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Gautier II, comte du Vexin, de Valois et d'Amiens MP (c.970 - c.1027)

: GAUTHIER [II] "le Blanc", son of GAUTHIER [I] Comte d'Amiens & his [first/second] wife [Eva---/Adela ---] (-after 1017). "Wauterii comitis, Walterii et Radulfi filiorum eius" subscribed a charter...

Harriet Septima Le Blanc (Wright) MP (c.1808 - c.1883)

Harriet Septima Wright was a twin: 2 possible baptism dates are 17 & 29 March 1808

Heinrich Ludwig Blanc MP (1896 - 1960)

Heinrich Blanc (* 11. Dezember 1896 in Großvillars; † 8. April 1960) war ein deutscher Unternehmer, der die heute weltweit agierende Unternehmensgruppe Blanco gründete und lange Zeit leitete Heinrich...

Hugues Le Blanc, seigneur de la Ferté-Milon MP (c.1055 - d.)

Jean Bapiste Dorsino De Blanc (deBlanc) MP (1784 - 1821)

from the records of the American Catholic Historical Society Vol. 13, p. 233 1902 we find a translation of the will of Louis Charles de Blanc dated Feb. 11 1825 In the French version of Louis Charles...

Jean Baptiste d'Espagnet de Blanc MP (1782 - 1857)

Mahaut Le Blanc, dame de La Ferté-Millon MP (c.1080 - 1157)

Marie-Marguerite Le Blanc (Riton), Fr MP (1623 - 1672)

Birth: La-Roche-Sur-Yon, Vendee, Poitou-Charentes, France Death: Beauport, Quebec, Quebec, Canada A eu une enfant naturelle ( père:Abraham Brunet , de LaRochelle): Marie née le 9 et baptisé...

Mel Blanc MP (1908 - 1989)

Find a Grave Mel Blanc (May 30, 1908 – July 10, 1989) is best remembered for his work with Warner Bros. during the "Golden Age of American animation" (and later for Hanna-Barbera television productio...

Raymond Blanc MP

Raymond Blanc Born in Besançon, France in 1949. Celebrity Chef 1977 opening of Les Quat' Saisons, Oxford as Chef Patr which was an immediate success.

Turstin (Toustaine) FitzRou le Blanc (FitzRolf), Standard Bearer in the Battle of Hastings MP (1045 - aft.1086)

Turstin FitzRolf From Wikipedia, This knight depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry is sometimes stated to depict Turstin FitzRolf, but is in fact more likely to be Eustace II, Count of Boulogne as the kn...

Blanc MP (deceased)

Blanc MP (deceased)

Blanc MP (deceased)

BLANC (Bonguardo) MP (deceased)

"Anne" Rossoline Blanc MP (1782 - 1833)

"Rolette" Blanc MP (deceased)

"Roseline" Anne Rossoline Blanc MP (1727 - 1782)

'Camille' Rose Blanc MP (1807 - 1868)

- Blanc MP (deceased)

-- Blanc MP (deceased)

-- Blanc MP (deceased)

-- Blanc MP (deceased)

-- Blanc MP (deceased)

. BLANC MP (deceased)

<unknown> Le Blanc MP (deceased)

? Blanc MP (deceased)

? Blanc MP (deceased)

? Blanc MP (deceased)

? Blanc MP (deceased)

? BLANC MP (deceased)

? Balthazar Blanc MP (1848 - 1925)

BLANC MP (deceased)

? La Blanc MP (deceased)

? La Blanc MP (deceased)

? Blanc MP (deceased)

? Blanc MP (deceased)

? Berkien (le Blanc) MP (deceased)

?2 Blanc MP (deceased)

??? Blanc MP (deceased)

??? Blanc (Amiez) MP (deceased)

???? Blanc MP (deceased)

A. de Blanc MP (deceased)

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Abraham Le Blanc MP (1600 - 1667)

Abrão Favelevici Blanc MP (deceased)

Ada Blanc (Hall) MP (1877 - 1946)

Ada Blanc (Hall) MP (deceased)

Adam O'Blanc (Oblanc) MP (c.1878 - d.)

Residence : 1930 - Police Jury Ward 2, Calcasieu, Louisiana, USA* Race : White** Reference: 1930 United States Federal Census - SmartCopy : Jun 19 2018, 8:17:22 UTC * Residence : 1940 - Ward 7, Jeffers...

Adela Josefa Rúa Blanc MP (1873 - d.)

Adelaide C. Heerbrandt (Blanc) MP (1890 - 1985)

Adele Blanc MP (1893 - 1988)

Adelina Louisa Blanc MP (1864 - 1897)

Adeline Briand/ Le Blanc MP (deceased)

Gustav Adolf Blanc MP (1890 - 1988)

Adolph Le Blanc MP (deceased)

Adrien le Blanc MP (deceased)

Adrienne BLANC (TEGGI) MP (1921 - 1981)

Adrienne de La Baume Le Blanc MP (1740 - 1812)

adrienne augustine leonite blanc (guilde) MP (deceased)


Adèle Louise Blanc MP (1895 - d.)

Adélaïde Françoise, Augustine BLANC (CHANOS) MP (1817 - 1848)

Age et profession selon acte de naissance de son fils Jean Auguste (pièce 23). Selon même document, domicile à cette date à Nîmes, Section 5, chemin d'Avignon, 34. Elle est décédée le 3 mai 1862 lors...

Agathe Blanc MP (1797 - d.)

Agathe BLANC MP (deceased)

Agathe Léontine Martinet (Blanc) MP (1863 - 1935)

Agda Blanc MP (1861 - 1930)

Agnes Blanc (Svensson) MP (deceased)

Agnes Gautrot (Le Blanc) MP (1712 - d.)

Agnes Rassendren (Fribourg-Blanc) MP (deceased)

Agnes Gautrot (Le Blanc) MP (1712 - bef.1752)

Agnus McDonald (Le Blanc) MP (deceased)

Agustín Huidobro Blanc MP (deceased)

Aime Couritte Blanc MP (deceased)

Aimée BLANC (FEUILLEBOIS) MP (deceased)

Al Blanc MP (deceased)

ALBERT BLANC MP (deceased)

Albert Le Blanc MP (deceased)

albert le blanc MP (deceased)

Albert Damer Gibson Blanc MP (1902 - 1968)

Albert Blanc MP (deceased)

Albert De Blanc MP (1865 - d.)

Residence : New Orleans City, Orleans, Louisiana - 1900** Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via mother Zulema Eugenie Deblanc (born Fortier) by SmartCopy : Jan 20 2015, 17:45:15 UTC

Albertina Blanc MP (deceased)

Alberto Blanc Wiss MP (deceased)

Alberto Blanc, Baron de Blanc MP (1835 - 1904)

María Natividad (1854–1928), married to Italian politician and diplomat Baron Alberto Blanc (1835–1904), Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Italy from 1893 to 1896. They had three children: ...

Albine Blanc (Le) (Pareau) MP (1881 - d.)

Alciabide de Blanc MP (deceased)

Civil War hero and judge in New Iberia

Aldest O'Blanc MP (deceased)

Aldo (barone) Blanc MP (deceased)

Alejandro Le Blanc ¿...? MP (deceased)

Alexa Brasley (Blanc) MP (1879 - 1958)

Alexander Le Blanc MP (1863 - 1928)

Alexander Le Blanc MP (deceased)

Alexander White (Blanc) MP (deceased)

Alexander Despanette de Blanc MP (1822 - d.)

Alexandre Le Blanc MP (deceased)

Alexandre Le Blanc MP (deceased)

Alexandre Le Blanc Prébois MP (c.1734 - 1734)

Alexandre Blanc MP (b. - 1888)

Alexandrine Chabbey (Blanc) MP (deceased)

Alexandrine Berard (Blanc) MP (1838 - d.)