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Excerpt from James Knox Blish's 1905 "Genealogy of the Blish Family in America"

People: William Gilman Tomlinson, Edward Daniel Blish Tomlinson, Ralph Waldo Tomlinson and 2 others.

Ada Ann Ramsden 6/9/5752 66963 DN

November 20, 1939

Grahamstown, Cape, South Africa

People: Elizabeth Wallace, James Wallace, Horace Edward Ramsden and 4 others.

William Tomlinson DN 6/9/570 1304 1907

May 5, 1907

Grahamstown, Cape, South Africa

People: Irene Gladys Tomlinson, Olive Lestella Shaw, Thomas Edward Tomlinson and 11 others.

Elizabeth Nichol KAB 6/9/633 4142 1909 DN

December 12, 1909

Grahamstown, Cape, South Africa

People: Edith Harriet McCarthy, Louisa Sarah Hoare, Elizabeth Bruce Nunn and 9 others.

Jack Tomlinson (1899 - 1988) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Jack Tomlinson

View Record - Washington State Death Records - Martha Leburta - Tomlinson - Thomas Jefferson Church - Et Al. - Washington State Digital Archives

Washington State Digital Archives the is first in the nation Digital Archives to Preserve the electronic Records of b...

People: Martha Laberta Tomlinson


December 6, 1832

Springfield, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

People: Catherine Tomlinson, Henry Tomlinson and Tomlinson


September 10, 1933

Springfield, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Sophia Tomlinson's Birth Registration

People: Tomlinson, Catherine Tomlinson and Henry Tomlinson


July 22, 1799

Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica

People: Jane Weatherly

West Australian14 Sep 1917 Births.

September 14, 1917

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

West Australian14 Sep 1917 Births

People: Thelma Rose Tomlinson

RichardTomlinson DC.jpg

April 3, 1926

Springfield, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica

People: Richard Tomlinson

Susan Tomlinson DC.jpg

November 28, 1924

Brighton, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica

People: Susan Tomlinson

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