquired to the Estonian National Archives about 4 weeks before the reply date on this letter. I was asking about ...

People: Gustav Mõts, Minna Mõts, August Gustave Mõts and 11 others.

Tartu Prison Murders Monument

June 2001

Tartu Parish, Tartumaa

Group: History 
Cemetery: St. Paul's Cemetery 
Location: Cemetery: The cemetery back of the house of mourning the roa...

People: August Gustave Mõts

Memorial to victims of Red Terror

July 3, 2001

Tartu Parish, Tartumaa

Pühapäeval avatakse Tartus Pauluse kalmistul mälestusmärk 1941. aasta 8. ja 9. juulil Tartu vanglas mõrvatud 198 puna...

People: August Gustave Mõts

The door he walked through...

June 8, 1941

Tartu Parish, Tartumaa

This Article talkes about the Murders that occured in the Prison on the days and nights of June 8th and 9th 1941. How...

People: August Gustave Mõts

Vangide Tapmine/ Prison Murders


Tartu Parish, Tartumaa

Wiki Document that talks about how the innocent men and women where killed and buried in the prison. Among the execu...

People: August Gustave Mõts


July 8, 1941

Tartu, Tartumaa

If you Visit the URL provided. It will take you to the page. Click on Nimekirja (alfabeet), Names in Alfabetical orde...

People: August Gustave Mõts

Hilda Kohk Letter 2 of 4

November 18, 1991

Tartu, Tartumaa

This starts out with a little bit of history about what her grandchildren are doing. Then she starts answering my ...

People: Alide Nämi, Anna Marie Nämi, Richard Friedrich Nämi and 7 others.

Names and Birthday's


Buffalo, NY, USA

This is just a simple list of birthday's and wedding dates. However I have included it here as, presently, it seems t...

People: August Gustave Mõts, Cronk, Simmers and 7 others.

August Mets Family Tree


Buffalo, NY, USA

Most of the compiling of this information was done on Tina Aavik's trip to Estonia in 1994. There was a lot of physi...

People: Argo Pärnpuu, Pärnpuu, Pärnpuu and 30 others.

Mets/Potsepp/Jaanson Family Tree Diagram


Buffalo, NY, USA

Diagram of Family tree: Some of this work was compiled in Estonia in 1994 (mainly the Met's line) The names in ...

People: Ann Licht, Andres Stiim (Stiem), Joonas Mõts and 51 others.

August Mets


Buffalo, NY, USA

Taken from the book Vorumaa Saaga (esimene Raamat/First Book) by Jaan Ellen Published 1998 ISBN 9985-60-479-2 p...

People: August Gustave Mõts

August Mets Book.jpg

This is a book, my mother gave that has the only known picture of her father August Mets. I actually found the exact ...

People: August Gustave Mõts and Tina Mai Shortt

Granburg Family Tree

February 6, 1988

People: Kaarel Gränberg, Madi Gränberg, Tina Mai Shortt and 26 others.

Saaga EAA.1865.2.92/20:6

July 31, 1826

Vaalu, Valgamaa, Estonia


People: Rikkandi Tiio Tapwer, Mai Mõts, Rikkandi Jaan Tapwer and 2 others.

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