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Camilla Al-Fayed MP

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Camilla Al-Fayed is an enterpreneur, a socialite and a philanthropist. Her father is an Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed and her mother Heini is a former Finnish socialite and beauty pageant. She ...

Dodi Fayed MP (1955 - 1997)

Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Mena'em El-Fayed (Egyptian Arabic: عماد الدين محمد أنور شاكر عبدالسيد الفايد‎) , better known as Dodi Fayed (1955 – 1997), was the son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed El Fayed...

Heini Wathén MP

Oxted, Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Heini Al-Fayed (Wathén) is the Wiking Girl of the Apu Magazine in 1972, and the Girl of Baltic Sea 1972. She participated in Miss Finland contest in 1977, and in La Maja Contest with no success. She ...

Jasmine Al-Fayed MP

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Jasmine Al-Fayed , a fashion designer, born in 1980 Jasmine has always been a cocktail of cultures with her Finnish mother and Egyptian father laying the foundations of her cosmopolitan diversity and c...

Karim Al-Fayed MP

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Karim Al-Fayed , the oldest son of Mohamed Al-Fayed suffered from meningitis and has been deaf since he was a toddler and developed a love of the visual arts from a young age, taking an interest in pho...

Mohamed Anwar Shaker Abdel Sayed El Fayed MP (1929 - 2023)

Mohamed Al-Fayed (Egyptian Arabic: محمد أنور شاكر عبد السيد الفايد‎) born 1929) is an Egyptian business magnate. Fayed's business interests include ownership of Hôtel Ritz Paris and formerly Harrods De...

Omar Al-Fayed MP

Omar Al-Fayed is the younger son of Mohamed Al-Fayed and the current chair of the Biotecture , a Living Wall Company.

Samira Al-Fayed (Khashoggi) MP (1935 - 1986)

Samira Khashoggi (or Kashoggi) (1935 – 1986) was a Saudi Arabian influential, progressive author of several books as well as the owner and editor-in chief of Alsharkiah magazine. She was the sister of ...

Susanne Gregard MP

Susanne Gregard Quilici is the ex wife of Dodi Fayed and currently married to a a surgeon Philippe Quilici. She is of Danish descent.

Anas Al-Fayed (Yassin) (1934 - 1974)

Анас Юсуф Ясин ( арабский أنس ياسين, DMG Анас Ясин ; * 1 мая 1934 года в Таифе ; † 1974 в Анкаре ) был саудовским бизнесменом и дипломатом . Он был первенцем Баширы Бинт Ахмад Ситти и Юсуфа Ясина ( ара...

Emad Al Fayed (deceased)