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Find A Grave: Midlothian Cemetery

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People: Evelyn Oneta Witherspoon

Biography of Elizabeth Montgomery Witherspoon | Colonial Hall

The biography of Elizabeth Montgomery Witherspoon, wife of John Witherspoon, founding father and signer of the Declar...

People: Elizabeth Witherspoon

Ann Marshall Witherspoon (1768 - 1811) - Find A Grave Memorial

November 29, 1811

Burial: Unknown Hagerstown Washington County Maryland, USA

Birth: Jan. 26, 1768 Philadelphia Philadelphia County Pennsylvania, USA Death: Nov. 29, 1811 Hagerstown Washington ...

People: Anne Witherspoon

Anne Witherspoon Smith (1749 - 1817) - Find A Grave Memorial

April 1, 1817

Burial: Unknown

Birth: Jul. 23, 1749 Death: Apr. 1, 1817 Family links: Parents: John Witherspoon (1723 - 1794) Elizabeth M...

People: Anne Witherspoon Smith

Elizabeth Montgomery Witherspoon (1722 - 1789) - Find A Grave Memorial


Princeton Cemetery Princeton Mercer County New Jersey, USA

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People: Elizabeth Witherspoon

Joseph "Jodie" Jesse Witherspoon (1864 - 1943) - Find A Grave Memorial

November 26, 1864

Arkadelphia, Clark , Arkansas, United States

People: Joseph Jessie Witherspoon and Nadine Jane Witherspoon

James R Witherspoon Headstone


Timpson, Shelby, Texas, United States

People: James R Witherspoon, America Witherspoon and Margaret Ann Witherspoon

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