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Babanoor Abbas MP (deceased)

Babanoor Abbas was the Manager of Wariapola Estate, Matale in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. He moved down to Colombo after his retirement.

Che' Putri Long bt Megat Abbas MP (deceased)

Jamjil Abbas MP (b. - 1952)

Rathon Abbas MP (1910 - 1974)

Islamic date of death - 27 Zul Hijah 1393

Nona Dewan MP (b. - 1922)

Nona Dewan, maiden surname not known. She had three sisters. Mrs Samahin - Dr Samahin's mother. Mrs Adahan Mrs Ismail - Marhoom Amin Akbar's mother-in-law. Information given to B.D.K Saldin by ...

Sujon Abbas MP (deceased)

Abbas (deceased)

"Al-Amir" Ibrahim Ilhami Abbas Hilmi (1836-1860) (deceased)

"Al-Amir" Mohamed Sadek Abbas Hilmi (deceased)

"Al-Amir" Na'el Ilhami Abbas Hilmi (b.1858) (deceased)

"Al-Amira" Aicha Sadika Abbas Hilmi (b.1854) (deceased)

"Al-Amira" Emine Najeya Ilhami Ibrahim Abbas Hilmi (1858-1931) (deceased)

"Al-Amira" Tawhida Ilhami Abbas Hilmi (1860-1882) (deceased)

Daughter of Al-Amir Ibrahim Ilhamy, son of Khedive Abbas I of Egypt.

"Al-Amira" Zeinab Ilhami Abbas Hilmi (1858-1918) (deceased)

"Al-Nabila" Amina Panba Abbas Halim (1899-1968) (deceased)

'AbdAllah bin al-ʿAbbās (c.618 - c.687)

Progenitor of Abbasid Caliphate (Dynasty) Wilaadat (Birth): Wafaat (Death): Source 1: Source 2: Source 3:

'AbdAllah bin Alī bin 'AbdAllah bin al-ʿAbbās (c.712 - 764)

1st Abbasid Governor of Syria Source 1: Source 2: Source 3: Source 4:

? Abbas (Abdullah) (deceased)

? Shuib (Abbas) (deceased)

A Latif Abbas (deceased)

Abbas Abbas (deceased)

Abbas Ali Khan (Abbas Yar Jung) (deceased)

Abbas bin Mohd Arif Abbas (deceased)

Abbas Mamode Latiff Abbas Mamode (deceased)


Abbas soltan Abbas Soltan (deceased)

Abby Abbas (1904 - d.)

Abd Karim Abbas (1920 - d.)

Abd Rahman Abbas (deceased)

Abd Salleh Abbas (deceased)

Abd.Manan Abbas (deceased)

abdalla abbas (deceased)

Abdelhameed abbas (deceased)

Abdelwahab Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Azis (Timothy) Abbas (1889 - 1950)

Abdul Ghani Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Ghani Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Hamid Abbas (1919 - 1998)

Abdul Kadir Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Karim Abbas Harahap (deceased)


Abdul Manaf Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Muis Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Mukti bin Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Rahman Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Samad Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Wahab Abbas (deceased)

Abdul Wahab Abbas (deceased)


Abdullah Abbas (deceased)

Abdullah Abbas (b. - 2008)

Abdullah Bin Hj Abbas (deceased)

Abdullah Abbas (deceased)

Abdullah Abbas (deceased)

Abdullah Abbas (deceased)

Abdullah bin Maulana Abbas bin Maulana Ali (deceased)

Same as brother Ubaidullah bin Maulana Abbas bin Maulana Ali ? Wilaadat (Birth): Wafaat (Death): Source:

Sayyidi Abdullah bin Sayyidi Abbas Al-Makrami (deceased)

From Hudood-e-Kiraam of ??? Wilaadat (Birth): Wafaat (Death): Source:

Abdullah Abbas (deceased)

Abdullah Abbas (deceased)

Abdullah bin Abbas (deceased)

Abdullah Abbas (1924 - d.)

Abdur Rehmaan bin al-ʿAbbās (deceased)

Abdurazaq Abbas (deceased)

Abid Abbas (deceased)

Abla Abbas (1916 - 2008)

Abu Bakar Abbas (c.1906 - c.1966)

Adauiah Meor Abbas (deceased)

Adelaide Abbas (1913 - 2006)

Adillah Fauzi Abbas (deceased)

Adleya Ahmed Medhat Abbas Shoukry Yeghen (deceased)

Adnan Abbas (deceased)

Agustina Dyar (Abbas Datuk Majulelo) (deceased)

agustina Abbas (deceased)

ahmad abbas (1946 - d.)

Ahmad Abbas (deceased)

Ahmad Abbas (deceased)

ahmad bin abbas (deceased)

Ahmad Zubir Abbas (deceased)

ahmed abbas (deceased)

Ahmed Abbas (deceased)

Ahmed Abbas (deceased)

Ahmed Abbas (deceased)

Aishah Binti Abbas (deceased)

Ajabbai M Mohammedbhai Raja (b. - 1995)

AKHTAR ABBAS (deceased)

Akthar Abbas (deceased)

al-Abbas bin al-Abbas (deceased)

al-Fadhl bin al-ʿAbbās (614 - 639)

al-Fadhl bin Maulana Abbas bin Maulana Ali (664 - 680)

Wilaadat: 43 AH (664 AD) Wafaat: 10th Muharram 61 AH (12th October 680 AD) Source:

al-Faraa bint al-Abbas (deceased)

al-Haaritha bin al-ʿAbbās (deceased)

al-Harith bin al-Abbas (deceased)

Alfdul Abbas (deceased)

Alhaji HASSAN ABBAS (HADEJIA) (1932 - 2012)

Ali Kalif Abbas (deceased)

Ali Abbas (deceased)

Ali Abbas (deceased)

Ali Abbas (deceased)

Ali Abbas (deceased)

Ali Abbas (deceased)