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Bontekoe Passenger List

April 15, 1660

New York, New York, United States

For more information of the passengers aboard this ship, please visit Immigrants to New Netherlands Transcribed by Al...

People: Capt. Aeldert Hymansz Roosa

Bontekoe passengers, April 1660 Roosa family Hurley, Nieuw Amsterdam

Hurley, Ulster, New York, United States

Family Tree "illat napaaqtuq" of Corinne Spencer-McDonnell Inupiat Eskimo name (Uvanga): Kullaluk Nanauq

People: Capt. Aeldert Hymansz Roosa

Burial of Eva Roosa (Tungel) 2

January 10, 1929


People: Eva Roosa

Burial of Eva Roosa (Tungel)

January 10, 1929


People: Eva Roosa

Peeter Roosa was born in 1814

October 22, 1814

Leevi village, Võnnu parish

People: Peeter Roosa

Mari Roosa was born in 1817

February 12, 1817

Leevi village, Vastse-Kuuste estate, Võnnu parish

People: Mari Roosa

Peep Roosa was born in 1819

April 10, 1819

Vastse-Kuuste estate, Võnnu parish

Selli was probably the name of the farm where Peep was born an thus his family name might have been Selli before late...

People: Peep Roosa

Family register of Kambja parish 1881-1939

Krüdneri estate, Kambja parish

People: Jaan Roosa, Leena Roosa, Anna Helene Veeb and 2 others.

August Roosa, Leenas son, was born in 1899

October 6, 1899

Valgjärve (Weissensee) estate, Kanepi parish

People: August Roosa

Leena Roosas son was born dead in 1893

December 26, 1893

Valgjärve (Weissensee) estate, Kanepi parish

People: - Roosa

Family register of Vana-Piigaste (Alt-Pigast), Kanepi parish

Vana-Piigaste (Alt-Pigast) estate, Kanepi parish

People: Eva Roosa, Rein Roosa, Mari Roosa and 15 others.

Marie Roosa was born and died in February 1894

February 7, 1894

Valgjärve (Weissensee) estate, Kanepi parish

Her mother Anna was not married and the name of her father is not mentioned in the documents.

People: Marie Roosa

Birth of Jenni Roosa in 1895

December 14, 1895

Krüüdneri (Krüdnershof) estate, Kanepi parish

People: Jenni Roosa

Death of Paul Teodor Roosa in 1893

February 27, 1893

Krüüdneri (Krüdnershof) estate, Kambja parish

People: Paul Teodor Roosa

Death of Ernst Roosa in 1894

May 11, 1894

Krüüdneri (Krüdnershof) estate/Puugi village, Kambja parish

People: Ernst Roosa

Jaan Roosa was born and died on 20 September 1891

September 20, 1891

Tamme (Tammen), Kanepi

People: Jaan Roosa

Death of Peter Roosa, son of Peep and Ann Roosa in 1865

February 4, 1865

Krootuse (Köllitz), Kanepi

People: Peter Roosa

Birth of Ann Roosa (Prügi) on 7 June 1821

June 7, 1821

Ibaste village, Ahja estate, Võnnu parish

People: Ann Roosa, Märt Prügi and Mari Prügi

Ann Roosa, Peep Roosa's 1st wife died in 1871

September 25, 1871

Vastse-Kuuste, Võnnu

Row 125 in the document relates to Ann Roosa.

People: Ann Roosa

Gustav Roosa was born in 1875

February 7, 1875

People: Gustav Roosa

Peep Roosa died in 1885

March 6, 1885

Vana-Piigaste (Alt-Pigast), Kanepi kihelkond

People: Peep Roosa

Elmar Mägi born in Tartu in 1920

January 27, 1920


People: Mägi, Eduard August Mägi, Helene Rosalie Mägi and 1 other.

Revision list of Kanepi parish 1891-1940

Tamme manor, Kanepi parish

People: Johan Roosa, Eva Roosa, Helene Rosalie Mägi and 1 other.

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