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Samuel Rubenstein Esther Cohen Sophy Cohen 1901 Census.jpg


Greater London, England, United Kingdom

People: Esther Rubenstein, Sophia Cohen, Nat Rubens and 1 other.

Rubens, Heinrich, S. 68.png

Auszug aus: Die Judenbürgerbücher der Stadt Berlin, 1809–1851, S. 68

People: Hirsch Rubens

Letter from Harry Kaplan to Isadore Frank Waks.pdf

April 10, 1970

Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Document from Harry Kaplan to his 2nd Cousin Isadore Frank Waks, discussing the Kaplan Family and Kaplan Family photo...

People: Anna (Annushka) Kaplan, Banks (Yarwood Chiu), Nicholas Yarwood and 30 others.

People: Farkas, Farkas, Troshinsky and 29 others.

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