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? Amarillo (Pasareal) (deceased)

? Amarillo (Angel) (deceased)

? Uziel (Amarillo) (deceased)

? Amarillo (deceased)

Aharon AMARILLO (1858 - 1943)

Aharon Ben Shlomo AMARILLO (deceased)

Alfredo Amarillo (deceased)

Antipas Cornelia Amarillo (1908 - 1994)

Antonio Amarillo (deceased)

Avraham AMARILLO (deceased)

Basilio Amarillo (deceased)

Basilisa Amarillo (deceased)

Ben Zion Amarillo (deceased)

Carlos María Amarillo (deceased)

Casimiro Pinazo Amarillo (1744 - d.)

Cayetana Avalos de Mendoza y Amarillo (deceased)

Corazon Rivero-Amarillo (1937 - d.)

crispura amarillo (deceased)

Dafrosa Alvior Amarillo (deceased)

Domingo Avalos de Mendoza y Amarillo (1739 - d.)

Dorotea Amarillo (1708 - d.)

Elvira CASTRO de AMARILLO (deceased)

Esther Amarillo (Raphael) (deceased)

Eusebio Pinazo Amarillo (1746 - d.)

Fernando Amarillo, Sr. (1937 - d.)

Floriana Amarillo (deceased)

Francisco Amarillo (deceased)

Frida Fredja Amarillo (Hershlikowich) (deceased)

Gaudencia Pantinople (Amarillo) (deceased)

Grace Angel (Amarillo) (deceased)

Gregorio Amarillo (deceased)

Haim Moshe Amarillo (1696 - 1748)

Haim Moshe Amarillo (1696 - 1748)

Hayyim Moshe Amarillo (c.1696 - c.1748)

Hugo Roberto Amarillo (deceased)

Isabel Amarillo (1710 - d.)

Isidora Amarillo (deceased)

Ismael Amarillo (deceased)

Jaime Cornelia Amarillo (1943 - 2010)

josefina amarillo (deceased)

Joseph Amarillo (deceased)

Joseph Amarilio (Amarillo) (1909 - 1974)

José Avalos de Mendoza y Amarillo (deceased)

José AMARILLO (deceased)

José Celedonio Avalos de Mendoza y Amarillo (deceased)

José Gregorio Amarillo y Burgueño (deceased)

José Gregorio Pinazo Amarillo (1739 - 1779)

José María Amarillo (deceased)

Juan Amarillo (deceased)

Juan Carlos Amarillo (deceased)

Juan Carlos AMARILLO (deceased)

Juan Pablo Amarillo (deceased)

Juanito Sr. Alvior Amarillo, Sr. (1910 - 2006)

Julian AMARILLO (deceased)

Julie Julie Attas (Amarillo) (deceased)

Luis María Amarillo (deceased)

Lázaro Amarillo (deceased)

Manuel Amarillo Trigo (1912 - 1984)

Marcel Amarilio (Amarillo) (1916 - 1994)

Marciana Raymundo (Amarillo) (deceased)

Marciana Amarillo (deceased)

marcos amarillo (deceased)

Maria Almiranez Amarillo - Hilahan (Amarillo) (1908 - d.)

Maria del Carmen Amarillo y Burgueño (deceased)

Maria del Huerto Amarillo (deceased)

María Amarillo y Burgueño (b. - 1760)

María Antonia Avalos de Mendoza y Amarillo (deceased)

María Josefa Amarillo (deceased)

María Martina Pinazo Amarillo (1743 - d.)

Mathilde Amarilio (Amarillo) (deceased)

Mercedes AMARILLO (deceased)

Mercedes AMARILLO (deceased)

Micaela Gerónima Avalos de Mendoza y Amarillo (deceased)

Mois (Moshe) AMARILLO (deceased)

Moshe Ben Shlomo AMARILLO (deceased)

Nicolasa Romero (Amarillo) (1831 - d.)

Nicolás Tolentino Amarillo y Burgueño (1748 - d.)

Pablo Bautista Amarillo (deceased)

patrocinio amarillo (deceased)

Paula Amarillo (deceased)

Paulette Sevi (Amarillo) (b. - 2007)

Polonia Amarillo (b. - 1781)

ponciano amarillo (deceased)

Rabbi Samuel Amarillo (deceased)

Rabbi Shemtov Amarillo (1780 - 1848)

He was likely born between the years 1780 and 1800 in Salonika. He was Chief Rabbi of Korfu from 1823 till 1830; afterwards, he took the Chief Rabbinate post in Larissa where he lived until his death. ...

Rachel Modiano (Amarillo) (deceased)

Ramón de Amarillo y Velasco (1705 - 1750)

Shlomo Ben Yosef AMARILLO (b. - 1722)

Shlomo Amarillo (1645 - 1720)

Shmuel Amarillo (b. - 1720)

Simha (Sinhoula) AMARILLO (deceased)

Sintel Amarillo (b. - 1718)

sofio amarillo (deceased)

Solomon Amarillo (deceased)

Solomon Amarillo - (c.1645 - c.1721)

Rabbi at Salonica, who died in 1722. Amarillo was the father-in-law of Solomon Abdallah and an intimate friend of the learned rabbi Joseph Cobo. Amarillo wrote a number of works, all of which were ...

Unknown Daughter (1) Amarillo (deceased)

Unknown AMARILLO (deceased)

Unknown (Father of Shem-Tov) Amarillo (deceased)

Unknown (Grandfather of Shem-Tov) Amarillo (deceased)

Unknown (G-Grandfather of Shem-Tov) Amarillo (deceased)