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Aaron Jovon Blount, Sr. MP (1977 - 2003)

Find a Grave Birth: Mar. 30, 1977 Monterey County California, USA Death: Apr. 22, 2003 Red Oak Fulton County Georgia, USA Fulton County Georgia police officer killed in the line of duty. On t...

Agnes le Blount, of Allerton MP (1214 - d.)

Links : 1. William CRIKETOT b: 1239

Agnes Wolsey (Blount) MP (1418 - d.)

Agnes Blount (Hawley) MP (c.1420 - 1462)

The Marbury Ancestry by Meredith Bright Colket (The Magee Press, Philadelphia, 1936) Agnes Hawley. b. of Girsby, Lincolnshire ENG. d. abt 14 Oct 1462. Bur. on 14 Oct 1462. From Jorge H. Castelli's ...

Agnes Lacon (Blount) MP (c.1530 - d.)

Alice Blount (Keble) MP (1475 - 1521)

Alice Blount (de la Bere) MP (c.1394 - 1445)

New 14 Sep 2011 Will someone please take Sir Thomas le Blount out of parentage of Sheriff Humphrey le Blount. Alice did not marry Thomas. Thomas is a grand uncle. Source: 1623 Visitation of Shropshire ...

Alice Le Grosvenor (Le Blount) MP (c.1170 - 1260)

Alice Betenham (Blount) MP (1420 - d.)

Stirnet's "Blount05" page does not mention this Alice. two birthdates before merge - 1390 & 1412 one deathdate at merge - 1410. son John b. 1428. All have been removed...... father born 1385, s...

Alicia le Blount (de Colekirke) MP (1070 - 1130)

ALICIA DE COLEKIRKE. Children: 25 i. GALIENA21 DE REDEL. + 26 ii. BARON WILLIAM; m. (AAM-2) SARAH DE MONCHENSI. 2 boys: Gilbert (1089) and William (1096). Married about 1090

Ann Wilson (Blount) MP (1642 - bef.1702)

Anne BLOUNT and Robert WILSON: Marriage: Abt. 1667 Children of Anne BLOUNT and Robert WILSON are: +Sarah WILSON, b. 28 Aug 1668, Pasquotank Co, NC, d. 1706. Zach WILSON, b. 1671, Chuckatuck, Nansem...

Ann Sowell (Blount) MP (1712 - 1787)

Ann Blount (Hall) MP (deceased)

Ann Griffith (Blount) MP (1398 - 1415)

Anne Blount1,2,3 F, #22052, b. circa 1386, d. after 1415 Father Sir Walter Blount2,3 b. 1348, d. 22 Jun 1403 Mother Sancha de Ayala2,3 b. c 1356, d. 1418 Anne Blount was born circa 1386. She ma...

Ann Blount (Hall) MP (c.1759 - 1843)

Annabella Blount (Guise) MP (deceased)

Anne Slocumb (Blount) MP (c.1668 - d.)

Anne Elizabeth Blount (Reading) MP (c.1690 - c.1742)

SEE "Timeline" for chronological descriptions of life events including any photos and documents as available and added Records differ on date of birth with 1690 or 1703; SEE " Timeline " for differen...

Anne Blount (de Crofte) MP (1458 - 1549)

Anne Croft1 F, b. circa 1460, d. 27 September 1549 Father Sir Richard Croft, Treasurer to Henry VII1 b. c 1427, d. 29 Jul 1509 Mother Elinor Barre b. c 1431 Anne Croft was born circa 1460 at of...

Anne Marbury (Blount) MP (1456 - 1537)

William Marbury (John1) b. circa 1448 and 1453; m. Anne Blount, daughter of Sir Thomas Blount and Agnes Hawley; d. circa 1506-1513. He resided at Lowick, Northamptonshire, England. ...

Anne Blount (Parker) MP (c.1386 - d.)

Only one male child: Roger _____________________ A genealogical history of the dormant, abeyant, forfeited, and extinct ... By Sir Bernard Burke

Anne Blount (Willoughby) MP (c.1516 - 1581)

Anne WILLOUGHBY (B. Mountjoy) Born: ABT 1516, Newport, Devonshire, England Died: 24 Dec 1581/2, Hook, Dorset, England Father: Robert WILLOUGHBY (2° B. Willoughby of Broke) Mother: Dorothy GREY ...

Anne Jerningham (Blount) MP (1654 - 1734)

Anne Wingate (Blount) MP (1694 - 1763)

Anne Wilson (Blount) MP (c.1697 - d.)

Barbara Blount (Gray) MP (1726 - 1768)

Benjamin Blount MP (c.1698 - bef.1740)

From Tyrrell County, North Carolina, probate records: BLOUNT, BENJAMIN SENR. Secretary of State Colony of North Carolina Tyrrell County Dated 1 February 1739 In the name of God Amen the first day...

Billah Tyler (Blount) MP (c.1686 - d.)

Casie Blount MP

Catherine Blount (Clifton) MP (b. - 1455)

Ben M. Angel notes: Despite the long entry detailing her nearby family (mostly her husband's family), Catherine's parents are not sourced by any cited literature. Neither is her birth date. Therefore, ...

Catherine Blount (Peshall) MP (c.1483 - 1540)

Catherine Peshall1,2 F, #77296, b. circa 1484 Father Sir Hugh Peshall1,2 b. c 1459 Mother Isabel Stanley b. c 1460 Catherine Peshall was born circa 1484 at of Knightley, Staffordshire, England....

Catherine Blount (Leigh) MP (c.1532 - d.)

Catherine Leigh F, #81109, b. circa 1539 Father Thomas Leigh b. c 1510 Mother Joan Cotton b. c 1513 Catherine Leigh was born circa 1539 at of Yorkshire, England. She married James Blount, son o...

Catherine Blount (Carleton) MP (deceased)

Catherine (Blount) (Croke) Dormer MP (1563 - d.)

Catherine Blount MP (1657 - 1748)

Charles Blount, 8th Baron of Mountjoy, earl of Devonshire MP (c.1563 - 1606)

BERE ALSTON1593Family and Education b. 1563, 2nd s. of James, 6th Lord Mountjoy, by Catherine, da. of Thomas Lee of St. Oswalds, Yorks. educ.Winchester scholar 1573; Oxf.; Clifford’s Inn; M. Temple 157...

Charles Worth Blount MP (1721 - 1784)

Charles Blount, 5th Lord Mountjoy MP (1516 - 1544)

Charles Blount, fifth Baron Mountjoy (1516-1544), courtier and patron of learning ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Charles was born on 28 June 1516 in Tournai. About August 1530 Charles Blount married Anne, d...

Charles Blount MP (c.1465 - d.)

Charles Blount MP (1663 - 1663)

Christian Ludford (Blount) MP (1677 - 1693)

Sir Christopher Blount, MP MP (c.1565 - 1601)

There is a controversy whether the parents of Christopher Blount are James Blount 6th Lord Mountjoy & Catherine Leigh or Thomas Blount & Margery Poley. ___________________________________________ ...

Cicely Blount (Baker) MP (b. - 1619)

Constance Blount (Talbot) MP (c.1521 - d.)

Constantia Blount (Cary) MP (1652 - d.)

Daniel Blount MP (b. - 1892)

Edward Blount MP (c.1459 - d.)

Edward Blount MP (c.1680 - d.)

Edward Blount, of Kidderminster MP (deceased)

Sir Edward Blount, 4th Baronet MP (b. - 1758)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire . London : Harrison 1869. page 109

Edward Blount MP (1644 - 1726)

Lady Eleanor de Beauchamp MP (c.1327 - 1391)

Eleanor Beauchamp1 F, #118641, d. 13 June 1391 Last Edited=24 Nov 2006 Eleanor Beauchamp was the daughter of John Beauchamp, 2nd Lord Beauchamp (of Somerset) and Margaret St. John.1 She married S...

Eleanora Skryven (Blount) MP (1482 - d.)

Lady Elizabeth Windsor (Blount), Baroness Windsor MP (c.1469 - 1543)

'Elizabeth Blount1,2,3,4,5 'F, #44567, b. circa 1469, d. between 1529 and 30 March 1543 Father Sir William Blount, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire1,2,3,6,5 b. c 1443, d. 14 Apr 1471 Mothe...

Elizabeth Blount (Saye) MP (1480 - 1506)

Elizabeth Blount (Everett) MP (c.1702 - 1740)

Elizabeth Blount (Yeo) MP (c.1470 - 1550)

Elizabeth Dorothy Blount (de la Ford) MP (1454 - 1532)

Elizabeth Hawkins (Blount) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Blount (Davis) MP (1679 - 1732)

Elizabeth Davis, born 18 Feb 1678/79 in Henrico County, VA; died 08 Feb 1731/32 in Mulberry Hill, Chowan Precinct, NC; married John (Sr) Blount 11 Jan 1694/95 in Berkeley County, NC. Resolve Birth ...

Elizabeth Saunders (Blount) MP (1583 - d.)

Elizabeth Pagett (Blount) MP (1697 - d.)

Elizabeth Little (Blount) MP (c.1740 - d.)

Elizabeth Hansard (Blount) MP (1454 - 1537)

Elizabeth "Bessie" Tailboys Fiennes MP (1502 - c.1539)

Lady in Waiting to Catalina of Aragon when Catalina was married to Arthur May 1512: maid of honour very bright Friend of Elizabeth Bryan, another of Henry VIII's mistresses Elizabeth Blount F...

Elizabeth St. John (Blount) MP (c.1540 - 1597)

Elizabeth Blount Birth: 1517/1556 1 Death: 11 May 1597 2 Parents: Richard Blount , Knt of Maple Durham Gurney, co Oxford b: 1470/1509 & Elizabeth Lister b: 1482/1515 Married: Nicholas St John...

Elizabeth Blount (Long) MP (1692 - c.1729)

Lady Elizabeth Blount (Lister) MP (1512 - 1582)

Elizabeth Lister d 1582 da. of Sir Michael Lyster of Southampton. Note: The Blount records suggest that Elizabeth was a generation earlier but Maddison shows her as of this generation -- Eizabeth Liste...

Elizabeth Blount MP (c.1458 - d.)

Elizabeth Blount MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Shirley (Blount) MP (c.1422 - c.1450)

Elizabeth Blount1,2,3 F, #47259, b. circa 1416, d. before 1455 Father Sir John Blount4,2,3 b. c 1390 Elizabeth Blount was born circa 1416 at of Rock, Worcestershire, England. She married Ralph Sh...

Elizabeth Blount MP (c.1705 - 1788)

Elizabeth Clifton (Blount) MP (c.1518 - 1582)

Elizabeth Blount (Wynnington) MP (c.1428 - 1478)

Elizabeth WINNINGTON Husband: Humphrey BLOUNT Humphrey BLOUNT of Kinlet Birth: 1422 Death: 1477 Father: John BLOUNT of Kinlet Mother: Alicia DE LA BERE Marriage: Wife: Elizabe...

Elizabeth Blount (Moore) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Blount (Whitmel) MP (1717 - 1794)

Elizabeth Blount (de Elvaston) MP (1381 - d.)

Elizabeth Yelverton (Blount) MP (1690 - 1724)

Elizabeth Blount MP (1664 - d.)

Elizabeth Blount MP (1646 - d.)

Essau Blount MP (c.1690 - c.1712)

Esther Worley (Blount) MP (1703 - 1757)

John Blount [Parents] was born on 17 Oct 1670 in ,,VA. He died on 17 Mar 1725 in Mulberry Hill,Chowan/Albemarle,NC. He was buried in ,,NC. He married Elizabeth Davis on 11 Jun 1695 in Henrico Co.,Henri...

Esther Phoebe Coward (Blount) MP (c.1740 - c.1793)

First Wife of James Blount MP (b. - c.1678)

Francis Blount, MP MP (c.1535 - d.)

Family and Education b. c.1535, 2nd s. of Charles Blount, 5th Lord Mountjoy, by Anne, gd.da. of Robert Willoughby, 2nd Lord Willoughby de Broke, and coh. to part of gd. mother’s Beauchamp inheritance. ...

Galiena Le Blount, Heiress of Exning MP (c.1150 - 1175)

From Celtic Casimir: Galiena LE BLOUNT Heiress of Exning [1309],[7397],[7398] Born: 1150, Exning, Newmarket, Suffolk, England Married: [1309] Another name for Galiena was Galiena BLUND. ...

Sir George Blount, MP MP (1513 - 1581)

b. 1512/13, 1st s. of (Sir) John Blount of Kinlet by Catherine, da. and coh. of Sir Hugh Peshall of Knightley; bro. of Henry and William. m. 30 Mar. 1533, Constance, da. of Sir John Talbot of Albrighto...

Sir George Blount, 2nd Baronet MP (c.1605 - 1667)

George Blount MP (1652 - 1732)

Gertrude Blount MP (1499 - 1558)

Gertrude Blount[1] 1504 - 1558 Birth Abt 1504 Sex Female Lived In England Complete * Died 25 Sep 1558 Person ID I00076226 Leo Last Modified 12 Dec 1996 Father William Bloun...

Lord Gilbert "Hubert" le Blount, Baron of Ixworth MP (1135 - 1188)

GILBERT OR HUBERT22 LE BLOUNT (William21, Gilbert20, Robert19, Rodolphus of GUISNES18, Ardolphus17, Sigefrede the Dane16, son15, Harold V14, Gormon ANGLE13, Frotho12, Cnute "the Little"11, Eric "the Us...

Gilbert le Blount, 2nd Baron of Ixworth MP (c.1070 - 1166)

BARON GILBERT20 LE BLOUNT (Robert19, Rodolphus of GUISNES18, Ardolphus17, Sigefrede the Dane16, son15, Harold V14, Gormon ANGLE13, Frotho12, Cnute "the Little"11, Eric "the Usurper"10, Eric "the Bern"9...

Hannah Blount (Salter) MP (1726 - 1787)

Helena Blount (Byron) MP (1416 - 1468)

Helena Byron F, #19724, b. 1416 Last Edited=12 Nov 2006 Helena Byron was born in 1416.1 She was the daughter of John Byron and Margery Booth.1 She married Walter Blount, 1st Lord Mountjoy, son of...

Henry Blount, MP MP (c.1515 - bef.1560)

Family and Education b. c.1515, 3rd s. of (Sir) John Blount, and bro. of Sir George and William. m. Joan, da. of (?Robert) Somerville of Edstone, Warws., 1s.2 Offices Held Servant of Cromwell by 15...

Humphrey Blount, Sheriff of Shropshire MP (1421 - 1477)

-------------------- Humphrey BLOUNT of Kinlet Elizabeth WINNINGTON Husband: Humphrey BLOUNT Birth: 1422 Death: 1477 Father: John BLOUNT of Kinlet Mother: Alicia DE LA BERE Ma...

Isabel Blount (Acton) MP (1491 - 1562)

'Margaret (Isabel) Acton 'F, b. circa 1501, d. 8 January 1562 Father Walter (John) Acton b. c 1475 ' Margaret (Isabel) Acton was born circa 1501 at of Glashampton, Worcestershire, England. She ma...

Isabella Reade (Blount) MP (b. - c.1540)

Elizabeth Blount (B. Talboys of Kyme / B. Clinton of Marstoke) Born: ABT 1502/12, Kinlet, Shropshire, England Died: AFT 6 Feb 1539 Father: John BLOUNT (Sir) Mother: Catherine PERSHALL Associa...

Jacob Blount MP (1690 - c.1765)

Col. Jacob Blount MP (1726 - 1789)

SEE " Timeline " for chronological order of events along with photos and documents when available or added Family information and sources: BLOUNT HALL , once located north of Grifton, was the ances...