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J. Canner MP (1872 - 1912)

Mr J. Canner Age: 40 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: in Woolston Hampshire England Occupation: Fireman / Stoker Engine crew First Embarked: Southampton Died in the sin...

Aaron Canner (deceased)

Agnes Canner (Cohen) (1892 - 1973)

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Ann Canner (c.1818 - 1908)

Ann Canner (b. - 1758)

Anna Wihemina Mangan (Zenner/Canner/Zemeer) (1875 - 1926)

Anne Canner (deceased)

Ben Canner (deceased)

Bernard Victor Canner (b. - c.1944)

Bernard Canner (deceased)

Bernard Canner (1918 - 2009)

Bernard Canner (1918 - d.)

Beverly Krause (Canner) (deceased)

Charles Canner (1858 - 1930)

Clara Canner (Kreutter) (deceased)

Daniel Canner (1903 - 1963)

Mother said her Brother was always a bit of a wild child, when they were children they lived near a park and in that park was a tall Oak. They were told never to climb it but one hot July day Daniel de...

Edmund Canner (c.1849 - d.)

Edna Canner Goldsmith (deceased)

Eliza Mary Canner (1905 - 1976)

I don't really remember Eliza though mother said she traveled down to visit her when I was born. She was a shy wispy thing but knew how to handle my uncle Daniel who doted on her. Lulu remembered her a...

Elizabeth Canner (Cook) (1889 - 1967)

Elizabeth Derbyshire (Canner) (c.1783 - d.)

Elizabeth Oakley (Canner) (1831 - d.)

Elizabeth Adelaide Canner (1893 - d.)

When Elizabeth married Joseph Randolph Welsby he was committing bigamy so the marriage was void.

Emma Canner (c.1863 - d.)

Emma Canner (c.1860 - d.)

Eva Canner (King) (deceased)

Fatty Poop Canner (deceased)

Freaky Poop Canner (deceased)

Fred Canner (c.1867 - d.)

George Canner (c.1871 - d.)

Gertrud Canner (deceased)

Grandma Creep (deceased)

Hannah Canner (c.1821 - d.)

Hannah Canner (c.1855 - d.)

Herman Canner (c.1916 - d.)

Ida Canner (Pitkofsky) (1886 - d.)

Isadore Canner (1908 - c.1975)

Jacob Canner (1869 - 1927)

My mother told me my grandfather was a hard working man, He'd work all day from dawn to dusk in the potato field and he came home every night dog tired but he'd always sit with the children while my gr...

James Canner (c.1870 - d.)

James Canner (1790 - 1859)

James Canner (1827 - 1873)

James Canner (c.1875 - d.)

James Canner (c.1884 - d.)

Jean Canner (Denham) (1904 - 2002)

Jean Canner (deceased)

John Canner (deceased)

John Leslie Canner (deceased)

John Canner (c.1650 - d.)

John Canner (deceased)

Johnny Canner (1944 - 2009)

Leonard Canner (deceased)

Leonard Canner (deceased)

Lina Canner (Miéville) (1896 - d.)

Louis Canner (1884 - d.)

Lulu Canner (1926 - 1980)

Oh my dear big sister how i miss her. She was just so full of life even when we were children she would sing, run, dance all over the place she was the apple of everyone's eye. Though she always had ti...

Maggie Canner (deceased)

Maria Canner (c.1650 - d.)

Marion Canner (Bouchard) (1921 - 1987)

Marion Elizabeth Panton (Canner) (1937 - 2007)

Martha Canner (c.1852 - d.)

Martha Canner (c.1882 - d.)

Mary Canner (c.1860 - d.)

Mary Canner (Simon) (c.1893 - d.)

Mary Horton (Canner) (b. - 1892)

Mary horton (Canner) (1808 - d.)

1861C age 54 married to Abraham Canner age 59 Ag Lab b Woolavington with son Charles age 13 b 1848 Heyshott sussex 1868 Abraham died 1st quarter.

Mary Ann Jennings (Canner) (c.1817 - c.1905)

Mary Emily Louisa Elmes (Canner) (deceased)

Michael Canner (deceased)

Morris Canner (1913 - 1998)

Naomi Kent (Canner) (deceased)

Norman Canner (deceased)

Oscar Canner (1904 - 1959)

I never met my Uncle Oscar I don't think Mother got on with him very much, My grandmother babied him and I think my mother felt left out.

Raimundo Canner (c.1675 - 1721)

Reile Canner-Bacon (deceased)

Richard Canner (deceased)

Rosalyn Wise (Canner) (deceased)

Rose Gurin (Canner) (1908 - 1999)

Rosie Canner (1931 - 2009)

I don't think I ever met Rosie. What with her mother being white and living on the other side of America its not surprising. Mother said that Rosie never wanted to marry and thought her sister was sill...

Sarah A Canner (c.1878 - d.)

Sarah Finn (Canner) (1865 - 1903)

Sarah Loucks (Canner) (1903 - 2000)

FROM LUTHER LOUCKS "HISTORY OF THE KEILLORS, CRANDALLS, HUNTS & LOUCKS" " My earliest remembrances of my brother "Bill" were when he was a teen-ager and was confined to bed, for a long time, having s...

Sarah Canner (1910 - d.)

Sid Canner (deceased)

Sophia E Canner (1884 - d.)

Stella Canner (Genelin) (deceased)

Susanna Canner (1714 - d.)

Thomas Canner (c.1857 - d.)

Thomas Canner (c.1837 - d.)

Thomas Canner (c.1865 - d.)

Thomas Canner (deceased)

Violet Louise Canner (1872 - 1925)

My mother always said that my Grandmother could make yesterday's roadkill taste like today's roast chicken, I don't believe that it ever came to roadkill as both my grandparents worked very hard to put...

William Canner (deceased)

William Canner (1884 - 1972)

William Canner (c.1863 - d.)

Winifred Canner (deceased)

Winifred Canner (1920 - 1973)