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Maureen Ann Muncaster 1952 Voter's Registration pg 1

July 30, 1952

Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia

This voters' registration records Maureen Ann Muncaster's previous marriage to Selwyn Sanderson Urry

People: Maureen Ann Congdon previously Urry (nee Muncaster), Maj. Selwyn Urry and Frederick Arthur Robert Congdon

Ancestry Family Trees

People: Daniel Jay McCrary, Nathan Otis McCrary, Jr., Private User and 1484 others.


Maryland, United States

A lot of family mentioned in this article. Generations of magruder so owned and lived on this property.

People: Otho M. Muncaster, Dr., Edwin Magruder Muncaster and Nathaniel Magruder

Patent US521244 - Otho m - Google Patents

Patented bait bucket for fishing.

People: Otho M. Muncaster, Dr.

Wedding Day

November 27, 1901

Loudoun County, Virginia, United States

Wedding day festivities

People: Ida "Rachel" VanSickler, Philip Van Sickler and Pvt. James C. Van Sickler

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