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Castello plan with notes

I.N. Phelps Stokes review of map of Lower Manhattan with property owners mentioned

People: Abel Hardenbroeck, Resolved Waldron, Johannes Nevius and 47 others.

Map of Wallabout Bay lots c1640s.txt

(Long Island), settlement of 1640s, New Netherland

The map has names of property owners....

People: Catalyntje Trico, Gerret Wolfertse van Couwenhoven, Nicasius de Sille and 5 others.

Remonstrance to Director Peter Stuyvesant to surrender to British 1664

September 6, 1664

New Amsterdam, New Netherland

The British offered Petrus Styuyvesant the option to surrender. The citizens of New Amsterdam eventually persuaded hi...

People: Hendrick Hendricksen Øby, Jan Gerrits Van Buytenhuysen, Anthony de Mil and 52 others.

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