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Napoleon Veloso Abueva MP

Napoleón Isabelo Veloso Abueva is a Philippine National Artist and is acknowledged as the "Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture". He alse served as the Dean of the University of the Philippines Collge...

"Tatay Iloy" Abueva (deceased)

Abloy Abueva (deceased)

Abraham Abueva (deceased)

Abraham Abueva (deceased)

Agapito Abueva (deceased)

Ambrocia Abueva (1894 - d.)

ambrosio abueva (deceased)

Anatalio Abueva (1912 - d.)

Andres Abueva (1897 - d.)

Andresa Cabual Cadillero (Abueva) (deceased)

Anecita Abueva (Abrea) (1911 - d.)

Aniano Abueva (1928 - d.)

Antioco Fonullera Abueva (deceased)

Antonia Casenas (Abueva) (deceased)

Antonio Daganato Abueva (deceased)

Antonio 'Tony' Veloso Abueva (deceased)

Antonio Abueva (deceased)

Arcadia Lucia Abueva (b. - 1887)

Arsenia Abueva (deceased)

Avelino Cabual Abueva, Sr. (1933 - d.)

Basilisa Abueva (1896 - d.)

Bencio Abueva Abueva (deceased)

Benedicta Abueva (deceased)

Benita Abueva (Abrea) (1914 - d.)

Benito Daganato Abueva (deceased)

Bernarda felisan abueva (deceased)

Bonifacia Abueva (deceased)

Caitano Abueva (deceased)

Casiano Abueva (1887 - d.)

Catalina Abueva (1891 - d.)

Catalina Abueva (deceased)

Cayetano Abueva (1901 - d.)

Ceferino Abueva (deceased)

Cerilo Abueva (deceased)

Claro Teodoro Abueva (1924 - d.)

Columba Abueva (deceased)

Columba Abueva (deceased)

Conchita Abueva (deceased)

Conrada Zuniega Abueva (Zuniega) (1918 - 2009)

Crescencia Abueva Olano (Abueva) (1922 - d.)

Cresencio Abueva (deceased)

Crisanto Abueva (deceased)

Crispina Abueva (1919 - 2008)

Cruz Abueva (deceased)

Demetrio Abueva (1881 - d.)

Dolores Abueva (deceased)

Dolores Abueva (deceased)

Domingo Abueva (deceased)

Donata Abueva (deceased)

Dorotea Abueva (deceased)

Edilberta Abueva (deceased)

Efren Abueva (1917 - d.)

Esperidion Cabual Abueva (1916 - 1975)

Eugenia Abueva (deceased)

Fausta Abueva (deceased)

Felicidad Betonio (Abueva) (deceased)

Felicidad Abueva (deceased)

Felimon Fonullera Abueva (1927 - 2011)

Felino Abueva (deceased)

Felipe Abueva (1943 - 1988)

Felisisima Galia Abueva (Galia) (deceased)

Fortunato Abueva (1925 - d.)

Francisca Abueva (deceased)

Francisco Abueva (1892 - d.)

Francisco Abueva (deceased)

Francisco abueva (deceased)

Gliceria Abueva (Olano) (deceased)

Gregoria Abueva (b. - 1871)

Gregorio Abueva (deceased)

Gregorio Abueva (1914 - d.)

Guillerma Abueva (Jamila) (1899 - 1981)

guillerma abueva (deceased)

Guillermo Abueva (deceased)

Herminigildo abueva (deceased)

Ignacia Sale Abueva (deceased)

Ignacio Daganato Abueva (deceased)

Ilang Abueva (deceased)

Innocentes Abueva (1886 - d.)

Ireneo Abueva (deceased)

Isabel Beronio Abueva (deceased)

Jacinta Abueva (1870 - d.)

joe abueva (deceased)

Jose Abueva (deceased)

Jose Genovessi Abueva (1976 - 2016)

Juan Abueva (deceased)

Juan Abueva (deceased)

Juliana Abueva (deceased)

Julie Abueva (Lagarde) (1954 - d.)

Justiniano Cabual Abueva (1921 - 2001)

Leocadia Lloren Abueva (deceased)

Leocadia Abueva Visande (deceased)

Leon Abueva (1884 - d.)

Leona Abueva (Jamila) (1893 - d.)

Leoncia Fonullera Abueva (deceased)

Leoncia Fonulera Abueva (deceased)

Leoncio Betonio (Abueva) (deceased)

Leonila Abueva (deceased)

Leopoldo G. Abueva, Sr. (1918 - 2010)

Lola Daday Abueva (1901 - d.)