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Bella Epstein (Benet Jaffe) MP (1551 - d.)

מגילות יחש של משפחת יפה- צבי יפה 1996/ גניגר ישראל עמוד1

Lady Brenzett of Kent MP (1425 - c.1471)

Little is known about Benedicte, wife of Alan Epes. Benet it thought to be a nickname for Benedicte. She was most likely born in and died in the Romney Marsh area of Kent.

Elizabeth Hamilton (Benet) MP (deceased)

Frances Neill Benét (Rose) MP (b. - 1940)

Frances Neill (Rose) Benét, Stephen's mother, was a descendant of an old Kentucky military family. (1) Sources

Jane Stevens (Benet) MP (1714 - d.)

Laura Benét MP (1884 - 1979)

Born at Fort Hamilton, New York, on June 1, 1884, the daughter of Colonel James Walker and Frances Neill Rose Benet. She graduated from the Emma Willard School, Troy, New York; received a B.A. degree...

Márkus Benedikt (Bineth) (Benet) MP (1775 - 1849)

Please don't mix this profile with the profile of his more famous cousin, Rabbi Mordechai (Marcus Benedict), son of R' Avraham Bia Benet 1753 Csurgo, Hungary - 1829 Karlovy Vary. The famous rabbi was m...

Pedro Jose Lucio Benet, III MP (1798 - 1870)

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Brig. Gen. Stephen Vincent Benet MP (1827 - 1895)

Born January 22, 1827. He was a career military officer who fought through the Civil War, eventually being promoted through the ranks to Brigadier General and Chief of United States Army Ordnance. He w...

Stephen Vincent Benét MP (1898 - 1943)

Stephen Vincent Benét was an American poet, short story writer, and novelist. He is best known for his book-length narrative poem of the American Civil War John Brown's Body (1928), for which he won a ...

(?) Benet MP (deceased)

....... Benet MP (deceased)

? Benet (Roisnitz) MP (deceased)

? Benét MP (deceased)

? Benet o Benett MP (deceased)

????Hypothetical Parent of Peretz Benet MP (deceased)

A Katz (Benet) MP (deceased)

Abigail Benet MP (1709 - 1780)

Abraham Benet MP (1904 - d.)

Abraham Icko Benet MP (1833 - 1846)

Abram Benet MP (deceased)

Abram Lajb Benet MP (1864 - d.)

Adam Gracjan Benet MP (1880 - d.)

Adila Benet MP (deceased)

Adrián Collado Benet MP (deceased)

Agnes M. Benet (Robertson) MP (deceased)

Aharon Benet /Baneth MP (deceased)

Al (Adolf) Benet MP (1910 - 1999)

Alessandra Benet o Benett MP (deceased)

Alice VanYeveren Benet (Haskell) MP (1884 - 1971)

Amanda Benet (Briess) MP (1881 - 1944)

Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes First Name Amanda Last Name Beneth Date of Birth 05.12.1881 Residence Wien 9, Alserbachstrasse 24/8 Deportation Wien/Theresienstadt ...

Anastazja Benet MP (1910 - d.)

Andrea Benet o Benett MP (c.1803 - aft.1865)

Andrej Benet MP (deceased)

Andrej Benet MP (deceased)

Angelo Maria Benet o Benett MP (b. - bef.1816)

Angiola Benet o Benett Giacomelli MP (deceased)

Notizie inserite da Andrea Cassigoli: Per Francesco Giacomelli, Angiola Benet o Benett, e la loro discendenza, vedi anche: : Elisabetta Giacomelli; : Riccardo Marchini

Ann Colledge (Benet) MP (1760 - d.)

Anna Benet (Svensdotter) MP (deceased)

Anna Benet MP (deceased)

Anna Benet (Wera) MP (1880 - d.)

Anna Benet MP (deceased)

Anna Kolberg (Benet) MP (1912 - 1951)

Anne Balança (Benet) MP (1830 - d.)

Anne de Benet MP (deceased)

Anne Benet (Fonquerne) MP (deceased)

Anne Benet (Morgan) MP (aft.1675 - d.)

MORGAN FAMILY BIBLE National Genealogical Society QuarterlyVol. 48 No. 4Page 216 Waters and Morgan RecordsContributed by John Insley Coddington On the end page of the Epistle Dedicatory: June ye 13th...

Anne Benet (Colin) MP (deceased)

Anne Thiébaut (Benet) MP (1667 - 1740)

Anselmo Benet MP (1844 - d.)

Antoine Benet MP (b. - bef.1754)

Antoine Benet MP (b. - 1849)

Antonia Benet Massanes MP (deceased)

Antonio Benet MP (deceased)

Antonio Benet MP (deceased)

Aria Benet MP (c.1932 - c.1942)

Dr. Arnold Benet MP (1873 - d.)

Medical Doctors from Vienna No. 24322 Last Name Benet First Name Arnold Date of Birth 1873.06.12 Birth Parisch Wien Religion j Source 195-016a Rigorosen Date 1899.05.10

Aron Benet MP (deceased)

Aurora Benet MP (deceased)

Avrohom Yehuda Gimmel Sivan Benet MP (deceased)

Avrom Yida Benet MP (deceased)

Barbe Benet (Grandclaude) MP (deceased)

Belle Warshavski (Benet) MP (deceased)

Benedikt Benet MP (1876 - 1878)

Benoit Benet Salomon Zalman Benet MP (1786 - d.)

Berek Dov Benet MP (1921 - 1995)

Berl Benet MP (deceased)

Bert Benet MP (deceased)

Bertha (Malka bat Yakov) Benet (Feig) MP (1886 - 1970)

Bila Leah Benet MP (1875 - 1875)

Bina Ryfka Benet MP (1838 - 1840)

Blaisotte Benet (Perrin) MP (deceased)

Brandla Benet (?) MP (deceased)

Brother #1 Benet MP (deceased)

Buenaventura Benet Canut MP (deceased)

Buenaventura Berné Benet MP (deceased)

Carlo Benet o Benett MP (1717 - 1760)

Sonia Benet Melendez MP (1927 - 2000)

Caroline Benet (Engel) MP (deceased)

Cassimero Benet MP (c.1842 - d.)

Catherine Diermond (Benet) MP (1687 - d.)

Catherine Benet (Rolland) MP (1756 - 1794)

Catherine Sipra (Benet) MP (1812 - d.)

Catherine Benet (Canavi) MP (deceased)

Catherine Benet MP (1752 - d.)

Catherine Siffre (Benet) MP (deceased)

Catherine Machenaud (Benet-Mechereau) MP (deceased)

Catherine Benet MP (1729 - d.)

Catherine Jeandel (Benet) MP (c.1730 - 1779)

Celia Benet (Glickman) MP (1906 - 1990)

Rabbi Chaim Moshe Benet MP (b. - 1892)

Chaim Leib Benet MP (1856 - d.)

Chaim Paltyn Benet MP (deceased)

Chaim Tzvi Hersh Gimmel Sivan Benet MP (deceased)

Benjamin Benet MP (1814 - 1873)

Chaya Surah Benet/Schlussel (Dym) MP (b. - 1944)

Chil Benet MP (1907 - 1908)

Claire Benet MP (1745 - 1746)

Claude Benet MP (deceased)

Claude Benet MP (deceased)