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Joshua 'Mozes' Bar Moise Abensur Henriquez (Abensur Henriques) MP (1609 - 1675)

? Abensur (deceased)

? Abensur (deceased)

? Abensur (deceased)

? Abensur (deceased)

? Abensur (deceased)

? Abensur (deceased)

??? bat Binyamin Abensur Henriquez (Musaphia) (1613 - c.1675)

Aaron Abensur (deceased)

Abigail Abensur Henriques (de Moshe Abensur) (deceased)

Abraham Abensur (deceased)

Left Morocco for Manchester

Abraham Abensour (Abensur) (deceased)

Abraham Abensur (deceased)

Aharon Abensur (1820 - d.)

Albert Abensur (b. - 2010)

Alberto Abensur Perez (deceased)

Alice Abensur (Benoliel) (1894 - 1970)

Alice Benoliel (deceased)

Amelia (Millie?) Abensur (c.1888 - d.)

Amy Martin (Abensur) (c.1918 - 1987)

Anthony Abensur (deceased)

Benvenida Isaac Israel Abensur (c.1722 - 1790)

Celina Abensur (Celina Motta) (1932 - 2010)

Clara Abensur (deceased)

Clara Abensur (Acathan) (1724 - 1768)

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Consuelo Roffé (Abensur) (deceased)

Daisy Abensur (deceased)

Daniel Abensur Henriquez (deceased)

David Abensur (aft.1915 - d.)

David Abensur (deceased)

Left Morocco for Peru

Rabbi Eliyahu Abensur (deceased)

Emelia Abensur (1890 - c.1960)

Encarnacion Abensur (Acris) (1909 - 1949)

Ester Abensur (Benzecry) (1866 - 1938)

Ester Levy Balensi (Abensur) (1844 - 1903)

Esther Benzaquem Abensur (1933 - 2010)

Esther Abensur (Toledano) (1906 - d.)

Estrella Abensur (deceased)

Ezra Abensur (1885 - d.)

born cheetham went peru (single) married in peru (1910 in Iquitos) and had Jack, Julie and Lucy, adopted madeleine Emelia was already in Peru Went to morroco, had Amy Came to London went to paris for a...

Fabio Abensur (1970 - 2019)

Germaine Abensur (Hadida) (1929 - 2016)

Gimol Abensur (Toledano) (deceased)

Gimol Abensur (Attias) (deceased)

Gimol Bentes (Abensur) (1879 - 1975)

Gladys Abensur (deceased)

No children

Gracia Ester Abensur (deceased)

Guitel Mazur (1963 - 2000)

Gunol Abensur (c.1880 - c.1883)

Haim James Abensur (1902 - 1938)

Hanna Abensur (Elhadad) (c.1900 - d.)

Hefsiba Abensur (Benaroch) (c.1919 - 2004)

Henry Isaac Abensur (1919 - 1987)

Isaac Abensur (c.1847 - 1921)

According to 1881 census: Address: 35 Brunswick St, Cheetham Occupation: commercial correspondent

Isaac Abensur (deceased)

Isaac Abensur (deceased)

Isaac Abensur (1853 - 1906)

Rabbi Isaac Abensur (1780 - 1844)

Interpreter At British Legation In Tanger And Temporary Vice Consul

Isaac Abensur (deceased)

Rabbi Isaac Abensur (deceased)

Rabbi Isaac Abensur (b. - 1603)

Isaac Abensur (c.1900 - d.)

Jack Abensur (b. - c.1965)

Jack Abensur (1925 - 1970)

Jack Abensur, meu pai e marido de Celina Abensur.Jack Abensur meu pai é filho de José Abensur e Alice Benoliel Abensur. Irmãos de meu pai Jack Abensur: Orovida, Irene, Nair, Daniel, Moisés e Doly Abens...

Jacob Abensur (deceased)

Jacob Abensur (deceased)

Jacob Abensur (deceased)

Jacob Moses Abensur (deceased)

Left Morocco for Peru

Jacob 'Ya'BeZ' Abensur (1673 - 1753)

Jacob Abensur (deceased)

Jacob Abensur (deceased)

Jacob Moyses Abensur (deceased)

Jacot (Coty) Benyunes (Abensur) (1897 - d.)

Jorge Abensur (deceased)

Josa bar Moise Abensur-Henriques (deceased)

José Abensur (1890 - 1933)

Jose Abensur (deceased)

Jose Abensur (deceased)

Rabbi Joseph Abensur (deceased)

Joseph Abensur (b. - 1698)

Joshua Abensur (deceased)

Joshua Abensur (deceased)

Left Morocco for Manchester

Rabbi Judah Abensur (deceased)

Judit Ascoli (Abensur) (1849 - 1915)

Julia Abensur (Sharim) (c.1854 - d.)

Julie Abensur (b. - c.1990)

Laura Rebecca Abensur (Sullivan) (deceased)

Ledicia (Alice) Abensur (deceased)

Letitia Abensur (Esuchi) (deceased)

Lucy Abensur (deceased)

Never married, no children

Magdalena V Brigden (Abensur) (deceased)

Maurice Abensur (deceased)

Menahem Abensur (deceased)

Rabbi Menasheh Abensur (deceased)

Mesoda Abensur (1846 - d.)

Mesodi Abensur (deceased)

Mesouda Abensur (Conquy) (1781 - 1835)

This Mesouda Abensur is most likely the same person. She is the wife of Isaac Abensur. Mesouda Abensur nee Conquy has a son named Aharon who is most likely named after Mesodi's father Aaron Conquy. S...

Messody Abensur (Attias) (deceased)

Moses Abensur (deceased)

Moses was once interpreter of the British Consulate at Tangier and Mesoda Conquy of Gibraltar (The Conquys were one of the first Jewish families to settle in Gibraltar; Mesoda's grandparents were marri...

Moses Abensur (deceased)

Moses Abensur (deceased)