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1905 - Hani Kepecs - Death Record

March 15, 1905

Nagyszekeres, Hungary

People: Hani Neufeld, Jakab Neufeld, Eszter KEPECS and 1 other.

jacob neufeld.jpg

Provided by Christian Mandtler. See Anne Friesen (Neufeld)

People: Jacob Neufeld

jacob neufeld.jpg

Christian Mandtler provided this image. His Oma wrote this down. Anne is his fifth generation ancestor.

People: Anne Friesen

Catharina Maria Sophia Nieuwenhuizen | WieWasWie | BS Huwelijk | 35601792 bevat een historisch document met Catharina Maria Sophia Nieuwenhuizen uit 1929: BS Huwelijk. Iedereen...

People: Michael Neufeld

Abraham Milgraum WWII draft registration.jpg

April 27, 1942

Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

People: Ida Milgrim and Abraham Milgrim


People: Rabbi, Dr, Siegbert Jizchak, Selig Neufeld

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Yard/House Patterns ------ Village Stories -----Food & Agriculture ----- Sustainability

People: Katarina Doerksen, Maria Dueck (Thiessen), Jacob D Wiens and 33 others.

Bergthal Colony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Bergthal Colony was a Mennonite settlement in the southern part of the former Russian Empire, now Ukraine that em...

People: Katarina Doerksen, David N. Dueck, Maria Dueck (Thiessen) and 33 others.

2. Russian Mennonite Community | Rocky Cape Christian Community

A morning worship meeting at Chortitza, the "Old Colony" in Russia, in 1910, as remembered by Henry Pauls, Blytheswoo...

People: Katarina Doerksen, Katharina Dueck (Barkman), Jacob Hildebrandt and 33 others.

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