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Ann Boon (Higdon) MP (c.1619 - c.1655)

Charles Boon MP (1835 - 1882)

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Charles Boon MP (c.1804 - 1884)

Daniel Hamidou (Dany Boon) MP

Armenyières, Nord, France

Le cousin d'Armentières de Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis "Dany Boon" Dany Boon (French pronunciation: ​[dani bun]; born Daniel Hamidou; 26 June 1966) is a French comedian who has acted both on the stag...

Elizabeth Boon (Smith) MP (c.1677 - aft.1735)

Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Smith c1632-1712, Surry VA, and his first wife, Margaret [unknown, thought by some to be a Bell], widow of George Blow. Mary Tooke Twyford was Elizabeth's stepmoth...

Elizabeth Boon (Strickland) MP (1660 - aft.1737)

Thomas Boon of Isle of Wight Co., Virginia did NOT MARRY Elizabeth Jordan (b. August 21, 1668) (the d/o Richard Ratcliff).Per Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, W. W. Hinshaw, Vol VI, pp 31-34; she marr...

George Boon (Bohun), [missing generation #1, unproven] MP (1561 - c.1616)

The existence of this George Boone is unproven, but it is a placeholder for what seems to be a missing generation in the Boone family tree.

George den Boon MP (1919 - 1941)

Gregory Bohun (Boon) MP (c.1517 - c.1589)

removed to Devonshire as vassal of De Clares, Lords of Devon

Jacob Boon MP (1730 - 1790)

JACOB BOON'S WILL: Written October 13, 1778 In the name of God Amen, this 13th day of October 1778. I Jacob Boon of the County of Northampton and State of North Carolina being of perfect mind and mem...

James Boon MP (1839 - 1882)

To Wellington, New Zealand on board "New Era" with son's George and James. Sailed from London 20 Mar 1855 (Captain John Rhind).

John Boon, I MP (1756 - 1825)

John Boon was the brother of Jacob Boon, the pioneer of Franklin County. John Boon was an early settler in Franklin County, Virginia. He removed to Montgomery where he died in 1825. * Reference: MyHeri...

Mary Moyer (Boon) MP (deceased)

Nicholas Boone (Boon) MP (1718 - 1719)

Ratcliff R Boon, Sr. MP (1685 - 1752)

Sources: Title: Richard R. Dietz Publication: Repository: Media: Electronic

Sarah Boon (Grundy) MP (1837 - 1899)

1853/1086 Sarah Grundy Charles Boone ?? 1865/23586 Boon Hester Sarah Charles 1866/20095 Boon Octavius Sarah Charles 1868/10408 Boon Rosa Sarah Charles 1870/29182 Boon Mary Sarah Charles 1...

Thomas Boone (Boon), Sr. MP (1637 - 1723)

Immigrants Identified: From several passenger and immigration indexes, we know that several individuals named BOONE came to the new world, several directly to Barbados, prior to 1700. Once in America...

Boon MP (deceased)

Arijen Leendersz van der Boon MP (c.1631 - 1704)

Alias: Arien /Aryen / Aerijen van de Boon. Het trouwen van Arijen Bruidegom: Aerijen Leendertsz van der Boon , jongeman , wonend: Buiten de Ketelpoort Bruid: Ada Aerents , jongedochter , wonend...

(Private) Boon MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Boon MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Boon MP (deceased)

. Boon MP (deceased)

/ boon MP (deceased)

/ boon MP (deceased)

/ boon MP (deceased)

1st Rebecca Ann Orrell (Boon) MP (deceased)

<prvte> den Boon (Blanken) MP (deceased)

? Boon MP (deceased)

? Boon MP (deceased)

? Boon MP (deceased)

? Boon MP (deceased)

? Wuis (Boon) MP (deceased)

? Smit (Boon) MP (deceased)

? Den Boon MP (deceased)

Green MP (deceased)

?? Boon MP (deceased)

?? Boon MP (deceased)

A Boon MP (deceased)

A. L. Boon MP (deceased)

A.R Boon MP (deceased)

Aafje Boon MP (deceased)

Aafje Jans Eelman (Boon) MP (1700 - 1776)

Aafje BOON-Zonderland (BOON) MP (c.1775 - d.)

Aafje Boon MP (1880 - d.)

Aafje Roeper (Boon) MP (1835 - 1906)

Aafje Heertjes Boon MP (1772 - 1816)

Aafje Boon MP (1845 - 1915)

Aafje Pieters Waker (Boon) MP (deceased)

Aafje Nonnekes (Boon) MP (deceased)

Aafje Boon MP (deceased)

Aafje Boon MP (1841 - d.)

Aafje Nonnekes (Boon) MP (deceased)

Aafje (Aaffie) Klaas Boon (Harder) MP (1773 - 1812)

Aafje Cornelisdr Boon MP (1735 - d.)

Aaftje Boon MP (1809 - 1864)

Aagje de Boon MP (1905 - 1987)

Aagje Boon MP (1869 - d.)

Aagje Boon MP (1818 - 1867)

Aagje Boon MP (1856 - d.)

Aagje Boon MP (1840 - 1882)

Bruidegom: Pieter Reus Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Grootebroek Leeftijd: 27 Beroep: bouwman Vader bruidegom: Jan Janszoon Reus Geslacht: Man Moeder bruidegom: Vrouwtje Schaper...

Aagje Boon MP (deceased)

Aagje Baartsdr van der Laan/Vis (Boon) MP (1729 - 1808)

Aagje Boon MP (1841 - 1869)

Aagje van der Laan (Boon) MP (1783 - 1844)

Aagje Dirks Boon MP (deceased)

Aagje Olpherts Plecker (Boon) MP (1718 - 1787)

Aagje Reijers Bruin (Boon) MP (1842 - d.)

Aagtje Boon MP (deceased)

Aaltien Visscher (Boon) MP (deceased)

Aaltje den Boon MP (1739 - d.)

Aaltje den Boon MP (1855 - d.)

Aaltje Boon (Anker) MP (c.1896 - d.)

Aaltje Pieters Boon MP (deceased)

Aaltje Nieuwkoop (Boon) MP (b. - 1932)

Aaltje Boon (Harselaar) MP (1843 - 1891)

Aaltje Boon MP (deceased)

Aaltje Boon (Ligthart) MP (c.1785 - 1848)

Aaltje Grootveld (Boon) MP (deceased)

Aaltje Alberts Blaauw (Boon) MP (c.1796 - 1827)

Aaltje Boon MP (1839 - 1874)

Overledene: Aaltje Boon Geslacht: Vrouw Geboorteplaats: Wormer Leeftijd: 35 Vader: Jan Boon Geslacht: Man Moeder: Theunisje Keijzer Geslacht: Vrouw relatie1: Maarten Jak Geslacht: Man Gebeurtenis: Over...

Aaltje Boon (van der Berg) MP (deceased)

Aaltje Hijne (Boon) MP (deceased)

Aaltje Jacobs Kaper (Boon) MP (1804 - 1879)

Aaltje Boon MP (deceased)

Aaltje Blaauw (Boon) MP (deceased)

Aaltje van der Boon MP (deceased)

Aaltje Roelofs Boon MP (deceased)

Aaltje Lena (Alida) Audier (Den Boon) MP (1871 - 1941)

Aaltje Alberts Boon MP (c.1796 - d.)

Aaltje Lena Audier (den Boon) MP (1871 - d.)

Aaltje Pieters Dekker (Boon) MP (c.1743 - 1805)

Aaltjen Boon (Stegeman) MP (c.1833 - d.)

Aantje Willems Boon MP (1742 - 1822)

Aantje Boon MP (deceased)

Aantje de Boon MP (deceased)

Aantje Cornelis Boon (Zijp) MP (c.1728 - 1795)

Aarjen Boon MP (deceased)

Aart den Boon MP (1851 - d.)

Aart den Boon MP (1891 - d.)