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October 15, 1882

Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Marriage Record from Jewishgen - Mano MOSKOVITS (age 42 born Maramaros-Sziget son of Mozes MOSKOVITS and He...

People: Karolina Carolina Győző - Moskovits, Mano Moskovits, Henya Moskovits and 3 others.

Marriage of Geza Moskowitz and Gitel Leni Reinitz - 1891.jpg

February 24, 1891

Sečovce, Trebišov, Košice Region, Slovakia

Shalom (Salamon) Krausz was the witness

People: Jakab david Moskovits, Shalom Krausz, Zali Moskovits and 4 others.

Olamo shel Aba - Yehoshua - pg 1 of section

Excerpt from My Father's World by Pinchas Miller (from the perspective of his father, Asher Anshel Yehuda Miller).

People: Bairach (Bernhardt) Paskesz, Yosef Jozsef Zeltenreich, Asher Anshel Yehuda Miller and 6 others.

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